A Complete Guide on How To Attach Car In Uber and Make Money

by Harish Kumar | 14/05/2020
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You want to make money from Uber cab services but don't know where and how to start with. Read our article to know how to attach car in Uber and how much money you can earn from the cab business.

It’s been almost seven years since Uber, the American multinational ride-hailing company first landed in India. Along with the development of technology, Uber, which gains a good reputation of being one of the world’s best car hiring services, comes to provide the convenience of calling a cab via mobile apps instead of waiting for public auto in our country. In the meantime, it also gives a brilliant opportunity for those who would like to earn money by doing the cab business and by partnering with the Uber, many people find a good chance to increase their incomes on schedules. However, once you decide to tie up with Uber, the next question is how? You will always need to know the terms and conditions as well as the government’s regulations well before the time you start. With that in mind, IndianAuto now tells you completely how to attach car in Uber and make money from the company.

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1. Which Cars Could I Attach In Uber?

First of all, you will want to know if your car is relevant to be driven as an Uber cab or not. Should it be a new or used car? Which brand model should get a higher chance to be accepted?

For starters, attaching your car with Uber is not an intricate thing. No matter whether your car is new or old, it should be in decent condition. Uber doesn’t prevent you from attaching an old car but it should be well-maintained. Note that your used car you attach with Uber should not have regular downtime because Uber always keeps your car frequently occupied; or else, you’ll lose your business. You can drive the cab yourself or hire experienced drivers who drive the car for you.


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Categories of Uber cars depending on the type of vehicle:

To know which kind of Uber cabs that your car might get into, check out the categories of Uber cars in India below:

UberGo: This is the cheapest Uber service in India. Hatchback cars of 2010 or newer will qualify to drive with UberGo. Here are some additional requirements:

  • A 4-door hatchback in good condition

  • Seating capacity of 4 passengers in addition to the driver

  • Windows and air conditioning work properly

Popular models of UberGo include Ford Figo, Hyundai Eon, Maruti WagonR, Maruti Ritz, Tata Indica, etc.

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UberX: sedans will be qualified to drive with UberX. The sedan should satisfy the following requirements:

  • A 4-door sedan in good condition

  • Seating capacity of at least 4 people in addition to the driver

  • Windows and air-con work properly

Car model year of 2010 or newer qualify to drive with UberX. Popular models of UberX in India:  Honda Amaze, Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Xcent, Tata Manza, Tata Indigo and Toyota Etios, etc.


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UberXL: High-capacity vehicle with extra seating will qualify with UberXL. UberXL charges higher fares compared to the earlier types but is much cheaper than the outgoing UberSUV. Requirements:

  • A four-door SUV or minivan that gets independently opening doors

  • Have a seating capacity of at least 6 passengers in addition to the driver

  • Windows with air-cons work properly

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Most SUV cars produced in 2013 or newer will qualify to be driven with UberXL. The popular models categorized as UberXL include Maruti Ertiga, Honda Mobilio, Renault Duster, Toyota Fortuner, Innova or Chevrolet Enjoy.

UberBlack: Offers luxury experience with SUV or high-end cars. Black luxury SUVs will be qualified. Note that Uber has shuttered UberBlack in most of Indian cities except for Mumbai.


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2. How To Attach Car with Uber?

It makes good sense that the registration requirements with Uber are really comprehensive as it’s a multinational ride-hailing company and you might be a global taxi driver. To start your perfect applications, you need to prepare for the required documents as follow:

  • Identity of Proof, PAN card and UID

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicle Insurance

  • Transport Permit

  • Valid driving licence

  • Police verification certificate from local authorities

  • Bank statements

Contact the Uber offices in your nearest area and submit the documents. You also need to apply for Service Tax number then file Income Tax Return to proceed with Uber. After completing all the formalities, you will get your vehicle inspected once your documentation is accepted. The fitness level of your car will be examined carefully by the company. If your car passes the inspection, you are through.


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3. How Much May You Earn From Uber?

Since Uber is a highly reliable and preferable cab service in India, you will reach out to an incredible opportunity to earn handsome money once you are finished the Uber cab registration. As with Uber’s terms and conditions, your car should be running for about 13 hours/day and 350 hours/ month. If the driver fails to cover 13 hours in a day, the backlog should be fulfilled in the remaining days of the month. Drivers also need to log in the app 27 days in a month.

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While Uber India has stopped its trip incentive plan, they bring in the concept of Business Guarantee instead. You can calculate your earning from Uber as follow: Your earning = Fares – (Uber Fee and Service Tax). The Uber fee is the 20% commission taken by Uber while the Service Tax will differ upon the states. Supposedly, you can earn around Rs 50,000 – 60,000 a month from cab business.

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