Vaahan Pooja - Good Luck For A New Car

by Mohammed Burman | 19/02/2020
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Vaahan Pooja is a traditional Hindu ritual to bless a new car. Read this article to discover this old tradition more.

Vaahan Pooja importance and time

In Hindu culture, there is an old tradition to pray for all new items before they are used. For vehicles, it is called Vaahan Pooja, in which the owner will pray for a new car to help it become harmonious to the house and avoid any bad lucks in the future. This tradition is of great importance since it will show gratitude to the god, help protect the car and the driver from misfortunes and accidents. New car Pooja can be done at home whenever a new car is purchased. This ritual can also be conducted on special occasions or festivals such as Bhai-Dooj, Ganesh Chaturthi, Gudi Padwa, Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras and Navratri.


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How to perform new car Pooja?

The new car is wiped and cleaned before the car Pooja is done. Participants in the ritual consist of the car owner, the priest and the car owner’s family members. After that, the car processor will use the kalash of the sacred water which is taken from the pujari to wash his/her right hand. He/she will do this three times. He then will shake rice received from the priest onto the car front. The priest uses the right hand’s mid finger to draw a swastika onto the car hood. The swastika is made with turmeric powder mixed with sandalwood paste or water. For thousands of years, the swastika has been conceived as an image of good fortune in India. After the swastika has been drawn, the car owner will be again given rice to spread on the swastika. For each sprinkle, he/she needs to recite some mantras.

Chanting holy mantras while meditating on Lord Ganesha is a common practice in India. One mantras set consists of 11 out of 108 Lord Ganesha names. Then the priest lights the incense sticks and clockwise loops them around the swastika three times. A Lord Ganesha idol is installed near the steering wheel by the priest who will then sprinkle water on it.

vaahan pooja at home

In Hindu culture, new car Pooja is conducted with a view to blessing for a new car.

Last but not least, the car owner will break a coconut close to the right front tyre and then spread coconut water onto the tyre. The coconut will then be kept as prasadam and eaten later. Squashing lemons under the car wheels is also considered to be a way to avoid bad lucks. The car is then moved to the right to finish the new car Pooja.

Or if you are too busy and cannot invite a priest to help you carry out the ritual, you can also do new car Pooja at home on your own by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Draw an Om sign: If you have drawing abilities, draw an Om sign; otherwise, just simply sprinkle turmeric and kumkum.

Step 2: Place some flowers on the car top

Step 3: Put four fresh lemons under the four-car wheels

Step 4: Drive the car over them

Step 5: Pray to God

Above is a detailed guideline on how to carry out new car Pooja at home. This ritual can be performed slightly differently, depending on various factors such as regions, each family’s habit, etc. However, the above general guideline applies to all cases. Are you have any intention of buying a new car? Refer to this article to properly perform this traditional ritual.

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