How to Repair/Replace A Broken Car Central Locking System

by IndianAuto Team | 29/07/2020
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Having a car central locking system is convenient. However, the system might stop working sometimes. The article will guide you with some ways to fix the problem.

People are trying to make life easier, more convenient, and faster because we are getting busier day by day. Long ago, mechanics invented a mechanism in cars that can significantly reduce the time we unlock and lock our car doors. The system is called car central locking. With this system, the driver can unlock/lock all the doors at once. Another useful benefit of having a car central locking system is that some systems provide an alert to help drivers locate their cars in a crowded parking lot, which saves drivers tons of time, especially when they are in a hurry. 

key fob in a car central locking system

You can unlock your car with a remote control.

What is a car central locking system?

Briefly to say, a car central locking system controls the access to a vehicle, for example, your car via a remote control. Helping drivers to lock and unlock their cars without touching the cars is not its only function. Other functions may include opening handles or lifting, braking, and opening the bonnet and trunk. Most manufacturers provide car central locking systems as an optional feature. Generally, a car central locking system must consist of electrical parts, door lock actuators, and a remote control. Other components may be included are bonnet assembly, trunk assembly, and side door assembly.

locked car by car central locking system

Trying to unlock, but the car is still locked?

Why is your car central locking system not working?

Almost everything has its bad times, so does the central locking system. There are many causes leading to a broken car central locking system. To narrow down the cases, the most common reasons are listed below:

  1. Your car battery is dead or it is malfunctioning: every electrical component needs a power supplement. Therefore, check your car battery to see if it is functioning properly or not. Additionally, a dead battery can also lead to many problems.

  2. The key fob battery is either dead or faulty: the electrical parts of the central locking system is not the only one that needs power, but the key fob does also. Because the battery on the key fob often lasts very long, many drivers may end up forgetting its existence. This turns out to be one of the most common reasons for a car lock to stop working. In this case, all you have to do is replace the key fob battery. However, if changing the battery doesn’t help, the key fob may be faulty and you should contact the dealer for further key fob tests.

  3. A blown fuse: While every door works except one door, there may be a blown fuse. Fuse replacement is the solution and it is very cheap and easy.

  4. A bad solenoid: a bad solenoid can also cause the previous problem where one door doesn’t work while others do. However, replacing a solenoid costs more than replacing a fuse and it also requires more complicated steps.

  5. A broken wire: sometimes, it is not the battery problems that cause a broken car central locking system, but a faulty wire is.

  6. The locks are either stuck or poorly lubricated: this could be a problem as well.

How to repair a broken car central locking system

A quick way to fix a car central locking system

Besides the above-mentioned ways to repair a broken car central locking system, there are several other ways that you can try.

  1. Change your car battery which needs to be replaced from time to time.

  2. If the key fob is not sending signals after the tests performed by your car dealer, replacing it will help.

  3. Before assuming the causes, try all the doors and see which ones are working and which ones are not. When any issues are found, check the wiring first and replace the broken wires. If there is no broken wire, the problems may result from a blown fuse which can be repaired easily. However, in case you need to repair a bad solenoid, contact a mechanic.

  4. Try spraying lubricant if one or some locks “try” to move while getting stuck. Remember to use the right lubricant for your car. After spraying the liquid, let the locks sit for a couple of minutes.

  5. 5. If you leave your car in an extremely cold area which can freeze the locks and make them stuck, try defrosting them by heating methods. You can try using a hairdryer or a lighter to heat up.

How to install a new car central locking system

If you wish to install a new car central locking system for your car, or replace the old one, it would be better to take your car to a garage, car dealer, or an expert mechanic. However, if you’d like to tweak your car, here’s a brief guide for you to know the basic steps to install a car central locking system.

A detailed guide to installing a car central locking system

1. Remove the trim

First thing first, remove the trim by releasing the handles, winders and panel securing clips. Then carefully lift the panel away and remove the condensation sheet fixed behind the trim.

2. Position the car locking system drives unit

You should mount the drive unit inside the inner door skin, and make sure that the unit doesn’t obstruct the opening mechanism nor the glass.

3. Make some holes on your car and secure the drive unit

First, you should mark the position of the screw with a pen/marker, and choose a suitable-sized drill. Then affix the bracket with the screws and fit provided securing clips behind the door skin. After that, secure the drive unit.

4. Route wiring and wiring the central locking

This step is where you connect all the parts, which is written detailedly on the attached guide when you buy the kit. You can also see this tutorial video below for car central locking system installation.


A car central locking system is a must-have for any car because it offers access to your car without touching anything except the buttons on the key fob. However, electrical and other components of it don’t last forever. There are times you will find it broken, even from the start. Therefore, keep in mind the tips in this article if you face the problem. The worst case is you need to replace them, which can be done by yourself or an expert mechanic - your choice.

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