The Ultimate Car Tips For Parents With Little Kids

by IndianAuto Team | 01/02/2019
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For every parent, driving with kids is a happy experience. However, one should prepare for the unexpected things happening on the road which can destroy that happiness.

Being a good parent is not easy, especially when it comes to driving with little kids. IndianAuto knows your feelings and hopes that these ultimate car tips which are exclusive for parents will help you.

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1. Don’t get yourself distracted

baby in the back seat

Whenever you drive with your kids, you must be extra alert

Did you know that just a little distraction on the road can lead to a fatal accident? Researchers found that texting increased the chance of a crash by nearly two times. Moreover,  averagely, drivers keep their eyes off the road for 23 seconds whenever they reply a message. As a consequence, many unexpected occurrences happen in the period because things can change in a glimpse of an eye. You may survive after a sudden crash, but your kids may not.

2. Understand the laws

Knowing the traffic laws thoroughly does not only keep you away from being fined, but it also ensures the safety for your children and yourself. Besides, it is also the same when you drive in other countries where may have weird traffic laws. This will help you reduce the risks of facing accidents.

3. Know your car better

You must keep in mind that the car manual has everything about your car including safety tips when something wrong happens with the vehicle. However, if you lost your car manual, don’t have to worry because you can find an online one on the internet. Read it thoroughly and you will know how to have full control over your car.

a red car among many question marks

To ensure the utmost safety for your children, understanding your car is a must

4. Be careful of your last period of pregnancy

When you are having a healthy pregnancy, it is fine to drive.  However, in the last few months, your belly will be too big that it is too uncomfortable to drive and you may have a higher chance of accidents. Besides, when facing an accident, the fatal risks to you and your baby are more likely to happen. Therefore, you should try to avoid driving until your baby is born. And if you have to drive, consider your conditions carefully and purchase the right type of seat belt for those who are pregnant.

a child is sleeping at the back seat

Do not leave your child in the car even for a short time

5. Don’t leave your child in the car

Whether you intentionally or unintentionally leave your child in the car, both are not acceptable. You may think that you just go for a while and come back later, so nothing unexpected will happen. However, things happen when we least expect them. Moreover, did you know that the temperature inside your car will rise significantly depending on the time you leave it outside?

If a car is left alone for a whole day,  its interior temperature will rise up to an additional 70°F. the heat can increase more if a car has darker colours.

After 10 minutes, it will be 89°F

After 20 minutes, it will be 99°F

After 30 minutes, it will be 104°F

After 60 minutes, it will be 113°F

After 120 minutes, it will be 120°F

In order to deal with your forgetfulness and distraction which lead to leaving your child alone in the car, you may want to try these tips:

Gain more alertness when your routines change

Because whenever things get out of their normal tracks, people often have a difficult time to catch up with the new and unfamiliar stuff. Therefore, sticky notes or a reminder on your phone can help you remember to carry your child with you when you leave the car.

Put a thing reminding you of your child

Another useful way to get rid of your forgetfulness is putting your child’s toy beside you on the front seat. Whenever you see the toy, you know that your kid is with you and you need to carry him or her along.

Leave a necessary item on the back seats

dog toys in a car

Putting your kid's toy in your car can remind you of him

Put your phones or purse at the rear seats will make you have to check the place when you get off your car. As a result, you’ll never forget your child.

Besides the aforementioned tips, you can ask for a child-care provider when you have to do a lot of stuff. Or you may put your child somewhere in the car that you can easily observe him or her through the rear mirror. Additionally, keep in mind that whenever you leave the car you have to check everything all over again in case you do not only forget your child but also other things. What’s more, in order to raise other parents’ awareness about this issue, discuss the tips with them in this article. Last but not least, if by chance you see a kid left alone in a car, call 122 immediately.

6. Choose the right child car seat

Depending on your child’s age, IndianAuto would like to recommend these types of seat:

Rear-Facing Car Seat

Children under 1 year old should always be put in rear-facing car seats. And children from the age of 1 to 3 can also use this kind of seat. However, if your child grows so fast that his or her height exceeds the seat, then you should consider purchasing the next type of car seat.

Forward-Facing Car Seat

A forward-facing car seat can be applicable to children from the age of 1 to 7 years. A very excellent point of this type of car seat is that it can ensure your child’s safety during a crash because it limits the movement of the child. And once again, if your kid grows too fast, you have to purchase a booster seat.

2 kids are sleeping at the back seats

Keep in mind that you have to choose the most comfortable seat for your kid

Booster Seat

If your child’s height exceeds the limit of the forward-facing car seat, move him or her to a booster seat. Normally, when a child reaches the age of 4, you can let him or her stay in the seat. And the maximum recommended age for this type of seat is 12. Keep in mind that the lap belt must not lie closely across your child’s stomach, but the upper thighs. And the shoulder belt has to lie across the chest and the shoulder, not his or her face/neck.

To understand more about how to choose the right seats for your kids, read here

Seat Belt

When your kid is at the age of 8 to 12, he or she is old enough to use a seatbelt. Hurray! The way the belts should lie is exactly the same as it is applied in a booster seat. Besides, whichever types you choose for your child, he or she should always be put in the rear seats which are safer.

two kids wearing seatbelt

You should wear a seatbelt for your kids as soon as they are old enough

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