Tips For Buying Used Toyota Innova Crysta

by Mohammed Burman | 14/10/2019
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Here is a detailed used car buying guide with tips for buying used Toyota Innova Crysta in India

If you are looking for an MPV, particularly a second-hand MPV in the Indian auto market, the options are quite limited, in comparison with SUVs or hatchbacks, the more favoured types of cars in the country. However, an MPV, with its practicality, still held on to a good position in the Indian market. Some of the most popular MUVs with the Indian auto buyers include Toyota Innova Crysta, the Maruti Ertiga, the Renault Triber, Mahindra Marrazzo, the recently launched Ertiga-based Maruti XL6, etc.

Nevertheless, the most familiar and also the best-selling vehicle in the segment must be the Toyota Innova Crysta, which is well-known for its bullet-proof reliability, motor dependability, decent riding and handling quality and excellent resale value. Our article on Tips For Buying Used Toyota Innova Crysta should provide you with all you need to know about this reliable MPV along with a detailed buying and owning guide of this vehicle.

Used Car Buying Tips Toyota Innova Crysta

After reading this article, you are expected to know how to buy and own a used Toyota Innova wisely.

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Tips For Buying Used Toyota Innova Crysta

What is actually a Toyota Innova?

First launched in India in 2005, the Toyota Innova has served as a substitute for the popular and affordable Qualis. The Toyota Innova, with an MPV design and a higher price, marked a breakthrough from the conventional design of the Qualis, whose discontinuation took the whole auto industry aback. Thanks to Innova’s bullet-proof characteristic, reliable motors, decent riding and handling quality, excellent aftersales service and good modification potentialities with many modified Toyota Innova examples which have been provided by us before, it has become the bestseller in its segment in a short time. Furthermore, its leading position has been almost unchallenged since then.

The second-gen Innova, currently badged Innova Crysta, was introduced to the Indian auto market in 2016. The good characteristics of the outgoing model have been maintained while more features and sharper cosmetic alterations have been added. The vehicle is also one of the very few cars with an RWD system to be available with 6-7-8 seating configuration. The price, in comparison with that of the first-gen model, has experienced a hike by INR 1.4 lakh for the base variant. The vehicle’s excellent resale value has been kept at over 50%.

Generations of Toyota Innova

The Toyota Innova has gone through two generations in India with four facelifts in between.

First-generation (2005)

The Toyota Innova was first launched in India in 2005, becoming the first three-row people mover in the country. It was packed with an adjustable steering wheel, air conditioners in all three seat rows, dual front SRS-Airbags, ABS, etc. The vehicle was available with a 2.0-litre VVT-I gasoline burner which could deliver 136 PS against 182 Nm and a 2.5-litre D-4D common-rail oil burner which could generate 102 PS against 200 Nm.

2005 toyota innova silver front angle

The 2005 Toyota Innova was the first three-row MPV in India.

Facelift (2009)

From its launch in 2005 to its first mid-life facelift, 1.62 lakh units of the Toyota Innova were sold in India, helping it become the bestseller in the MPV segment. The first update was implemented with a view to making the car more luxurious. Specifically, steering wheel controls (for MID and audio), MID display, automatic climate control, optitron meter with illumination control, plush fabric upholsteries are the additional features to the facelifted model. A CNG variant which was based on the petrol motor was also added to the lineup. One year later, an intercooler was equipped in the car.

2009 toyota innova white front angle

The first facelift in 2009 was implemented with a view to making the car more luxurious.

Facelift (2012)

This update witnessed only aesthetic alterations which include a new grille, wraparound headlights, new fog lights, newly designed alloy rims and bumper. Particularly, in the rear, a hidden camera was mounted to the new sharper and larger garnish with the model name. These tweaks made the Innova look more dynamic and premium. The interior of the vehicle also saw an improvement with some added features like the touchscreen audio display with USB, Bluetooth and AUX-in, driving wheel with audio controls, Bluetooth and MID control switches.

Facelift (2013)

With this update, a new premium Z trim was added to the Innova’s lineup. The car also got an updated grille and chrome-surrounded fog lamps. Side moulding and dazzling chrome back door garnish with reflector contributed to the car’s upmarket appearance. Wooden dashboard and gear knob, a faux-wood armrest panel and dual tone upholsteries with leather trims were the interior alterations to the vehicle in this facelift.

Facelift (2015)

This facelift featured design changes including a new front grille, dark-grey dual-colour alloy rims, newly designed leather upholsteries, wooden steering wheel. Nevertheless, the most considerable improvement of this facelift over the previous version was the dual SRS Airbags and ABS which were then made standard across all the variants of this vehicle.

