How to know if my car dealership is lying?

by IndianAuto Team | 22/09/2018
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You want to trust your car dealership, but dishonesty can happen anywhere. These suggestions will help you recognise if your car dealer is lying.

Purchasing a car, whether it’s new or used, is a time-consuming process. Dozens of decisions needed to be made and tons of paperwork need to be done. The last thing you want is a car dealer using lies to trick you into buying a vehicle. In order to help car shoppers avoid overpaying for a car, we make a list of most six common lies car dealers often say.

a car salesman hands shaking with two customers

What’s hidden behind car dealers’ smile?

1. Little white lies

Many car salesmen lie about small things. For example, that color is out of stock; there's only one left; the cost is great just for today; another person is keen on the auto so you had better choose rapidly and so on. In that situation, you should take time and be tolerant when looking for an auto. Try not to rush into anything, particularly if a sales representative tells you to do so. Just consider what the dealer said and double check the information on the company’s website or with the customer service center.

2. Bait and switch

car money trap

Be careful with the promotion

The dealer promotes an auto at a bargain price, however, when you go to the dealership, they say it has just been sold. They then persuade you to purchase a more costly vehicle. The general purpose of a bait and switch promotion is to get you to the showroom. Therefore, you should contact the dealership via email or phone call before visiting to make sure that they still have that car in stock.

3. Fees aside from the sticker price

Some car dealers deliberately forget to mention a mandatory document fee aside from the sticker price. You should request the "out-the-door" price, a rate that consists of all taxes and expenses. Your dealership will compute that for you. They may not be pleased to do it, but you will have a much more accurate number that you have to pay for your future car.

4. Low monthly payment

"If I could get you in this auto for 25,000 rupees per month, would you take the auto today?" This is a typical sales strategy: making you concentrate only on the monthly payment. It's simple for a merchant to get you any monthly payment you want by prolonging the car loan period. But in the end, you will have to pay far more than the current listed price. This is the most widely recognized and profitable sales strategies. That’s why you should always negotiate based on the actual price of the car and constantly consider the pros and cons of an instalment.

House and car with letters and numbers below

Accumulative monthly payments can add up to a huge amount

5. Misstating your income

Some car dealers tend to misquote your income on a credit application. If a merchant writes in a different salary number or misstates the amount of initial instalment you consented to put down, leave instantly and locate another dealership. You should never sign your name on any agreement with the wrong information. It is not only illegal but can also result in your owing much more than you can manage.

6. Mandatory car insurance

two toy car crash coin red crane-truck background

Buying auto insurance from trusted firms

Though buying a car insurance cover is mandatory and essential, you do not need to buy it from the car dealer. Most dealership attempt to persuade customers into buying car insurance from the insurance company they have tied up with. In this case, they get the chance to charge you a higher premium. But you ought to be patient and look for a better deal online. You can always transfer your no-claim bonus from your previous car.

Finally, if you figure out your car dealership is lying, walk away and find a different one. You do not want to do business with a company that does not respect you in the first place.

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