Tips For Parents: How To Teach Your Teens To Drive

by IndianAuto Team | 01/01/2019
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Have you known how to teach your teens to drive on Indian roads? This article will provide you with some tips which will help you properly instruct your teens to drive safely.

Driving schools are not always the best way to get your children to know how to drive. And if you are thinking of teaching your teens to drive by yourself, you are making an excellent choice. Not only you can observe your teens’ driving process and give them useful advice that no school could teach, but you also have beautiful times spending with your children. Moreover, no one knows and take good care of your kids better than you do, so teaching them by yourself is the best and most secure way to get them to learn to drive fast.

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A father is teaching his son how to drive

A father is teaching his son how to drive

Nevertheless, there are things you should keep in my when attempting to teach them how to drive as a personal coach. One of those is pointing out the dangers on the roads and giving solutions for those hazards before, while, and after any lessons. The other things are going to be discussed in this article.

Start the lesson with the basics

It is a matter of the fact that nobody succeeds in doing the difficult driving manoeuvres as a beginner. Therefore, you have to teach your children from the basics. Firstly, find a clear parking lot to do so; if there aren’t any, you would like to look for an empty space like an open road or abandoned land. When the teens’ driving skills are good enough to participate in traffics, take them to safe streets. Besides, don’t forget to train them about the traffic rules and signs.

Treat your child as an adult

Sitting next to your teens will give you the best position to observe the whole driving lesson, and you may quickly notice a repeated mistake done many times by the teens. Instead of scoring them like a child, gently remind them and slowly give them instructions. For most young men and women, it is incredibly annoying to be shouted at whenever they commit a mistake. They may know what they are doing is wrong and get annoyed at it; and if there is another person keep telling them about the error without helping them out of the blue, they will soon experience rage.


A driver is practicing driving his car

A driver is practicing driving his car

Be calm all the time

Any beginner has to spend a lot of time to master driving skills. Moreover, we all used to be driving beginners, and you should be the person who knows this better than anyone. Therefore, try not to be impatient and rudely shout at your teens. Additionally, avoid saying negative utterances to your teens as they will affect their mood and performance. You may want to allow them to drive fast and tell them to go slow whenever you think it is too dangerous rather than keep telling them to drive slowly all the time.

Show your teens how to identify the road hazards

Instead of making the teens do this and do that on the road, as parents, you should teach them how to determine the dangers themselves. Hence, they can learn to control their car better and inspect the life-threatening causes, which will grant them the ability to analyse. As an excellent result, your teens can, at the same time, improve their critical and active thinking.

a pothole

Potholes are very dangerous as they can cause sudden accidents

Teach your teens about situational awareness

To identify the road dangers, you need to teach your teens what is situational awareness. By explaining why they have to always glance at all sides as well as check the rear mirrors before cranking and while driving. Keep reminding your teens to pay attention to other vehicles as they may suddenly stop or turn without warning.

Having a planned lesson is crucial for any coach. IndianAuto would like to offer you some useful driving advice for better coaching.

Keep a safe distance

Always keeping a distance to the car in front of your vehicle is one of the most common and useful driving tips. This not only helps drivers have a broader view, but it also ensures their safety in case the font car surprisingly stop. Therefore, teaching your teens this tip is never a waste.

Reduce speed prior to turns and intersections

Most teenagers tend to maintain their car speed or even accelerate when crossing intersections or making a turn. This is a hazardous driving behaviour which is the cause of many accidents. As driving with high speed, it is challenging to stop the car whenever there is another vehicle on the opposite side. What’s more, because of such speed, the driver cannot make a turn easily, and the wheels will have a high chance of losing its balance which, obviously, result in an accident or even worse, death.

5 cars in an intersection

You must always reduce your speed when crossing intersections

Pay attention to blind spots

Blind spots can be very dangerous since they can surprise you with sudden accidents. Show your teens the blind spots in different situations so that they can apply and prevent future unfortunate accidents. One common solution to get rid of the blind spots is to purchase and correctly adjust a wide-angle rear and side mirrors which provide you more views.

Overtake and change lanes

Changing lanes improperly can cause severe accidents. When you suddenly change your lanes, nothing will happen if the drivers behind you can react timely; however, if they cannot, a chain accident may occur, and you are the one who has to face moral judgment as well as penalty. Therefore, tell your teens to signal and inspect other vehicles plus the blind spots before changing between lanes so as to take good care of their safety.


a car is driving straight, and the other isn't

Show your teens the right ways to drive

Let your teens observe how you drive

There is always at least an example attached to the theory it explains. Similarly, it is easier for teens to learn how to drive when parents teach them through practical simulation. After showing the right way to perform the manoeuvres, it’s time to let them try by their own. With this method, you will see a better improvement of your teens’ driving skills. If your teens need more simulations, don’t hesitate to do them over again. What is more, encouraging your teens and letting them practice repeatedly will dramatically boost their confidence and make them familiar to the roads.

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