2015 toyota innova white front angle

The 2015 facelift saw the SRS Airbags and ABS made standard safety features in the Toyota Innova for the first time.

Second generation (2016)

The second-gen Toyota Innova was introduced in May 2016 and was rebadged as “Innova Crysta”, which has been the name of the vehicle in the Indian auto market until since then. It comes with a brand-new design, a better-equipped cabin and all-new engines and transmission options with an optional automatic gearbox, for the first time, added.

To be more specific, the MPV is packed with top-notch features like touchscreen infotainment unit with navigation, Bluetooth and parking camera connectivity, auto-cruise, etc. Three airbags, ABS with EBD and BA are now provided as standard features across the vehicle’s lineup. In terms of the powertrain, the Innova Crysta is available with up to three motor options: a 150 PS/ 343 Nm 2.7-litre petrol, a 150 PS/343 Nm 2.4-litre diesel and a 174 PS/360 Nm 2.8-litre diesel. The transmission duties in the three versions are undertaken by a 5-speed MT, a 5-speed MT/AT and a 6-speed MT, respectively.

2016 toyota innova crysta blue front angle

The 2016 second-gen Toyota Innova Crysta comes with considerable improvements over the previous version.

Experiencing two generations with four facelifts in between, the Toyota Innova Crysta has been improved in all aspects, the exterior, the interior and also the powertrain, retaining its leading position in the Indian MPV segment.

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Who are the most suitable owners of a Toyota Innova?

A new Toyota Innova is suitable for those looking for a car with the utmost spaciousness, comfort and reliability. This partially explains for the leading popularity of the vehicle in its segment. It is also popular in the corporate world where cars of the same type which cost twice are pale in comparison because of the dominating practicality of the Innova.

Thanks to its reliability, the MPV is also favoured in the commercial segment despite the higher cost of INR 2 - 4 lakh, in comparison with other 7-seater MPVs of the same size. An Innova can offer decent performance for at least the 3 lakh first kilometres. With proper care and maintenance, the distance can be doubled. A used Toyota Innova is a perfect choice for those who want a comfortable vehicle with high fuel mileage. Carefully maintained, even a second-hand car can operate well for years. Similarly, if you are in a limited budget (INR 7 lakh - INR 9 lakh) and looking for a family car with an amber space, a 4-5-year-old used Innova is a perfect alternative to a compact sedan.

With a seating configuration of up to eight seaters and a spacious boot, a used Innova can be transformed into a multi-tasking MPV which can serve as a weekday and weekend people mover. A used automatic Innova Crysta is also a good option for those who prefer an MPV with sufficient road presence and a powerful motor for travelling on highways.

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What are Toyota Innova’s pros and cons?


The Toyota Innova has a lot of good points. The first one is reliablity in terms of the bullet-proof characteristic and the powertrain, especially in those which have done more than 3 - 4 lakh kilometres. Secondly, thanks to the good suspension system and the amber cabin, the Innova also offers the utmost comfort to the occupants. The ample low-end torque and short gearing allow the driver to drive the vehicle easily without the need of frequent downshifts.

The current-gen Crysta is also equipped with an optional automatic gearbox for both the petrol and diesel version, which is a big improvement over the previous model. The automatic transmission provides the driver with pleasant and simple driving experience. The feature list has also experieced remarkable updates, which deserves its high price. With the excellent comfort provided by the seats and the amber boot space even with all seat rows in their positions, all the occupants can have a comfortable journey.

Moreover, the Toyota Innova is also well-known for its high resale value and excellent aftersales service, which even increases its popularity with the Indian auto buyers.


Nevertheless, the Toyota Innova does come with some disadvantages, especially with the first-gen model. The outgoing model’s main problem was an average cabin design with hard plastic elements at some places. For the top-end variant which had an on-road price of nearly INR 20 lakh, its interior did not justify its premium pricing. Plus, a taller 5th gear was absent in the oil burner, which meant that driving at a high speed of more than 80-90 kmph would lead the motor to spin away at higher revs.

What is the Toyota Innova fuel mileage?

Since the fuel mileage is one of the top priorities that one often takes into consideration, we have decided to include this session. The 2013 Toyota Innova diesel had an ARAI-certified fuel mileage of 12.00 kmpl. Nevertheless, thanks to the short gearing, there is no need to downshift much, which means that the can return a fuel mileage of 10 - 11 kmpl quite easily. On the other hand, on highways where the motor spins at a higher rpm, the fuel mileage can be 14 - 15 kmpl. The currrent-gen Crysta delivers the same fuel mileage in the city; however, with a taller 6th gear, the vehicle’s fuel milegae can increase to 17 - 18 kmpl.

