Complete Guide To Teflon Coating for Cars In India

by Vivaan Khatri | 14/06/2020
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Teflon coating is one popular treatment for car paint protection. Applying Teflon coating can make the car look better and glossier. Here are all that you should know about Teflon coating.

Car is one of the most expensive and important individual possessions. Maintaining such a valuable asset comes across as one of the major concerns for the most car owners. Car owners usually pay close attention to the exterior paint of the car since a well-maintained finish would create a better impression and make the car look like new. There are plenty of options when it comes to maintaining car exterior paint. One of the most highly recommended measurements by dealerships and car service shops is applying Teflon coating. Basically, the Teflon coating provides an additional protective layer to the car finish. Moreover, the Teflon coating also enhances the gloss and the sleekness of the car. IndianAuto will give you a detailed explanation of Teflon coating for cars and answer some frequently-ask questions about Teflon coating.

Teflon coating car polishing front hood

Teflon coating is a popular treatment when it comes to car paint maintenance

What is Teflon Coating?

Teflon coating is also known as an anti-rusting coating or paint protection coating. Technically, Teflon is a chemically synthesized form of the fluoropolymer. Originally, Teflon chemical compound was first discovered by Chemours, a spin-off from DuPont. This substance later became popular and developed into a type of paint sealant of its own. Teflon’s main attributes are non-stick, low friction as well as dielectric properties, all of which has made it an effective substance in protecting the car paint.

How to apply Teflon coating

Wash the car

Before applying the Teflon coating, it is necessary to ensure that the paint finish is clean and polished. So the first step of the coating process must be to wash the entire car body carefully. To prevent the exterior finish from getting the scratches before the Teflon coating is applied, you should use a soft cloth (microfiber cloths are rightly recommended) and car wash detergent.


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Polish the car finish

After the car paint is carefully washed, the next step is to polishing and waxing the paint finish. Polishing the paint finish is necessary to bring car paint to its best condition and provide the maximum shine before applying the protective layer. This step is particularly important for old cars whose outer paint is growing dull after being exposed to the weather and other harmful factors from the environment.  

Teflon coating car-polishing

Car wash and polishing are the two first steps required before applying Teflon coating 


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Apply Teflon coating

When the car finish is washed and polished, it is now the high time to apply Teflon coating. The Teflon liquid has a very strong smell, however, this smell will be gone after the finish is dried. It is advised that you use a soft cloth to apply the Teflon liquid to the car paint. It would take a couple of minutes to dry completely.

After the Teflon is dry, here comes the most laborious part of the process. Once the Teflon finish is dry, you need to massage the new layer with a dry cloth so it will stick and become shiny and transparent. For the plastic parts of the exterior like mudguard, it requires using car dashboard polish. This particular substance will make the non-shiny part look new like it just got out of the showroom.

Once the Teflon coating is done, it is recommended not to use the regular shampoo or detergents on the paint finish, which can heavily affect coating thickness. Instead, you should use the car shampoo.

Teflon Coating for cars: What are the pros and cons?

Before deciding to apply Teflon coating, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration. Teflon coating can come with both advantages and disadvantages. On the bright side, the Teflon coating is highly effective in protecting and enhance the look of the car finish.

  • Stretch protection: After applied with Teflon, the car finish will become more slippery, protecting the car surface from getting swill marks or minor scratches.

  • Gloss enhancement: The Teflon coating will fill all the cracks and scratches on the surface and provide an even finish for the car, which will make the car look glossier from a different angle.

  • Anti-rusting surface: The paint surface is mostly exposed to external harms, especially under the humid weather which can cause the underbody parts to be worn out and rusted.

teflon coating before and after

Teflon coating adds a protective layer to the car finish 

Even though the use of Teflon is undeniably an effective treatment that enhances the overall look of the car, there are some minor drawbacks.

  • Short durability: Even the Teflon coating provides an effective protective layer to the car paint finish. The coating itself shows little resistance. In fact, the Teflon coating tends to wear out easily. On average, after six months, the Teflon coating will wear off and need to be redone.

  • High-cost: Teflon coating is considerably costlier than other paint-protecting treatment especially if you go to car dealers and car service centre for this service. Moreover, as mentioned above, the Teflon coating tends to wear off quickly, meaning that you will have to reapply Teflon regularly. Teflon coating’s short durability will make it even more expensive.

Teflon vs Ceramic Coating: Which one is better?

Another alternative to Teflon coating is ceramic coating. Ceramic coating also provides a clear coating that protects the car paint from other external harms. However, unlike the Teflon, the ceramic coating is made of Carborundum, which is known as one of the hardest materials ever existed. This coat will shield the car paint from rusting or scratches. Considering the protection ability, the ceramic offers a more durable and effective treatment. In fact, the ceramic coating can last up to 3 years or even more. However, in comparison to the Teflon coating, the ceramic coating is even more expensive.

shiny new car red colour rear wheel

Ceramic and Teflon coating are two effective treatments to protect the car paint 

How much does it cost to get Teflon Coating for cars in India?

As mentioned above, the Teflon coating cost a higher price than other regular treatments like hard-waxing. While the Teflon is more affordable than a ceramic coating, it is less durable than the latter. However, if you need effective protection treatment at a good price, the Teflon coating is the right option.


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The price for applying Teflon coating can vary, depending on the size of the area needed to be coated. Also, your location is also a major factor determining the price of Teflon coating treatment. If you are living in bigger cities, it is likely that you will be charged with a higher cost for the similar treatment compared to when you go to service shops at smaller cities. IndianAuto will give you a price list for Teflon coating based on your car’s body types.

Types of Teflon Coating

Teflon Coating Price


Rs 3,000 – Rs 3,500


Rs 3,500 – Rs 4,500

Luxury cars

Rs 4,500 – Rs 6,000

Teflon coating from Dupont is the most popular and also the most highly recommended product for this type of treatment. Car owners should pay close attention to the type of product the dealership will applied. In some cases, the dealerships will cheat by using polishing wax while claiming that they are applying Teflon coating.

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