How To Negotiate To Buy A Used Car For Good Price?

by IndianAuto Team | 13/10/2018
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When negotiating car price, both buyers and sellers want to benefit themselves. Therefore, if you want to have a successful negotiation, you must know your budget and have a certain knowledge of the car market in advance.

If you are interested in buying a car, you might realize that you can save a little money by buying a used model. However, if you are inexperienced car buyer, there is a high chance that you might be tricked by car dealers. In order to purchase a good old car, you not only have to have basic knowledge about the car, check it carefully but also have to bargain to get the lowest possible price. Here are useful tips which help you negotiate when buying old cars.

A man in red T-shirt standing in front of old cars

There are several ways which can help you buy a good old car

1. Be friendly

You should create a good first impression with car dealers because emotion has an influence on the outcome of your purchase price negotiation. If you are cheerful and friendly, the salesperson will be more easy-going and pleasant when you pay the price. No one wants to do business with angry and grumpy people.

2. Research the price in advance

Before deciding which car model you want to buy and where to get that car, you should research the price on websites, car forums or ask your friends to know the market price of that vehicle at the time. You can also contact car agents directly or come to their showroom for reference. On average, each customer researches seven different sources of information to gain the initial insights and comments on the model they are investigating. The Internet is the most searching channel, while manufacturers and agencies websites are less noticeable. If you buy a car at the dealer, you should check for available discounts or promotions. After finishing the research, you will know which car is for you and which dealer provides more affordable cars.

a girl searching about car on the laptop

You should research about cars before negotiating with sellers

3. Give a vivid description of your desired car

Regardless of where you buy cars, dealerships or private shops, you need to tell them which car you want to buy, which specifications do you want it to have and how much you have in your budget so that the seller can offer reasonable advice to help you choose the right one.

4. Request to view invoice

The invoice will include the original price and the car mileage. You should ask the seller to give you the original car receipt to capture all necessary information as well as the car value. Doing so helps you calculate the price based on value and mileage of the car.

used car invoice template

5. Pay as low as possible and increase gradually

This will help you and your seller come to a price that both are satisfied. The principle of bargaining for buyers is always paying the price lower than the actual value of the car. Then gradually raise up little by little. You should remember all the defects of the car that you have caught during the test drive to lower the price.

6. Communicate effectively

There is nothing wrong with offering low prices. However, if the price you offer is too low, the seller will not interest, which makes the negotiation not likely be successful. You should communicate well to get the best price. Therefore, if you are not good at communication, you should refuse to participate in the negotiation. In such cases, you will have to determine the amount you are willing to pay for the car and notify the seller.

two men shaking hands

Effective communication helps you have a successful negotiation

You should also understand that the negotiation might not be successful in some cases, especially when the seller is tough and you do not want to spend more money. Even if you are not satisfied with the negotiations, you should leave in peace and greet them with a warm attitude. Hope that these car buying experiences will help you buy the right old car which suits your economic situations and needs.

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