2013 toyota innvova blue side profile

The 2013 Toyota Innova has a claimed fuel mileage of 12.00 kmpl, which can be a little bit less in real conditions. It is also worth noting that the petrol Innova spends a lot of petrol with fuel mileage of around 7 - 8 kmpl in the city and 10 - 12 kmpl on the highways. Latest-gen Crysta petrol even comes with a smaller fuel mileage figure.

Which is the ideal used Toyota Innova for an auto buyer?

If you are considering buying a used Toyota Innova, a post mid-2010 model would be highly recommended since this version comes with a better appearance than the original version. Moreover, an intercooler for the turbocharger and a bit more of low-end torque also leads to a better city riding and handling quality. If you have a more generous budget, a current-gen Crysta is also a perfect choice and absolutely feels and looks better.

used 2010 toyota innova siler front angle

A used post-2010 Toyota Innova may be the best choice for you.

Dual airbags and ABS were provided as standard features across all the variants from the 2015 version. On the other hand, these safety features were only offered in higher trims in the previous versions. Therefore, if safety is your top priority, the former should be your final choice.

The Toyota Innova has been on sale in the market for more than 14 years and used cars of various years are offered in the market. Nevetheless, with its strong demand, a second-hand Innova is not in the showroom for so long. A used example of the latest-gen model is a little difficult to find since not many owners have the intention of selling their cars. You will also find many preowned Innova units which have a commercial plate and have been travelled at lot so avoid these. The Toyota Innova is not an off-roader since it is not available with an FWD system and should not be taken for an off-road journey. It is an MPV; therefore, the performance and handling manners are not so impressive. Having said that, the diesel automatic version with a 2.8-litre motor generating 174 BHP against 360 Nm does offer a decent performance for an MPV of this size.

What are our recommendations?

Some of the most searched used Toyota Innovas have been picked and listed out below. You can check these out here.

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What to bear in mind before buying a second-hand Toyota Innova?

Reliability is the biggest unique selling point of the Toyota Innova and is one of the things that a used Toyota Innova’s buyer does not need to worry about. Actually, most Innovas available in the second-hand car market are quite reliable and can travel for years without issues. Nevertheless, used Toyota Innovas have been recorded with some problems: a hard cluch, braking issues and several minor recalls.

Specifically, most used Innovas which run on a stock clutch come with a heavy clutch pedal which requires the driver to make extra effort to push it down with his/her left foot. Plus, several Toyota Innova drivers have also complained about ‘judgers’ when they apply the brakes at high speeds. Do not forget to have a look at this when you test drive the car. If any vibrations from the brake pedal are felt, bigger issues might have arisen or even the disc pads and/or the disc need to be replaced. Only one mảo recall for the Innova has been implemented for the fuel return hose which has problems in connecting with the canister hose.

You should avoid the petrol Toyota Innova with aftermarket CNG kits. Similarly, avoid the old diesel models if you are going to drive the car in Delhi NCR as according to the laws here, you are not allowed to drive a diesel car which is more than 10 years old.

The last but not least thing to remember before buying a used Toyota Innova is that you should make sure that the used vehicle has a proper maintenance history at authorised workshops. Although the Toyota Innova’s maintenance expenses are too high, the short 5000km interval can be a nuisance for those who drive the car on a regular basis.

On average, the maintenance expenses for the Toyota Innova is less than 90 paise/km over 1 lakh kilometres. This is not as expensive as the Mahindra XUV500. A clutch repair will cost about INR 15,000; in the meanwhile, new brake pads, inclusive of labour cost will cost INR 5000 - 6000.

toyota maintenance

The Japanese automaker is well-known for its aftersales services.

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What are the alternatives to the Toyota Innova in the Indian auto market?

A preowned Mahindra XUV500 cans serve as a perfect alternative to a Toyota Innova. With its lower resale value, the former would cost much less than the latter. For instance, while a top-spec 2013 XUV500 X8 is available with a price of INR 5 - 6 lakh, a used 2013 Innova V Diesel is priced at INR 7 - 8 lakh to be the least. A second-hand Tata Aria is also one 7-seater people mover which offers decent space and comfort. It would even cost you less than the XUV500.

A used Renault Lodgy is also a sensible candidate for the Toyota Innova replacement. It is very difficult to find but if you find a 3-4-year-old unit, do not spend more than INR 4 - 5 lakh on it. Above is a detailed Tips For Buying Used Toyota Innova Crysta. We believe that with these tips, you will find it easier to buy a perfect preowned Toyota Innova for yourself with a reasonable price and own it properly. If you are interested in more buying and owning guide for used cars, please pay a visit to IndianAuto.

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