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by IndianAuto Team | 16/08/2018
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This is nearly everything you need to know about the car battery.

Imagine you’re driving home from the workplace and usually it takes you at least an hour and a half or so of commuting to get back or forth (we are excluding the scenario of traffic congestion). You nearly get your home sweet home from every day miserable nine-to-five and then all of a sudden the battery dies. It didn’t even ask for your permission, it just dies on its own. The last thing to expect realizes itself! Frustration and anger and misery and all the negative feelings just surge up and inflate you, and you know no matter how much you swear or curse the battery will not fix itself and there is no such a thing as the miracle. You then ask yourself “how on earth could I avoid such wretched fate?”. Well! Bear with us here cause we’re about to present you some tips for making your stay away from such nightmare.

man and car with dead battery, bonnet being opened, back ground of grassland

The last thing to expect realizes itself – your car battery dies and cursing is not even among the least things you can do to improve the situation

Let’s just not waste your precious time by reciting exclusive terms regarding the energy field and cut it straight to the point with the following tips:

  • It would be tough for the folks who happen to be car virgins who happen to have possession of an automobile for the first time. In this case, just remember to consult the owner’s manual which accompanied your car when you purchased it. The manual has everything you need to know about your car battery, cranking amps and cold cranking amps, etc. If you inadvertently lost the manual, no worries, information is also printed on the body of the battery of the car. 

  • While buying a new battery for your car, it’s most recommended to go for one with the same Amp-hours as that of the current one. A new battery with lower Amp hours will for sure cause some hassle of starting (most likely in the winter) along the way and the lifespan of the battery itself is inevitably compromised notably. The same case doesn’t happen to batteries of higher Ah. It just basically takes a lot more time for charging and may make you late for work on a rainy day.

  • For the folks who live in cold regions, your best bet is choosing a battery which has higher cold cranking amps. It boosts up the starting rate even in the cold weather.

  • Always go for the battery having good RC rating. It mostly applies when the alternator dies, the RC technically buys you some more time to run the car and lamp set to take it to the nearest workshop for repair.

  • A battery with handles is more recommended for the sake of mobility and easier maintenance if it is your habit of maintaining the car all on your own.

car battery with double handles

You should opt for batteries with handles in case you want to perform the maintenance yourself

  • Depending on your budget, you can choose either Lead Acid batteries which are the cheaper type or Dry Cell batteries which are the more costly one.

  • The manufactured date should always be concerned when you buy a new battery. Usually, it is best to go for ones of 6 months old or below.

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Finally, if the work of checking and buying a suitable car battery by yourself happens to bother you that much or you are just busy for all the inconvenience, just take it to a nearby garage and ask for help there. I mean the mechanics will not complain as long as you pay, right?

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