Tips for first-time car buyers in India

by IndianAuto Team | 21/09/2018
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Planning to buy your first car? There are a lot of things for you to consider before making the final decisions. Here are tips for first-time car buyers.

When buying a car for the first time, most of you might only concern with how much a car costs. Actually, there is a bunch of things to take into consideration. Here is the list of things to check before you make your buying decision for the first car.

a man hands a girl a car key

The percentage of first-time car buyers in India is rising significantly

1. Maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is one of the most important factors. When buying a new car, you should go to a genuine dealer. Most genuine dealers or authorized dealers give you a car warranty for at least 50,000 km or two years. During the warranty time, inspection and maintenance of all technical faults on your vehicle are noted down. Therefore, you should not bring your vehicle to a repair shop or garage without a genuine authorization, as this will invalidate your warranty.

Besides, a genuine authorized service station has the necessary experience, knowledge and equipment to maintain and repair your vehicle properly. Obviously, engineers of BMW or Audi cannot know about the Hyundai Santa Fe as much as engineers of Hyundai themselves.

Buying a car is a big investment and you should pay full attention to it. You should read the manual carefully and ask the sales consultant for the maintenance schedule and follow it closely. Frequent maintenance not only helps your car operate smoothly but also is a very important factor when you need to sell a car. The resale price of your car will definitely be higher when your service book is fully written by the authorized service station.

2. Engine

under the car hood

A plastic top is installed to protect the technical details of a new car

When you open the hood of your new car, you may not see anything but a plastic protecting layer to prevent technical parts from any changes. However, you can still check the oil level and the coolant system, which are two indispensable things your vehicle need to run. You should also check if there are any leaks or fissures in the engine compartment. Check the water level of the windshield as well as the brake fluid and steering fluid. Don’t worry if you can not find these parts right away, you can look for them in the manual book or simply ask the salesman for guidance.

3. Car body shell

You should check the car body shell pressure as recommended in the instruction book. You also need to examine the wear and tear of the shell by seeing if there are any cracks or abrasions on the car body shell. 

4. Light system

led in the car graphic

Car lighting system help you drive safely

Carefully inspect the entire lighting system of the vehicle. Have a friend stand outside the car and help you when you check and adjust turn signal, brake and fog lights. Do not try to replace any broken lights, as this is a tricky job. If it is done wrong, you can ruin the expensive lampshade of the car. Pay attention to the lights and keep them clean to increase the lifespan as well as the effectiveness of the lights.

5. Windshield and windshield wipers

Check to see whether the windshield of the car is cracked because a small crack can easily become a bigger one. You might have to change the windshield and lose a large amount of money for it. For wipers, check and see whether if work properly.

Furthermore, you should consider the car mileage as well as the car brand before making the final decision. Compare the mileage carefully among your top five choices based on your driving needs. Most carmakers manage to make at least one great car, but not many can deliver consistent quality across several models. So, choose the brand carefully within your budget.

In general, these are the crucial things when purchasing your first auto. Investigate every one of these elements while researching for your new auto.

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