How To Maximise Your Car's Mileage?

by IndianAuto Team | 27/02/2019
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Wonder why your car runs out of fuel so fast? Check out the article to find the best way to maximise your car’s mileage.

When your car burns a lot of fuel, It is not only irritating to stop at the fuel pump continuously, but it is also a strain on the wallet. The cause could be maintenance issues, but mostly it's because of the way you drive. IndianAuto hopes the following tips can help you push your car’s mileage to its limit.

Make sure your car tyres are properly inflated

man checking his car's tyres

Check your car's tyres pressure frequently for better fuel efficiency

Driving with the proper tyre pressure creates a big difference to any car's fuel economy. Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres causes bad driving experience and may result in accidents. To be more specific, the contact between the road surface and an under-inflated tyre will increase. And as a negative result, this leads to the intensification of the friction caused by the contact as mentioned above. Consequently, your car needs more power to move. On the other hand, when tyres are over-inflated, you may experience a slight improvement in your car’s fuel efficiency. However, it is not worth the price. As a matter of fact, an over-pumped tyre is lack of traction as well as grip on the roads, which makes your car have a high chance of slipping, especially when it rains.

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Therefore, keep in mind that you should always check whether your car’s tyres are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Generally, it is best to check them at least once every week. However, if your car tyres’ lifespans are too old, you need to change them; otherwise, you may end up in not only bad fuel efficiency but also accidents.

Have smooth driving

a girl is driving

Master your steering wheels to have a smooth driving

No wonder that It is absolutely annoying when driving in crowded places. And to get rid of this, we try to hit the brakes pedals as well as the accelerator hard and repeatedly in the hope of moving faster away from the traffic jam. Nevertheless, this behaviour just makes you out of temper and increases your car’s fuel consumption.

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Therefore, control your car as smoothly as you can. And to do so, treat the brake pedals and the accelerator with respect. Accelerating too fast and sudden brakes will harm your car dramatically as it doesn't have enough time to adjust your behaviour of changing from phase to phase repeatedly in a rapid way.

Combine trips

Did you know that every time you crank your car, it requires extra fuel? As a matter of fact, long trips always consume less fuel than separated trips. Because cranking your car will make you pay more for the gas tank, try to reduce the cranking frequency as much as possible by combining trips. Besides, this also helps you save a lot of travelling time.

Turn off the air-conditioner

a girl next to an open car window

Open your car windows instead of turning on the aircon

It is obvious that air-conditioning costs humans a lot of money. We tend to turn on the cooling machines whenever and wherever the temperature gets rough. This does not only cost us a fortune but also does harm to the environment due to the greenhouse gases emissions of air-conditioning, especially, when a person is using an old air-conditioner, which may have a high chance of releasing HFCs.

Therefore, open windows of your car when it is hot instead of turning on the fans or air conditioners. As a very positive result, doing this will lengthen your car’s mileage and improve our life on earth.

Change gears smoothly

Keep in mind that how to change gears properly also affects your car’s fuel efficiency and is a way to drive smoothly. Simply, remember that lower gears are for acceleration, and they consume more fuel. However, higher gears are best for travelling at high speed with low fuel consumption. So all you need to do is master changing gears and choose the best gear for each different situation.

gear stick

Smoothly changing gears can help increase your car's mileage

Help your car “lose weight”

It a common sense that whenever you carry more stuff, your body will use extra calories. Similarly, the heavier your car is, the more fuel it will burn. However, you don’t have to take all the things out of your car to make it lighter. All you have to do is get rid of the heavy and large unused things such as tyres, baby seats, gauges, etc.

man take heavy suitcase from the car

You should remove heavy luggage from the car to maximize its fuel efficiency,

Have your car cleaned and maintained often

Don't let your car’s filters be covered in dust. A clogged oil filter or air filter will draw more power from the vehicle. Furthermore, there are many engines inside your car need checking regularly such as the generator or the battery. In case you didn’t know, an outdated car battery can damage the vehicle dramatically if there is no timely maintenance. It’s better to be prepared than waiting for the problem coming. Therefore, prior to any damages happening inside your car, get it to the mechanic frequently.

a man is cleaning his car

Cleaning your car often can help get rid of the dust in its engines

Use a route planner

You don’t have to open a digital map to ask for the best route to a place you are too familiar with like your workplace or home. However, if the route is suddenly crowded, you may try to find another way; simply grab your phone or laptop with an internet connection for best result and start to look for direction, for example, Google Maps. Besides, a great tip to be punctual is to start 10- 15 minutes earlier in case of traffic jam and other unexpected incidents.

Take a walk

two fingers in shoes resemble a person walking

Walking short distances can save money on fuel and improve your health

Walking is the best solution to maximise your car's mileage when your daily destinations are just nearby your living areas. Cranking and driving for such short distances can drain up the gas tank faster. Besides, walking benefits humans’ health in many ways including:

  • Reducing the risk of coronary disease and stroke;

  • Reducing cholesterol levels in the blood;

  • Lowering blood pressure;

  • Managing the negative effects of osteoarthritis;

  • Increasing bone density, hence preventing osteoporosis; and

  • Easing back pain.     

If your car’s fuel efficiency problem does not reduce from the aforementioned causes, maybe the car itself possesses a fuel-consuming nature. You should consider purchasing a new car which provides you with better fuel economy rather stick with the old one. However, if your present car fits you well, you like all of its specs except the energy issue, and you want to drive it more, you have to visit the gas station frequently to meet its hunger.

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