Low-cost maintenance tips for cars

by Mohammed Burman | 30/09/2018
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You can still save money in your pocket while your car is still in good condition! It sounds like a good dream! However, it’s not a dream. You can do some low-cost maintenance by yourself at home.

How? You may ask. Actually, it’s quite simple for you to fix some issues with your car. Moreover, these methods don’t cost so much. It only requires hard work and commitment. With just some daily objects around your house, you can do a lot of things to keep your car in shape. Daily objects mean that something you use every day, such as toothpaste, vinegar, razor blades, and so on. Sound strange at first but when you’ve acknowledged the ability of these things when it comes come to fixing your car’s issues, you will definitely be amazed. But please remember that these objects  can only deal with minor issues. So, don’t ask: Why doesn’t it fix my overheated light? Be a smart person! Now, you don’t have to wait anymore. Let me introduce to you 3 simple stuff that can easily do some simple car care hacks. You should try and remember these things in case you are flat broke and can’t afford a car expert.

Fixing a car’s headlight filled with moisture with toothpaste
Daily things have their own power when it’s come to fixing your car’s issues

1. Vinegar

Aha! There you go! Look like a bunch of mischievous pigeons decide to have a pooping party on your car roof and bonnet. Or in this case, your friends decide to have a taco fiesta. And you know the consequence, your car will be haunted by those stinky smell and may cause breathing problem. Instead of spending money on deodorants, you can use a very familiar cooking ingredient, vinegar. Don’t worry! Your Caesar salad can wait! Vinegar can take out these problems pretty easily. It’s not only good for cooking and cleaning, but it also has the deodorizing ability. Here are some things you can do to apply it to your car:

  • Pizza or taco fiesta inside your car? It won’t be your problem anymore. With just a bowl of vinegar, it can take away all the smell. You just need to place it in your car overnight and check the result on the next day.

  • There are some misbehaved kids in your neighbourhood. They often prank you by sticking stickers on your car’s exterior. Those fools don’t know the power of vinegar. You can rub some vinegar on it and then wipe. Tada! Stickers begone!

  • And yes! These devil birds can poop as much as they want! With vinegar, you can clean all with ease.

And do you know? Vinegar can also prevent your car’s windows from frosting. Coat them with vinegar and you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore.

Vinegar also has the deodorizing ability

Vinegar also has the deodorizing ability

2. Plunger

How can this toilet stuff appear in here! If you only use them to deal with unclogging problems, you are underestimating its potentialities. With some modern toilet appliances, it seems like plungers no longer have their place anymore. However, a desperate time needs a desperate way, that’s when plungers come to save your day as a dent-killer. Because this is their secondary employment, plungers can only deal with small dents. And it is actually easy to use too, you just need to put the suction part onto the dent area and pull with all your heart and soul. I didn’t say it’s going to be quick. You need to keep on pulling until the dent is fixed. You need to repeat this process if the first effort doesn’t work out.

Someone using a plunger to erase the dents on the car
You can use a plunger to pull the dent off your car

3. Nail Polish

Every car owner out there! Is there any pain that hurts you more than scratches on your car? Car explosion doesn’t count. You know, when someone accidentally scratches your car’s paint, you must be dying a little bit inside. But that doesn’t mean there is no way you can do to hide those defects. Here is the product that you can never expect. That’s nail polish! You can ask your mom, sister or girlfriend (if you have one) to lend you some. But please remember to find a nail polish which has the similar colour to your car paint. You just need to gently apply some on your the scratch and voila, it’s gone. This method is not only cheap, but it also doesn’t take too much effort to do. Definitely worth a try. The hardest part is when someone you know sees you (if you are a man) use or carry nail polish. Don’t get caught!

Someone using a red nail polish to erase the scratches off the red car

Nail polish can easily deal with the scratches on your car

So, you can see that with only a few handy tools and some simple tips, you can keep your car in good condition without paying too much money.

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