Signs that you should buy a new car right away

by Vivaan Khatri | 28/09/2018
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Remember the moment when you touched your first car ever? Sure do! And the feeling is just mesmerizing. You must have felt like I will drive this car for the rest of my life but the emotion is temporary. There will be a time when you have to change your car for some reasons.

We must face the fact that a car has its age. So, there will definitely a time when your car breaks down, and it can never get up again. That’s a very normal thing. The unusual thing here is that a person keeps on repairing his/her car when it has already exceeded its age for 10 years. We don’t call it loyalty, we call it stupidity. When you love something, just let it go. So, when your car has shown some signs for you to know that you need to end this mechanic relationship, you will just have to accept that you must buy a new one. Moreover, you can easily put your life in great danger by stubbornly driving a rust bucket. Sudden engine failure can lead to a tremendous accident and can even kill you. So, you need to be fully aware of your car’s situation. Here are 5 signs that your car is no longer your road trip partner, and it’s time to let it go, in short, the signs you should buy a new car

A miserable man is sitting beside a broken car

Don’t get yourself in a breakdown situation

1. The regular repairing cost surpasses the price of a new car

Imagine that in one afternoon, you sit down at your table and estimate your car’s repairing cost for the last months. After carefully going through all the numbers, you realize that the cost almost equals the price of a new car. That’s when you know how foolish you are. Keep in mind that this is the first and most obvious sign for you to decide to look for a new car. You don’t want to waste your money on something that you will eventually lose it for no benefits. Be strong and say goodbye to the old car and embrace a new one. One of the most reliable tests to help yourself when considering buying a new car is the Tire Test. It means that when you see your old tires all wear out, you need to ask yourself if you really need to replace them with a new set of tires. If you don’t think so, you should immediately go for a new car. Why? Because tires are the most visible evidence of the actual state of one car. However, it’s only a relative method. You need to think thoroughly before coming to any decision.

man handling money to the mechanic animation

You should think twice if the expense of car repair is increasing exponentially

2. Breakdowns frequently happen

Surely, no one will ever think about buying a new car if their current one breaks down just once in 7 months. However, the situation is completely different when your car breaks down once in every 7 weeks, or worse, 5 days. It’s a very reliable sign that a new car will surely have to arrive in the near future. According to general experiences, ever since the first breakdowns, it just goes downhill from there. So, don’t ever hope that it may get better. And of course, breakdowns mean that the cost of repairing is huge, or it seriously damages the car and makes it extremely exhausted to turn on the engine again. So, you need to understand that we don’t talk about little miscellaneous things like wiper, filter. We are mentioning big, costly stuff, such as transmission, or exhaust system, etc. When your car has to deal with the breakdowns more and more frequently, don’t hesitate to get yourself a new one.

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A girl wondering why her car usually keeps breaking down

The frequency of breakdown problem could tell you something about your car's real state

3. The interior has become a mess

Check the interior of your car and compare it with when you first bought it. If the difference is more than 80%, you should probably buy a new one. Don’t think that interior has no effect with the drive. If you are cruising in your car then suddenly, the driving seat back collapses. That can easily lead to an unwanted accident at any moment. Furthermore, you should check for other problems, such as holes in the floor, cuts on the roof, etc. These are things that you must pay attention to avoid getting yourself in trouble. When you can’t enjoy the comfort and satisfaction the car brings, you should consider changing to a new one.

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A dirty and messy interior of a car

The messy interior can harm your driving

4. The emissions test is now a real challenge

One of the clearest signs of an old car is that it can no longer pass the emissions test. Therefore, by changing to a new car, you won’t be an enemy of the environment. A lot of old cars aren’t equipped with the new technology called Drive Clean, which can decrease the harmful emissions coming from the tailpipe. Yes, of course, you can go have mechanics install it to your car but these technologies might cost as much as buying a new one. Sometimes, there are some cars that are just too old to do an emissions test because they ultimately fail anyway. If your car has this sign, please discard it. Not only for your health, but also for other people.


An emission test is being performed

Your car’s emission test failure is the reliable sign that you should buy a new one

5. Your family, friends or that special one are afraid to be seen in your car

“I don’t want to get in your car! It’s embarrassing! Either you change your car or we are over!” Ouch! That’s some words that you don’t want to hear, right? Sometimes, this problem happens when the exterior makes your car look like it has been surviving the World War II. Then it should belong to the museum, not to you. Some might not care about their car, and as long as it still runs, it’s still fine. That’s what they think, but their family or your boy/girlfriend will think differently. Maybe they agree to go with you, but they will try their best to hide so that no one can see. This type of car also has an owned term for them, it’s called rust bucket. A rust bucket car will definitely low down your coolness and people will judge you by that. So, if you don’t appreciate yourself, at least appreciate the people who accompany you in your car.

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old rustic cars on the side of the street

Don't you ever ask why you have to buy a new car

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