How to Fix Car Glass Scratches At Home?

by Vivaan Khatri | 23/02/2021
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Small car glass scratches can be removed in some simple steps. In fact, there are a few ways to do it by yourself. Here is the complete guide for car glass scratch repair that you can follow to fix it at home.

Scratches on the glass are just annoying as scratches found on the exterior paint of the car. While the glass areas are less likely to be exposed to damages, sometimes, you still find some scrapes on the car windshield, from minor to very deep ones. Even though most of the scratches are barely noticeable, it is highly advisable you should get things fixed before it gets worst. The windshield’s scratches can be dangerous since these imperfections lower the driver’s visibility and affect the safety of all car occupants. The good news is that there are a few simple solutions to remove glass scratches at home. In the following part, we will look into different methods of car glass scratch repairs.


Minor car glass scratches can totally be removed at home 

1. How is car glass made?

Before getting into the details of how to repair the glass scratches, it is important for us to grasp some ideas about the making of car windshields. Since the windshield has a special structure compared to the normal glass, it will require different methods to take care of.

Unlike regular glass, the windshield is laminated glass, a type of glass that can ensure higher safety. It will not cause harm to the people sitting inside as well as the pedestrians in case of car accidents.

Laminated glass is made of three layers, two layers of glass and a vinyl sheet in between. These layers are glued under high heat and pressure in order to make these layers inseparable. Thanks to this structure, the outer layers will experience all the harm and damage without damaging the inner layer, given that the impact is moderate. Moreover, it also means that the scratches on the outermost layer can be fixed without requiring a costly windshield replacement. 


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2. Simple Steps To Remove car glass scratches

How to spot glass scratches?

Except for the visible and noticeable major scratches which can be seen easily, some scratches are hard to see. It might take some extra steps to locate where the scratches are. Using your bare eyes will take forever to scan through the entire glass body and it is possible that you will miss out on some unnoticeable damages. Here is one tip for you to easily locate the glass scratches: You can run your fingers or fingernail across the surface. This way you can scan through the glass without missing out any spot that needs to be fixed.

Determine how deep the scratch is

Each time you find a scratch, the next step is to determine the depth of the scratch to decide if it is fixable. If your fingernail gets caught, it is a sign that it is impossible to undo the scratches. In this case, you should seek professional help. Deep scratches can get worse over time. Without timely intervention, the windshield can shatter and cost a greater cost to replace the entire windshield. For a minor scratch, you can still run your finger smoothly.

Mark the scratch

Once you identify a scratch, whether it fixable or not, you should mark it and fix it as soon as possible. Try to mark the spot with tape or a dry-erase marker.


Apply the product

After locating, accessing and marking scratch, you now can get down to the main task of fixing the damaged area. There are a few measures to solve this problem.

  • Glass repair kit

For those who prefer an effective and comprehensive method to remove the scratch, a glass repair kit is highly recommended. You can purchase one from most car parts and accessories stores. The glass repair kit is powerful in the way that it can be used to treat fairly deep scratch which is not so detrimental to the windshield’s integrity. You can apply the glass repair kit by the following process:

Apply the rubbing compound from the repair kit to the scratch. Comprised of cerium oxygen, the rubbing compound will react with the glass, forming the cerium oxygen glass compound which can seal the scratch. After applying the rubbing compounds, wait for around 30 minutes. When the wait is over, now use a soft cloth to clean the area.

  • Transparent Nail Polish

Another handy product that can be used to undo the scratch on the windshield is nail polish. However, it only works for minor scratches. Just apply the nail polish on the surface, clean the excess and wait a couple of minutes until it completely dries out. You can also use the nail polish remover to get rid of the excess entirely. It should be noted that nail polish should be transparent.


  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a common alternative that is usually utilized to remove the glass scratch. However, just like nail polish, toothpaste is not reliable to repair a deep scratch. What the toothpaste do is to remove the edge around the scratch, hence smoothening out the glass surface and making the scratch disappear.

First off, you should clean the surface where it needs to be repaired and make sure the surface is completely dry. Then apply the toothpaste to the area and use a soft cloth to rub around in circular motions for less than 1 minute. Wipe the excess with a damp cloth until the surface is free of any excess. Now, you basically eliminate all these small scratches. Toothpaste is easy to find and barely cost you any penny.


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  • Acrylic scratch remover

This product can be found in some automotive part stores or online stores. This product will cause a chemical reaction with the glass, filling the scratches and restore the original condition. First, apply the product onto a cloth and use it to rub around the scratch for one minute. Remember to not buff the surface excessively. Then let the remover sit in place and work on its own for 30 minutes. Complete the process by cleaning the excess.

  • Glass scrub compound

Cerium oxide is the main substance that is used in most glass scratch remover products. For those who don’t know, cerium oxide comes in the form of power. So instead of using the power right away.

The glass scrub compound contains a high concentration of cerium oxide that can help to remove the scratch. It works in a similar manner to toothpaste. To erase the blemish, you apply some compound on damp fibre clothes. Next, you rub the scratch area in circular motion a few times. Make sure the pressure is attributed even across the surface. Spray water to the area as you go. It is important to keep the surface damp while you are rubbing. Do it repeatedly for a few times in a couple of days. Glass scrub compound will take you more time than other methods and require you to be extra careful. However, the outcome is rewarding if you can apply it correctly.

It should be noted that this substance can be abrasive, you should use it carefully and don’t use it for too long. Other than fixing the scratches, a glass scrub compound can also be used to remove stubborn grimes and dust on the glass surface.

3. How to prevent the glass from being scratched in the future?

Knowing how to prevent something bad happen in the first place is as important as or even more important than know how to fix it. Here are some tips to prevent your car glass from being scratched in the future.

Keep the windshield clean

Keeping the windshield clean is not only good to ensure the best visibility but also keep the windshield from being damaged. How the static dust can cause the scratch you might ask? Remember that the dust is not moving but the running wipers can pass over the dust and debris and leave a scratch on the windshield. Moreover, you should also pay extra attention when cleaning the class area. Be gentle when rubbing clothes on the windshield so you will not cause damage yourself.

Replace the worn-out wipers

The wipers themselves can be the cause of the problem. Aged wiper with worn rubber blades might expose the metal surface which will scrape your windshield. If you notice any irregular with your window wiper, for example, dropped functionality and chattering sound on the windshield, or leaving streaks, these might be signs that you should replace your wiper, for the sake of your windshield and your own safety. Proper wiper maintenance will also help to minimize the damage to the car windshield. 


Check the wiper fluid frequently and top off if necessary

Wiper fluid is essential for the safe operation of the wiper. Without wiper fluid, the wiper will cause scratches for your windshield. So it is important to check the wiper fluid frequently and make sure it is topped off if needed.

Park your car in the shade

High temperature is the enemy for your car’s wellbeing. The sunlight and high temperature can degrade the quality of the windshield as well as other car parts. So, keep your car from the sun and heat as much as possible.

Repair the car scratch as soon as possible

A timely fix will keep the problem from getting worst. If you spot any minor scratch on the glass surface, you should take steps to remove the defect as soon as possible. The small scratch can totally get bigger and deeper over time and cost you more to get things adjusted. So it is important that you repair the scratch immediately. It might only take you a few minutes to get rid of the scratch with simple and accessible tools like toothpaste and nail polish as listed above.

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