Six ways that you are killing your car

by Mohammed Burman | 01/10/2018
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Like we all know, there is a very close relationship between owners and their cars. Sometimes, it’s like a love story. However, there are also tragedies when the owners are so ignorant about their car and can even kill them.

In the latter type of relationship, eventually, it will lead to the exhaustion of the cars. Moreover, if cars keep being badly treated like that, you will die sooner or later. There are a lot of drivers out there who really treasure their “travelling partners”. They take care of every little detail of their cars, even just a slightest broken sign.

Unfortunately, not everyone could be like that role model. There are a huge amount of owners treat their cars like garbage. No matter how many signs the cars show to have them checked out, they keep ignoring like it’s not their business. There are 6 ways for you to consider whether you are killing your cars.

A warning with a car above a line of letter

There are six easy ways to kill a car internally

1. Ignore the “check engine” light

If you want your car to die quickly, please keep doing this. Because when your car’s engine can’t take it anymore, that’s when your car dies. This signal often appears when the air filter is dirty. Actually, the cost for solving this problem is very affordable. However, if you keep on driving your car without having it checked, your car will not only operate with bad oxygen, but it also affects the fuel economy. And if this happens for too long, the engine will definitely break down. Furthermore, the repairing cost is not just that anymore. You have to replace the whole engine with the price of 72,890 rupees or even more.

The illuminated “check engine” signal on a car’s speedometer

The illuminated “check engine” signal on a car’s speedomete

2. Forget to change the oil on time or even not change it

We all know that if oil is a very essential component for your car to operate properly. And every technician says that oil-changing neglect is one of the easiest ways to send your car to the mechanical graveyard. You know, when a car has to run with old, dirty oil for an extended period, its parts have a high chance of breaking down and it will stop normally functioning. Especially, with these high-tech engines today, clean oil even becomes more and more important for their age and performance. Furthermore, the price of oil changing is not that expensive, just 1,822.25 rupees and it will do the trick. So, please pay close attention to the oil and fluids, you should remember or write down the time of your last oil changing to ensure you can accurately keep track with the schedule for oil maintenance.

Someone changes the oil in the car

You should regularly change the oil in the car

3. Pay attention to your tire pressure

This is the most visible sign. You can easily tell if a tire inflated or deflated. And you know an under-inflated tire not only affects the wheel, but it can also harm your car negatively. Why? Simple! If you haven’t check your car’s tires for a long period of time, it more likely to be deflated. This can wear out the tire really fast and put the drivers in danger. Moreover, the mileage and performance of a car are badly affected too. A deflated set of tires can make your fuel consumption go downhill as well as the cost for tire replacement is not so cheap these days.

Someone using a pressure gauge to check the tyre pressure

You can check tire pressure with a pressure gauge

4. Don’t pay attention to the maintenance schedule

Car parts and components are made of metal. So, it will gradually become rusty and damaged over time. That’s a pretty crystal clear sign for you to know it’s time to do something about it. You can it through 2 ways: Do it yourself or find an expert to help you. Option 2 is hightly recommended. However, you need to find a reliable mechanic or repair shop. If you have no idea which shop is the best choice, you should look for repair shops that were certified.

Remember, routine inspection and timely maintenance will help you a lot to keep your car in good condition and effectively perform. Be very careful about those second car parts and counterfeits! Because they can make the situation worse.

A hideous car with a hashtag “DRIVINGDIRTY” on it

Don’t let your car become too dirty

5. What’s truly matter is what’s inside!

Yeah! We hear that a lot! By saying that, you mean “I’m a good person so I will never need to take a shower!”. That’s ridiculous! If you don’t wash your car occasionally and let dirt and dust cover it, you will soon suffer the consequence. By saying “dirt and dust”, I mean there are a lot of other things like road salt, natural chemicals, or even raindrop, damage your car. You know, if you leave water drops on your wheel without dry clean them, they can cause rust and damage on your disc wheel and affect your car a lot. And these chemicals and road salt can slowly affect the visibility of car glasses, which can also be very dangerous.

6. Driving recklessly 

Of course, if you hate your car, your life as well as everybody else, just drive like a lunatic as you want. No matter the weather, rain, snow, hail, tornado, etc., you still believe your car can overcome every adversity. The road’s speed limit is 60 km/h, but you don’t care. You have to prove the world that you’re a cool outlaw. However, in fact, everyone will look at you like a crazy man. By doing this, you not only put yourself in danger, but also send your car straight to the graveyard. Be a smart driver! You need to focus on things, such as speed limit, traffic light, and so on. And you also need to avoid driving aggressively, try to decrease the quick starts or stops, and never carry so much unnecessary stuff.  

Someone texting and eating while driving

Driving carelessly can kill your car the fastest

You know, you need to consider your car as an investment. When you do that, you will acknowledge that you don’t want to spend money on nothing. Sometimes, consumers fail to keep their car in good condition. This results in the cost for repairing or replacement outweighing the price of your car. That’s a total loss. So, please pay good attention to the actual state of your car, it can also help you save your wallet!

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