Things you must not say to mechanics

by Vivaan Khatri | 23/09/2020
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Mechanics are the unsung heroes/heroines without capes. Every driver should always have a huge amount of respect for them. However, not everyone has that same manner. If he/she acts rudely to them. That person is going to regret sooner or later.

Every driver is the world knows that their cars can easily break down all of sudden. Cars are like humans. Sometimes we get ill. Sometimes they get broken. Sometimes, a cup of hot water and a sufficient rest will do the job. Sometimes, we have to go to see the doctor. Cars are just like that. Even when you know how to deal with some problems of your car, there are times you need to have it checked for warranties. Or, you can even ask someone to show you how to fix it. Therefore, finding a mechanic is the best solution.

You should know that being a mechanic is surely not a simple job. Sometimes, being a mechanic can be very easy and serene. But most of the time, mechanics have to work their butt off to get the job done. For that reason, if their customers are understanding, they can work at their best. Customers should acknowledge that the repairing process can consume a lot of time, especially when they have to order car parts. However, the reality is not that nice. Some disturbing customers are willing to do whatever it takes to annoy them. My advice is that you must never become that person. Maybe this list of 7 things not to say to mechanics will help you out.

A man with two dirty hands fixing a broken car

A man with two dirty hands fixing a broken car

1. "Has my car been done yet? It’s weeks you know!"

Now, you should know that mechanics are human too. They have their daily works like you. Car-repairing is kind of a first-in, first-out procedure. So, if your car is number 10, please don’t expect it to be fixed first. There are also mistakes happening during the repairing process, then, the mechanics have to focus more on them. That even takes them more time and energy to completely get it done. Eventually, they can get tired and need some rest. So, you should have manner and be kind to them. Urging someone is never a good idea in any situation. It can even make the work slower.

2. "Do you know what you are doing?"

Of course, mechanics know what they are doing. They must have learned it, practiced and improved their skills. That’s how they can keep their job. This kind of question can easily make a mechanic frustrated. Their working spirit can be let down to a point that they want to quit. Sure! You love your car very much. But that doesn’t mean you should ask that question. And if you want to make sure your car gets a good care, you can take them to a reliable repair shop that you or your acquaintances trust. Remember! That question is very rude and unnecessary. And if things go too far, a bad consequence can happen to you and your car.A broken car is bad, a talkative client is worse

A broken car is bad, a talkative client is worse


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3. "I think you’re wrong, the problem is …"

Mechanics hate those people. There are times people would love to show how smart they are by pointing out what’s wrong with their cars. But most of the time, they just act like it. For example, smoke can be a sign of a lot of problems. However, the owners just experience one before, and they insist that it is the problem. This can cause frustration to the mechanics. Not because they are taught, it’s because the customer is ignorant. Keep in mind that their job is to examine the car, note the problems and show them to the owners. It’s not the owners’ job. So, don’t be a pain in the neck. You just need to back off and let them do what they do best. They are the professionals, not you.

4. "Hello? Have you done fixing my car? (1 hour later). Hello? Have you done fixing my car?"

Imagine this, you are working on a very busy work, and your boss keeps calling you every 30 minutes. It doesn’t feel great, right? So, you should never do this to a mechanic. They are very sensitive. Sometimes, they cry! They can sometimes have to work on a very tight schedule and need to 100% concentrate on their job. So, having an annoying customer who keeps calling them can never be leisure for them. Chill out! They are doing their best. And your calls may interrupt their work and slow them down. Just wait! Do whatever you can to kill time and they will contact you right after they finish with your car.

one man beign on the phone

A man anxiously call to urge a mechanic

5. "I know you are busy but my baby car is dying? Fix it now."

You need to know that your car is as important as any other cars that the mechanics are working on. So, you expect them to drop everything and fix your car? No! Not a bit! In mechanics’ point of view, every car is equal. Surely, they know that your car has problems. But other people’s cars suffer the same situation as you do. They are their baby, too. So, all you can do are keep calm, report about your car’s issues and wait until it’s finished.


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6. "What do you mean my car’s alright? There’s definitely something wrong."

Mechanics always have some methods to identify if your car is damaged or not. They are selling their service. So, they have to do it right. And you know what? They can make up a fake problem to get their dirty money. However, if they say that your car is fine, it means that it’s really fine. Don’t be upset, if you don’t trust them, just go somewhere else and have other mechanics check it for you. Problems can’t be solved, even if you insist that you’re right.

7. "I know you are about to close. But can you take a look at my car?"

Each and every repair shop has their set working hours. The reason is that mechanics can reach to a point their body and soul become exhausted and desperately need a rest. You can’t just come and ask them to fix your car like there is no problem. If you are in a rush, the best option is to arrive again in the morning 10 or 15 minutes after they open so that they can prioritize your car. This way, you not only have your car quickly checked but also make the mechanics feel comfortable. This is the best way that both sides gain benefits.

 The-last-second customer is the enemy of all mechanics

The last-second customer is the enemy of all mechanics

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