Boost Your Car's Value with These Tips

by IndianAuto Team | 28/04/2020
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You surely can buy a car and sell it after a couple of years using it at an insane high price. However, you should know how to keep its value first.

When we first bring our new cars home, we treasure it and take great care of it. Some people can keep their vehicles look new for years, and they can also spend time refurbishing the car whenever they feel that they are losing their attractive appearance. While it is true that careful maintenance is many car lovers’ hobbies, pleasure is not the only benefit it brings to us. Take it up to a greater scale, a new car has a high car value. As time passes by, although there are few exceptions, values of every entity will start losing its value and leave behind its golden age. However, luckily, in the matter of cars, there are some ways that we can slow down the process and keep the car value at a steady pace for a decent re-selling price. Here are the steps to make a long but worthy investment on your car:


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Keep an eye on the mileage

Although your car can go thousands of miles without a significant reduction in performance, some people are so picky that high mileage is a big minus point in their view. Therefore, although many researches indicated that modern cars can technically reach the peak of 600,000 mileage, you should keep the number as low as possible in order to sell the car at a good price. That is to say, you shouldn’t drive the car for long distances, and it is better to limit your ride around the city. If you need to travel far away, taking other transportations rather than your car is the best option. Normally, the vehicle manufacturer would mention the mileage limit of your car; and when you drive over half of that limit, the value of the vehicle could be reduced though not so dramatically. However, when you exceed the mileage, the car value may drop tragically.

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Keep the car safe in the garage

It is good to store your car in the garage when you no longer need to drive, especially during a pandemic when everybody has to quarantine themselves. However, it is way better to get the vehicle in your garage at the end of every day when you stop driving it for hours. Because the weather is one of your car value enemies, getting your car a shelter is never a waste of time. For example, the scorching hot from the sun at noon can seriously fade the paints and the very coldness at night during winter would likely cause your car’s engine to freeze or cost you more effort to crank the vehicle. Therefore, whenever you tend not to use your car for some hours, put it in the garage; and if you need to go to a grocery 500 metres far, walk instead because this will boost your car value by saving your car a little mileage and protecting it from the weather (also, walking is good for your health).


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Free your car from the dirt

The tiny particles hovering in the ambience - dust - could be devastating enemies against your car just as the weather. So you must keep your car clean inside out. Respect your car by vacuuming and washing it regularly to get rid of the stains, dirt, and dust. It is advisable to apply a coat of wax to protect the paints as well as keeping your car away from small scratches which definitely make your car a bit less valuable. Note that washing the interior of a car needs specific methods, so you need to learn them thoroughly if you don’t want to make a huge mess inside your investment.

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Drive carefully or sell cheaply

The way you drive your car also does a major impact on its lifespan and value. Excessive wear and tear is not a favourable way to maintain the value of your car. Even though your car is a machine, abusing it is never a good deed. Therefore, make sure you start the engine gently with moderate take-offs, step the brake pedals correctly, drive at the allowed speed, and stay away from bad roads. However, you cannot always avoid potholes in India, so you should buy SUVs which are pretty good at dealing with rough roads.

Besides, drive carefully and beware of any sign indicating that there might be an accident. Because crashes will leave ugly holes on your car’s body and give it some bad accident records. Moreover, it may cost you a lot to fix the problems without insurance. Truth to be told, many buyers will ask for a used car’s record to see if there are any crashes to be a minus point. Moreover, because you cannot 100% fix the broken parts if you try to hide the accident history and buyers find out, their trust in you will become zero.


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Have your car checked frequently

You must have been hearing the word car maintenance and its benefits many times. Among the discussions, have you ever known that maintenance can boost your car lifespan a couple of decades? According to experts, people normally use a car from 6 to 11 years, but with proper maintenance, a car can be used for more than 25 years. You can either follow the checking schedule in the manual or take your car for maintenance after 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 250,000, etc. mileage. Moreover, in a car lover’s view, the way you passionately care for your car is a big bonus which makes selling easier.

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Make sure you have jotted down all the necessary and useful information to prolong and regain your car’s beauty. A well-functioning and nice-looking used car can really bring you some decent amount of money. IndianAuto hopes that all of us will treasure our cars not only for their value, but also because of our passion towards them. Stay tuned and check out for more of our interesting articles about cars right on our website.

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