How Often Should You Have You Car's AC Cleaned?

by Harish Kumar | 29/12/2020
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If you are wondering how often you should have your car's AC cleaned? This article is going to give you the exact answer.

Air conditioning or AC is a simple yet very important feature that can’t be missed out on any car, isn’t it? In a country with the scorching summer as India, driving a vehicle with AC on board seems like a godsend. However, there’s nothing more irritating than an air-con that doesn’t perform properly. The only way to avoid such irritation is maintenance with regular AC cleaning. The question is, how often should you have your car’s AC cleaned? Should it be done once or twice a year? The answer depends on how often your car is used and how well your car’s AC does its job.

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It is highly recommended by the auto technicians that you should perform the AC cleaning on a regular periodic schedule. For the car that’s used on daily basis, one can even extend and prolong the intervals by following these tips:

  1. Get the AC’s condenser sprayed with high-pressure water once every couple of months to help it run more efficiently. Yes, absolutely, you can spray water in your AC make it clean. When you bring your car to the car wash, ask them to spray high-pressure water to the condenser to wipe out all the dirt collected as the condenser is always at the front of the car.

  2. Change the cabin filter at least once a year and clean it out at least every six months. To save time and money, you can completely do it yourself. Take out the cabin filter for cleaning to prevent the dust, dirt, debris from contaminating the evaporator.

Performing these two things on a regular basis will help the car’s air-con professionally cleaned. However, that’s not enough. Even if you clean the cabin filter frequently, mold and mildew can still be inevitably developed owing to the condensation in the enclosed environment under the dashboard. Therefore, it’s also necessary to pull down and clean out the evaporator sometimes.


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For every daily driver, besides the regular car wash and DYI AC cleaning, it’s highly advisable to take the car to the service centre for professional cleaning after a couple of years from the date of purchasing and every 3 years thereafter. Have your compressor a thorough check at this time to ensure it works properly and effectively.

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