Summer Car Care Tips

by IndianAuto Team | 28/08/2018
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It is summertime and you cannot wait to hit the road, roll down the window, and feel the wind running through your hair. But before that, is your car ready for summer?

Summer in India spares nothing. High temperatures and flurries of dust and dirt can take a serious toll on your vehicle. With these tips, you can better prepare your car and help it live through summer like the shining sun.

1. Paint 

The paint on cars in India withstands an incredible amount of sunlight every day during summer. Your car paint may look sparkling and beautiful under the sun but the reality is the sun is actually damaging the paint and eating away the shine. The brighter the sun is, the faster the paint fades and becomes dull and patchy. To keep a nice exterior for your car, choose a quality paint and do some good protection job like regular waxing to maintain the colours. Also, remember to always park your car in the shadiest spot possible to keep that paint shiny and pretty.

Car under blazing sun

Strong sunlight damages car paint

2. Interior

Despite destroying the exterior paint, the sun can turn the interior of a car into a moving oven. The situation may get pretty bad if your car has leather seats or black seats, as these kinds of seats attract and retain heat well. If  you have no choice but to leave your car outside under the sun for an extended period of time, get a car cover or some sunshades, leave dampened towels on the dashboard, and avoid rolling the window all the way up to help cool off the inside a little bit. Before you get in, fully open the doors and wait for some time to let the temperature inside the car lower. Getting in right away may make you feel difficult to breathe as the air is too hot.

 A grey car cover over a Toyota

Get a car cover to prevent your car from turning into a moving oven

3. Interior

Check the tyre pressure regularly, especially in summer. Driving on under-inflated tyres when road temperature is high can cause tyres to overheat and increase the likelihood of the blowout. For the most accurate result, check the tyres, including spare ones, when they are cold. Examine the treads carefully to see if they are in good conditions. Tyres are in good conditions when they are free of cracks and uneven wears; they have enough treads; the treads have no stones or objects stuck between them; and there is plenty depth to the treads.

A tyre blows out with steam coming out of it

In extreme heat, the tyre blows out easily

4. Coolant 

Keeping the car cool in the heat of summer in India is of utmost importance. Check the level of coolant fluid in your car to make sure it is in the recommended amount. If the coolant has not been changed over a long period of time, contact an authorised service centre to have it change. 

Also, inspect the hoses and the coolant reservoir to see if there is any leakage especially at joints and connection points. Squeeze the hoses often to make sure that they feel firm and not overly pliable. Moreover, get the radiator fins checked for faults and clogs and take actions to fix or clean them accordingly. Problems with the radiator and cooling system can lead to permanent engine damage.

5. Engine Oil 

In summer, it is very important to have your oil changed if your last oil change was a while ago as intense heat puts extra demand on the oil and oil filter. The oil lubricates the engine parts while the filter captures objects that somehow find their way into the engine and prevents them from damaging the system. Because of their importance, it is ideal to have a professional check your oil and oil filter regularly. When checking the oil, you would want to see the viscosity of the oil and the oil level. Oil with high viscosity and a clean filter mean a healthy and happy engine ready to conquer any trip.

6. Air-Conditioning System

Air-conditioning is a summer essential so you should take great care of it and have an authorised service centre examine the system. Ensure that the AC has enough gas and contains no leak or blockage. In hot summer days, do not start the car with the AC already turned on as it will strain the battery. It is recommended that you start the car, then turn on the AC with the windows rolled down at the beginning if the interior is still heated.

AC on dashboard

AC helps you survive summer, so take care of it

7. Battery 

Heat is the number one cause of battery failure and reduced battery life, so it is very important to check the car battery in summer. Increased heat means increased battery fluid loss, which leads to corrosion on terminals and connections. Thus, inspect the battery for acid/distilled water levels, because low levels can ultimately destroy the battery cells and leave you stranded without warning.

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