Ways to Protect Your Car from Colour Stains During Holi

by IndianAuto Team | 06/03/2020
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Worried about your car getting stained or dirty during Holi? Worry not! Here, we provide you with some tips to prevent your car from any water- or paint-related damage.

Holi is the ancient Hindu festival of colours, celebrated throughout the Indian subcontinent and its many diasporas. It’s a festival that signifies the beginning of spring, the blossoming of love, and for many, it’s a chance to play and laugh, to make new relationships and even mend broken ones. The morning after the Holika bonfire is when the celebration begins.

Protect Your Car from Colour Stains During HoliColours fly everywhere during Holi

Children and young people are armed with dry pigments, coloured solutions, water balloons and water guns with the goal to drench others in as many colours as possible. While its fun for people, houses and vehicles fall ‘victims’ to all the colour throwing and splashing, quite unfortunately. Natural and washable colour pigments such as turmeric, neem or spinach are often used, but cost-effective chemical colours are more popularly used.

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Most chemical Holi colours that can be found in markets nowadays are oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil. They could cause bodily harm, permanently staining your clothes, cars and houses and pollute rivers and streams when they are washed off. Protecting yourself and your possessions during Holi is vital for a fun, enjoyable, and safe celebration. Clothes can be easily discarded after the festival, but your cars cannot be and if you wish to drive a spotless car instead of an ice cream van, you should know these tips in order to protect your car from all the colours during Holi.

1. Finding a closed parking spot is a priority

A nylon car protection

A car cover is the easiest way to protect your car from colour powder and solutions during Holi

If you’re lucky enough to have a closed parking space for your car prior to the festival, then you don’t have to worry about your vehicle during Holi. However, if you are not so fortunate and have to park your car in an open space parking or park it on the road, which is common for people living in an apartment complex, you should absolutely invest in a car cover. A car cover is fairly cheap and it’s one of the most basic steps you can do to protect the exterior of your car against harsh weather conditions or in case of Holi's flying colour powder. Remember to purchase a cover that can encapsulate your car from the roof to wheels and tighten the string around the base securely.

2. A coat of wax will do wonders for your car

If you still want to use your car during Holi to go meet friends or to a celebration-centric location, you should consider getting your car waxed before going. Car wax is readily available online or your local auto-body shop, and you can apply the wax yourself with some instructions online, or get professional help if you desire. This is to ensure that none of the colours could damage your paint, whether the colours are harmful or not. Additionally, car wax, when used in conjunction with car covers can protect your car from damaging UV rays, which could cause your paint to fade and your exterior to become brittle.

3. Do not overlook your interior

seats nylon cover

Protect your car's interior as well

It is easy to overlook your interiors, but one touch from colour-stained hands and your seat might be pink forever. It is crucial that you keep your windows closed at all times. If you’re driving other passengers, you should cover your seats, dashboard and floor beforehand with car seat covers, mats or towels. If you have leather seats, using a leather protector is a great idea as it can protect your car from nasty stains, make clean up easier and prolong the seat shelf life. However, if your car has nylon seats, it would be a bit more difficult to prevent staining as the fabric is porous.

The general idea here is to cover the seats, have everyone bring a change of clean clothes and have some wet wipes in the car so everyone can wipe off the colours as much as possible. Your dashboard is easier to handle, as you can just scrub them down with a bit of soapy water. Nevertheless, if you’re meticulous and want to be absolutely safe, you could apply a layer of oil to any plastic parts so the stain removal process can be more painless. IndianAuto has provided you with a detailed guideline on how to keep the interior clean.

4. Your car is bright yellow cause you forgot to protect it? Time for a deep clean

Oh no! You’ve forgotten to employ any protective measures and now your car is a mobile neon sign? It’s completely understandable that you are more concerned with having fun and celebrating than the lame nitty-gritty of having to do all the aforementioned steps. You may be tempted to wash the car yourself, which is totally doable and certainly more affordable than going to an auto-body shop. However, if you choose to use home detergents, you can damage your car as such cleaning products have harsh chemicals and acids. If possible, you should use products that are designed for this specific purpose. Car products are formulated to not only clean your car effectively, but they’re also able to give additional protection. Remember to be light-handed and patient - you will be able to cut through the stains in no time.

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Now, if your car is in need of a deep clean inside-out, to the professionals is where you should be heading. They know exactly how and where to clean and give your car a brand new appearance. From the floor mat to the AC, they will make sure that your car is stainless and take the load of having to buy products and clean the car yourself off your shoulder. It is advisable to book an appointment before participating in Holi because you wouldn’t be the only one to be in desperate need of a deep clean after the festival is over.

5. Hire a cab!

a cab on an Indian road

A cab is a great option for those wanting to commute during Holi

If you need to commute around places during Holi, and you don’t want your car covered in colours afterwards, you should probably hire a cab. With so many ride-hailing apps, it should be fairly easy for you to travel without having to worry about parking and protecting your car. You would have to pay a surcharge, though, as prices are usually raised during festivals and holidays, with tourists and people from many different places congregating in important locations like temples and squares. You could also have to compete with other festival-goers for cabs and it may take more time to move around than if you have a car. With that being said, you can still have fun and are likely to save money from buying car protectants or a car wash.

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With Holi being one of the most popular festivals across India, you should definitely go and immerse yourself in this grand event that celebrates life, love and spring - the most wonderful time of the year. Nevertheless, if you want to have great memories about Holi, celebrate safely, protect yourself and your possessions so that you can look back fondly. The mentioned tips and tricks are not only useful during Holi, but they are also applicable in your day-to-day life so that you can protect your car from harm, maintain your car appearance and function.

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