Do You Know How The Accelerator Works in Your Car?

by IndianAuto Team | 04/09/2020
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Is speeding up your car the only thing that you know about how the accelerator works in your car? Read the article to find more interesting information.

Many people have been wondering how accelerator works in car. To understand this, first, we must learn what an accelerator is. A car accelerator can also be known as a gas pedal which is located on the floor of a car on the far-right. It is called “accelerator” because it controls the speed of a car. The deeper we push the car accelerator, the more speed the car generates. Therefore, push it gradually, or you will end up a sudden speed-up which may lead to fatal accidents. Generally speaking, an accelerator is a pedal we push to control the speed of our cars.

How an accelerator works in a car.


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How an accelerator works in a car

It is simple to learn how an accelerator works in a car. As mentioned earlier in this article, an accelerator speeds up a car according to how deep we push it. To clarify this, let’s see the mechanism of most fuel-powered cars’ accelerators.  When we depress the pedal, it opens the throttle valve, and this increases the fuel input to the engine. As a result, this progress speeds up the vehicle. Mechanically saying, an accelerator in a car controls the flow rate of the fuel to the combustion chamber. The deeper we push the pedal, the more fuel is added to the combustion chamber, and the fuel burned with the air gives our cars power to accelerate.

gas pedal, accelerator

The accelerator is usually placed on the right.


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However, not all cars have the exact similar mechanism. Here are the 3 most common different approaches of how an accelerator works in a car.

  1. The first and most common way is that the accelerator is connected to a throttle body or a carburettor butterfly valve via a linkage. When a person depresses this kind of accelerator, the valve opens and takes more air to the engine. On the other hand, releasing the pedal, the valve closes and less air is supported to the engine.

  2. Secondly, the accelerator is connected to the injector pump rather than a throttle body via a linkage. Push it and the car gets more fuel; release it and the car gets less to zero fuel. Note that because of the absence of the throttle, the engine can take as much air as it wants.

  3. The last one is the new approach of the accelerator, which focuses on safety features. Generally, the accelerator is wired to 3 position sensors. When all the sensors agree with one another, the driver can speed up the car. However, if two among them disagree while the last one agrees, the car will trigger a warning and turn on the limp mode. The worst case is all of them disagree and the car is completely idle. If all three agree with each other (within certain limits), then all is well. If two of them agree and one doesn’t, this will generally trigger a warning and a limp mode. If all three disagree, then the ECU disregards all of them and the engine will only idle.

left foot accelerator

Remember that some cars have left-foot accelerators.

All in all, how an accelerator works in a car is quite simple. Depending on the type of the car, when we push the accelerator, the car speeds up. Most of the accelerators are connected to either a throttle, a valve, or an injector pump to get more fuel or air for the engine. The similarity of them is that the deeper we depress the pedals, the more fuel or air our cars receive. However, there are some cars’ accelerators that use additional complicated sensors to have some extra safety features. That’s all about how an accelerator works in a car. Stay tuned for more helpful and interesting information on our website.

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