Tips For Your Exterior Car Care In The Summer (A Guide on Maintenance in Summer)

by IndianAuto Team | 20/07/2018
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In the hot sunlight weather, if you do not pay attention to the exterior of the car, these exterior parts will be quickly damaged. Here are detailed instructions on how to care for your car exterior during hot summer days.

1. Tires and rim

The driving terrain could directly affect the durability of the tire and rim. If you do not pay attention and check these parts on a regular basis, the tire may tear and burst when running on hot surfaces.

Car maintenance experts suggest that drivers should do the tire rotation and check the dynamic balancing of the car every 10,000 km. If your car runs about 20,000-25,000km/year (equivalent to 40-50km/day), the tire will wear out before the rubber degrades. Conversely, if the vehicle is used less than 10,000km/year, the rubber will degrade before the tire wears out.

tire and rim

The surface of the terrain will directly affect the durability of the tire and rim

2. Light bulbs

Car lights are considered as the precious jewelry that exemplifies the beauty of the car. However, not all drivers know how to use and take care of the car lights. The average lifespan of the halogen light is about 450-1000 hours under normal moving condition. Other lights Xenon, HID has the average life which is twice as long as halogen lights. LEDs even have a longer lifespan. Nonetheless, the durability of the light also depends a lot on the surface of the terrace that the car frequently travels. If the road is rough or bouncy, the light will be quickly broken.

car on way front look

Regularly check and replace the light system to ensure safety

3. Brake lights

It is hard to avoid sudden collisions when driving on crowded streets. However, the driver might prevent these unexpected problems by observing the brake light sign of the car ahead. Brake lights play an important role in ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

Brake lights car rear look

Brake lights play an important role in ensuring the safety of you and your passengers

If you want to check whether your brake light operates properly or not, here are some suggestions for you to follow: when driving on the road, drivers could find it hard to know if brake lights are fully operational without the emergency warning system. If your car doesn't have this feature, you can check brake lights by leaning toward the car window and observe brake lights through the rearview mirror. 

4. Windscreen wipers

During the rainy season, the windscreen wipers have to work very hard. Moreover, it has to expose directly to the harsh weather. If the car keeps being in contact with intense sunlight frequently, the wipers will gradually lose their function after only 2 years of use. It is not difficult to tell if the wipers are impaired. For example, when the wiper could not provide a properly cleaned windshield or when it gets tripped and emit noise while wiping on the glass, you should know that there is something wrong with the wiper system.

wipers of car

You should not try to turn wipers when the glass is dry

Advice for you when using windscreen wipers is that you should not try to turn wipers when the glass is dry. Wiping on a dry surface could generate great friction between the wipers and the glass. This not only burdens the wiper motor but also increases the risk of scratching the glass.

5. Car painting layers

One useful tip for car painting care and protection is that you should wash the car and use a towel to dry. You should not rub the towel against the paint when the car paint is clogged with dirt. Moreover, when washing the car, it is necessary to use high-pressure water hose to “blow” the dirt before washing with specialized chemicals.

 wash the car with tower

You should wash the car and use a towel to dry instead of using a towel to clean immediately

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