Tips To Keep Your Power Windows & Sunroof Alive For Lifetime

by Jatin Chhibber | 28/01/2021
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Here are a few tips through which you can maintain the pristine condition of your car's power windows and sunroof for the entire life.

Earlier, vehicles were only offered with manually-operated windows for up or down function. But, now power windows are among the standard equipment. On the high-end cars, the addition of sunroof is quite a common feature. These are some nice features to have in your vehicle, but these parts undergo maintenance too. Things like grooves, mouldings and drip seals need proper attention. In India, we drive a car in a climate, which is a combination of heat, dirt and rain, and it can damage the window edges running along the grooves. Here are a few tips through which you can keep your powered windows and sunroof alive for a lifetime.


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Power Windows

  1. To expose the grooves roll your car’s window all the way down.
  2. Start cleaning the grooves by spraying them the dirtiest part and swapping dirt out with the help of a cotton bud. Using an excess of detailer can drain through tiny spaces and can damage the motor. Try to clean it by using compressed air. 
  3. Now add a straw extension to the nozzle of the silicon tube or white lithium grease or white lithium grease can. Spray the grooves precisely from top corners to bottom ends. Then wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth. To protect and revitalize your car’s door and window mouldings, you can use silicone lube.
  4. Afterwards run windows up and down a few times to make sure that the lubricants spread properly and loosens the windows properly. 
  5. With the help of all these tips, you can easily maintain the windows of your car.



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The most important thing in a sunroof is its seal moulding. This prevents water to get inside the cabin. It is positioned on the most sun-burnt part of the vehicle, the roof and moulding are constantly attacked by direct sunlight. By the course of time, your seal deteriorates or stick. Here are a few tips to prevent such problems. 

  1. Fully open your car’s sunroof.
  2. Wipe the corners filled with dirt with the help of a microfibre cloth or you can also spray lithium grease.
  3. Then spray some detailer on a microfibre cloth and precisely wipe the entire contact portion of sunroof opening and also the exposed portion of the sunroof moulding. Afterwards, close the sunroof and tilt it open to clean the rest of the moulding, which was inaccessible with an opened sunroof.
  4. Try to follow these tips four times in a year to make sure that the power windows and sunroof are running smoothly. 
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