Get Yourself The Best SUVs With These Tips

by IndianAuto Team | 16/08/2020
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You are having a hard time finding your dream SUV? Don't worry, we are here to help you with the most helpful tips to buy the best SUVs in this article.

SUVs are indeed the best vehicles to drive on the rough roads of India. Thanks to their off-roading capabilities and utilities, SUVs have lured the interest of many Indian car buyers. However, because SUVs come with uncountable variants, which have a lot of different amazing features, customers may scratch their head to make a buying decision. However, when you know what you are truly looking for, the options will be limited and it would be much easier to decide. Let’s jot down the points which an SUV should have to get an ideal SUV for yourself. Here are tips to buy the best SUVs that you need to know.


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The size of SUVs suits you best

Not mentioning the exceptions, many SUVs share the same traits: ladder-frame chassis and high ground clearance. Besides, different types of SUVs are different in terms of segment and design. The first thing you must keep in mind when buying an SUV is the size. Consider your need: if you have to go with many people in your family, go for a large SUV which indeed has more seats than a small SUV which you use to drive with a few people.

5 biggest SUVs in India

Subcompact and small SUVs

Most sub-compact and small SUVs are often seen as alternatives to traditional hatchbacks with an all-wheel-drive system, upright seating, and elevated ride height. Because of its small size, this type of SUVs is among the cheapest one in the market.; however, due to small cargo, you should not expect a lot of volume for heavy loads. Also, note that these SUVs have limited off-road abilities. 

Midsize SUVs

Midsize SUVs are the best car for family trips because they have the ultimate balance of cargo room, interior space, power, and safety. They come in two-row and three-row models (FYI, the third row is usually designed for kids). Most midsize SUVs are affordable, but some cars in the high-end segments can have impressive features with the cost of a fortune.

Large SUVs

Large SUVs have plenty of capacity, interior space, and power, but in exchange, they are sometimes too clumsy for being too big. Most buyers are advised to buy a minivan instead because it has the same features but has better fuel efficiency and larger cargo. However, if anyone favours the huge size of this type of SUVs, nothing seriously disadvantaged will happen.


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Consider if you need a 4x4

When you buy an SUV in India, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to drive off-road a lot. Instead, the excellency in off-roading abilities gives you comfortable rides and lets you use the vehicle longer as off-road vehicles are very durable. Such cars are usually seen with a low range transfer case, a high ground clearance, and a decent axle articulation.

The Mahindra Thar is one of the most highly-anticipated 4x4 SUVs in India


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Axle articulation controls the vertical wheel movement, which means the axles of the wheels can move vertically to cope with the rough and uneven surfaces. For example, when you go off-road or face many potholes, you cannot completely avoid the bumpy rides; however, with the help of the moving axles, the wheels can be automatically adjusted to deal with the sudden changes in the distance between the wheels and the surfaces. That is to say, if you drive over a boulder, the higher-positioned wheels will be dropped down, and the lower ones will be raised to reduce the bumpy experience and keep the traction sufficient.

Such a mechanism on SUVs can help you avoid bumpy rides; however, if you have to go off-road a lot, a 4x4 would be a better option for you. A 4x4 vehicle with an off-road reduction gearbox will give you more comfort than an AWD SUV when you travel on rough terrains.

Comfortable seating let you enjoy the rides

Because of their relatively big size, almost all the SUVs in India can have enough capacity for at least 5 people. If you wish to carry more than 5 passengers, midsize and large-size SUVs could be your decent choices, however, keep in mind that the third-row seats in these vehicles are often for kids and they are flat foldable. Moreover, the third-row seats can be folded to add a luggage space. If you carry elders with you, remember to choose the SUVs that have comfortable seats because backache and irritation during the bumpy rides are not pleasant at all.


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When you regularly need to carry tons of things with you, it's time to get an SUV with a lot of space. Normally, every row behind the front-row seats of SUVs can be easily folded, so it is easy to load some stuff. Besides, on some models, the mid-row seats are also foldable, and it will save you some space if you want to carry more luggage. Third-row seats with split design can be convenient for loading because you can fold one part and let the other part for a passenger. However, despite being versatile, SUVs often have higher cargo floors than minivans do, which means loading heavy stuff is difficult. Luckily, some models come with air suspensions by which drivers can lower the cargo for easier loading. In case you need a huge capacity, there are also truck-based SUVs.

Advanced Safety features and driver-assisting systems are lifesavers

Some of the most common safety features that all SUVs in India should have included are Anti-Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and/or Traction Control (TC) system.


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Also look for vehicles that have the following systems to ensure your safety: Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Forward Collision Warning (FCW), and Blind Spot Warnings (BSW). These features will increase the chance that you can avoid incoming crashes on Indian roads. To be more specific, AEB automatically responds to a forthcoming collision; FCW system warns drivers of an impending collision by providing an audible, visual, and/or tactile alert; BSW notifies drivers whether another vehicle is alongside, usually in the blind spots of the driver.

tips to buy best sUvs 2019 hyundai venue front three quarters

The Hyundai Venue comes with the advanced BlueLink system which offers advanced safety technologies.


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Briefly, choosing your ideal car is a tough decision. Indian roads are full of potential dangers, including potholes, so an SUV could be a decent choice to you. When buying an SUV in India, pay attention to its size, the features that help it go off-road, the seats, the cargo’s capacity, and excellent safety features which can save your life. Put all these tips in your list of what to check when considering a car to better your decision. If you have difficult times to cope with issues related to cars, don’t hesitate and visit our website for helpful articles.

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