Pros and Cons of Push Start Button In Cars

by Harish Kumar | 22/01/2021
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Do you know the pros and cons of the push start button in cars? Is it a must to have a keyless entry or push-start buttons for your vehicle? Let’s find out

In recent years, auto manufacturers are making their greatest attempts to make their cars the most convenient and comfortable drives. Cars now are not only more dashing to the eyes but also more modern and upmarket in terms of use than those in the past. If you happen to have bought a new car manufactured within the last few years, there’s a high chance you’ve bought one having a push-button start. However, not many can understand comprehensively the advantages and disadvantages of the keyless entry system in their vehicle. Is the keyless entry or engine start push button a must when buying a new car in India? IndianAuto answers.

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Pros of Push Start Ignition

1. Easy To Use

Imagine that your hands are full of grocery or carrying piles of books, do you find it troublesome putting all them down to insert the traditional key into the ignition slot? We do. This time around, nothing is more convenient than tapping a button by any part of your body to unlock the vehicle. The same happens to the tailgate as well. In fact, many new-age cars now offer you hands-free operation to unlock the car, start the engine and opening the tailgate. The fact is, also, the push-start ignition system is not so complicated that requires a lot of knowledge/ experience to operate.


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2. Higher Level of Security

The engine start push button offers more layer of security than traditional car keys, indeed. One will find it safer to have a very unique set of codes required every time the car is started. In cars that have keyless entry with the push-button start, there’s an electronic key fob that’s compatible with the vehicle to authorize driving along with the use of electronic accessories. It’s only once the unique code is found that the vehicle will be unlocked and started, thereby enhancing the level of security for the vehicle.

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3. Convenience

You may think that this advantage is similar to what we’ve mentioned in point 1 but believe us, they are not the same. During our driving life, there were at least once or twice times you’d have to walk back to the parking area to make sure if you’ve locked the vehicle. However, it’s rather not an issue with the keyless entry system. Remember how you crazily rummage your bags looking for the car key and find it jumbled up with other keys. That’s not the case with the keyless entry too. Obviously, convenience is what we’re heading to when buying and using a car. That’s not about being lazy, it’s making your life simpler and easier to your fingertips.

Cons of Push Start Button For Car

1. You’ll have to pay more

Definitely, technological advancement will entail a higher expense. Cars equipped with push start button or keyless entry will come with many top-notch features like a touchscreen infotainment system, air conditioning and comfortable seats. That said, it’s not merely the push-start ignition system that you are having to pay for but the whole car with many state-of-the-art features on tap. Of course, those vehicles will go steeper in terms of prices compared to ordinary models.

Other than that, if you lost the key fob, you will have to dig into your pocket to get a replacement. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a new car with push-button ignitions, try to keep the key knob carefully, or else, it can be a costly purchase to start your vehicle again.

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2. Shutting Off The Car

Because it’s just a touch of the button, you can easily forget to shut off your car and leave the engine running in case of emergencies. Still, there are some cars equipped with safety features which help turns the car off after a long idle time but how about the models sans this equipment?


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3. High Security Comes Simultaneously with Smarter Thieves

It’s true that cars with keyless entry and push start button will make it harder to be stolen thanks to its own set of codes. However, one can’t also deny that thieves are getting smarter parallel with the development of technology. Apart from small-time thieves, there are some who can hack into the system and then unlock the car with ease.

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