Guide On Improving Mileage Of Petrol Car In India

by Mohammed Burman | 04/03/2020
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This article is going to provide you with a detailed guideline on how to improve the mileage of your petrol car. Read on to discover.

One of the biggest disadvantages of petrol cars is fuel mileage. Of the same car, the diesel version is usually more fuel-efficient than its petrol counterpart. However, many petrol vehicles are claimed to have high ARAI-certified fuel mileage. This is difficult to achieve in real conditions, especially on Indian roads, which are well-known for their bad conditions. There tends to be a huge difference between the claimed fuel mileage of a petrol car and that in real conditions, due to the nature of the petrol motor, where the maximum torque comes in far higher than a comparable diesel unit. The driver usually revs a gasoline burner to get momentum and it is common knowledge that a wide amount of fuel is wasted due to revving. 

The question of how to maximize the fuel mileage of your petrol car has raised considerable concern from auto users. Below are some tips.

No hurry

A petrol car can accelerate more quickly than its diesel counterpart; however, the driver should be gentle with the car to squeeze out the peak fuel mileage. Drive with only around 20% of the throttle input and do not press it more than necessary. Utilize the gears to quickly attain the momentum.

car accelerates

Gently speed up so that the car can get optimal fuel mileage.

Gently braking

To avoid revving and braking hard, you should expect your stops early. If you approach a traffic light and are in top gear, just completely release the throttle. This allows the car to use engine braking to reduce the speed and help activate the fuel overrun cut-off which most today fuel-injected cars get. This will reduce the amount of fuel burned.

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Minimizing idling

If your stop time is over one minute, switch off the petrol engine to save fuel. On the other hand, if the stop time is under one minute, you should not switch off the motor. The reason is that if you restart the engine, the same amount of fuel burned is equal to that in 30 seconds of idling.

cars stop at red light

Switch off the engine if you have to stop more than one minute.

Reduce the pressure on the motors

The air conditioner takes the power from the motor; therefore, it puts a certain amount of pressure on the motors. So, turn off the air conditioner whenever not necessary. You should also consider the comfort for yourself on a scorching summer day or a chilly winter day. On the high way, if you are travelling against the wind, the AC should be turned on instead of opening the window to increase the fuel economy. The reason is that the AC would consume less fuel than that required to overcome the air resistance due to the lowered windows.

luggage in car

You should remove the unnecessary luggage from the car so that the engine can deliver the maximum fuel mileage.

In summary, you should follow the following tips to attain the best fuel mileage for your car.

  • Gently speeding up and slowing down;

  • Switching off the engine if you are going to stop for over a minute;

  • Minimizing the air conditioner use as much as possible;

  • Removing unneeded luggage from the car.

Apart from these, there are also some standard tips.

  • Maintaining the best tyre pressure;

  • Regularly having the car repaired, especially the air filter, fuel filter, injectors and spark plug;

  • Driving at a reasonable speed, depending on your vehicle.

If you follow all the above tips, the fuel mileage of your car can be increased by almost 20% and is also likely to reach the claimed fuel economy and even a better one on the highway. Do not hesitate to share your tips to increase the fuel mileage of your car, regardless of its fuel type. If you are interested in ways to maximize your car's fuel mileage in general, please pay a visit to IndianAuto.

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