A Simple Guide To High Security Registration Plates And Colour Coded Fuel Stickers - VIDEO

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 24/12/2020
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You'll notice that the police have been busy issuing expensive challans for not having HSRPs or colour coded fuel stickers. But what are they exactly? We have this simple guide to help you.

For years in the Indian automotive market, after you purchase your vehicle, you get your registration number on a piece of paper. After which you can go to the nearest number plate shop and get it done in any way you like. Nowadays though, you’ll see an increasing number of embossed number plates with the IND mark on the left of the vehicle number. These are known as High-Security Registration Plates and it is now mandatory for your vehicle to have one. Recently, the government has also made colour coded fuel stickers for your vehicles a necessity. But what is a high security registration plate and colour coded fuel sticker exactly? We have this video to help you out.


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As you’ll see in this YouTube video from BBC News Hindi, High-Security Registration Plates are specially made number plates which have in-built security features. The main purpose of an HSRP is to reduce thefts and easy forgery of a stolen vehicle’s registration number. The HSRP plate is made of aluminium and is fitted to a vehicle with two non-reusable locks, so if you see a plate with different bolts, then that plate has been tampered with. It has a 20 x 20 mm blue Ashok Chakra made of chromium on the left side of the plate. Every HSRP has a unique 10-digit PIN on the lower-left corner, which contains the vehicle details which is also saved in a centralized database. If you don’t have the correct details of your vehicles, you cannot change an HSRP.

The government first implemented the use of HSRP way back in 2005 and gave 2 years for owners to change them, but it wasn’t taken very seriously. To finally tackle this, the government made it mandatory for any vehicle bought before April 2019 to have HSRPs fitted to their vehicle. Under the revised Motor Vehicle Act, not having an HSRP on your vehicle can get you a fine of up to Rs 10,000, though currently, the fine is at Rs 5,500.


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High Security Registration Plates And Colour Coded Fuel Stickers

When it comes to colour-coded fuel stickers, it is a comparatively newer law compared to HSRP. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways implemented it from June 2019, and now all new vehicles have to have colour coded fuel stickers on their HSRPs. All CNG and petrol-powered vehicles are to have blue stickers, while diesel vehicles have been given orange stickers. But do not think that these stickers are worthless, because they contain a vehicle’s registration number and issuing authority details, vehicle details, and a 10 digit PIN imprinted in laser as well. After a recommendation from the Supreme court in October 2018, the Indian transport authority came up with this proposal which should help in identifying a vehicle’s fuel type from outside. So, this was a brief explanation of what HSRP and colour coded fuel stickers mean, and we hope it came of usable help to you.

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