5 Steps To Master Parallel Parking Manoeuvres

by IndianAuto Team | 04/05/2020
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Got some trouble with parallel parking manoeuvres? We are here to help you!

Before a stunt man can perform excellent drifts and perfect 180 degree turns in chase scenes, they also had to learn how to drive from scratch. As a commonsense, some people learn faster than others; however, if it takes a person too long to master a specific skill, there must be a problem in the method. Among the most hard-to-master driving skills, parallel parking manoeuvre is a true nightmare to some people who cannot do it after having learned for weeks.


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Although some find it easy to do parallel parking, many people struggle to uncover the hidden techniques to master it. And the secrets to making perfect parallel parking in just a couple of minutes lies in this article. But before you learn the 5-steps below, try to find an ideal space with proper objects (ideally, 2 traffic cones) for your practising.

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Step 1 - When position and alignment are your friends

A good start to perform parallel parking is to align your car properly in front of the designated position. You can try different alignments and positions later to improve your skills. Remember to set up the practice area exactly like the left-side traffic in India, and then you can change the side later.

Step 2 - Reversing is the key to everything

If you’re good at reversing, congratulations, you are one step closer to master parallel parking manoeuvre. After aligning your car properly, slowly reverse the car until you see the neighbouring traffic cone through the rear window. At the time you can see the back of the cone, turn the steering wheel to the left. 

Step 3 - Still reverse, plus keep an eye on the left rear mirror

Keep reversing, and when the back of the cone totally appears in your left rear mirror, it’s time to turn the steering wheel straight again. Note that you should brake when you cannot totally control the speed because being fast is not always good. After this step, you can stop the car for a moment to easily get to the next step.

Step 4 - Get your car in the position

When the left rear mirror lines up with the back of the cone, turn the steering wheel to the right, and again, reverse. Pay attention to the hood and the back of your car, make sure that they don’t hit the obstacles, or you’ll not make perfect parallel parking.

Step 5 - One more step to go

Again, straighten the steering wheel to put your car in the same row as the traffic cones. You should leave an equal space between your car and the two cars surrounding you so that the other drivers have enough space to move their car off the curbs. Doing this will also show how good your heart is to other people in public.


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Parallel parking manoeuvres will be easy for you as car manufactures have been mandated by the Indian Government to build cars with rear sensors which helps parking and rear observing much easier. Truth be told, you can trust the sensors totally rather than the rear mirrors. However, if your car comes with low-tech sensors, you may rely on your skills and the mirror for a fast and accurate parallel parking.

All in all, tips are merely tips, and methods are just methods. All you can do to master the techniques is to repeat it because there’s a truth: “Practice makes perfect”. Parallel parking is necessary as you must do it almost every time you go out of your car. And by keeping practising, you will not only pass the driving test easily, but you will also surely have the ability to help the others who have difficulty in parallel parking.

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