Misconceptions of Indians about Fuel Efficiency

by IndianAuto Team | 26/11/2018
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It truly won't be wrong to state that numerous Indian drivers have some misunderstanding about driving a vehicle. Here are common misconceptions of Indian drivers about mileage.

India is a nation of jugaad and the equivalent is applicable to the way toward getting a driving permit. While there are all the obligatory tests and strategies included, it's a well-known fact that numerous Indian drivers figure out how to get a driving permit through jugaad. Such drivers are not trained and the majority of them learn driving from their family. This results in absence of good driving aptitudes and, above all, the absence of legitimate street conduct. This most likely is the reason why we often observe individuals honking superfluously or laying their foot on the clutch pedal constantly. So it's not surprising when most of them have the following 8 misconceptions about car mileage.

1. Harsh acceleration does not affect fuel efficiency

This is something that 40% of Indian drivers have faith in. Quickening hard may give you the thrills though it negatively affects fuel efficiency. The vast majority of us aren't aware that harsh acceleration or superfluous revving the motor can result in lower mileage.

School bus speed up

Drivers tend to press hard on the accelerator in many circumstances

2. Keeping the motor on while lingering doesn't influence mileage

An astounding 26% of Indian drivers believe keeping the motor lingering isn't an issue. In fact, shutting down the motor can save more fuel than keeping it on idle if the period is more 15 seconds.

3. Cruise Control has no effect on mileage

That something 78% of Indian drivers have faith in. Actually, Cruise Control is a helpful feature to maintain a steady speed, so the engine does not waste any fuel on pointless speeding up, which in turns results in better mileage.

4. GPS has no task to carry out in fuel efficiency

Just 27% of drivers check GPS before leaving home. Through GPS, one can choose alternative routes to avoid congested driving conditions. When you stuck in traffic jams, your vehicle will consume fuel at a substantially higher rate because of slithering and sudden increasing speed/deceleration. Therefore, it's better to look at GPS before heading and plan your roads in advance.

traffic jam at crossroads

Not everyone knows how to use GPS to identify the best road

5. Driving on mountain streets does not influence fuel efficiency  

52% of drivers didn't realize that driving on mountain streets can affect fuel efficiency. At the point when your vehicle needs to climb inclines, the motor needs to work hard to ensure that power is conveyed continuously to the wheels. This directly affects the vehicle's fuel efficiency. That’s why your vehicle's mileage drops dramatically on mountain streets.

6. Climate does not affect mileage

73% of individuals did not know that chilly climate influences the mileage of the vehicle, while 63% did not realize that the hot climate can have an effect on fuel efficiency. In spite of the fact that cutting-edge engine technologies have made things different now, every motor still has an ideal temperature at which it can perform best. In winters, achieving the ideal motor temperature takes more time, which, thus, diminishes the mileage. This, nonetheless, doesn't imply that you will get great mileage in summers. In reality, in summers, that car drivers use the cooling to beat the warmth constantly resulting in lower fuel efficiency. Additionally, rapid driving leads to higher breeze resistance, thus lowering fuel efficiency. The breeze resistance can be limited by moving up the windows and utilizing the AC to keep an ideal cabin temperature. However, at low speeds and for short distance drives, this habits can again lead to lower mileage.

7. Weight has no association with fuel efficiency

65% of drivers did not realize that expelling substantial things from the vehicle make it more fuel efficient. The lighter your vehicle is, the more effectively and quickly it will move. The vast majority often make a dump yard inside their vehicles, which antagonistically influences the fuel utilization. Subsequently, it's better to remove superfluous items from the vehicle and keep the vehicle as light as it could be.

car carry lots of stuff

Many drivers often overload their car with unnecessary things

8. Regular servicing does not help increase mileage

Just 33% of drivers know about the way that regular servicing can help save fuel. It's clear that regular servicing is one of the most straightforward approaches to guarantee that your vehicle stays healthy. Be that as it may, truth to be informed, only 33% of all vehicle owners have this habit. This straightforward practice can keep your vehicle in a decent condition over the long haul and would likewise prompt better mileage figures.

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