Top 5 Used Car Buying Tips To Make it an Effortless Process

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 28/11/2020
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Buying a used car can be a smart choice sometimes, but getting the best deal may be hard. We have got an useful guide to help you when you're in the hunt for one.

Sometimes buying a used car can be the more sensible choice, especially if there’s a new model for the same car that has just launched. Considering the fact that modern vehicles are made with better material that lasts for quite a long time, you can go into the used car market and can come out with a really good deal. But the used car market can be also very murky with lots of mixed results. So if you want to dip your toes in it, we have got the top 5 used car buying tips for you that should always keep in the back of your mind.

In the video that has been uploaded by over on their YouTube channel, they talk about the essential tips that you can use when searching for a used car.


How To Find The Value Of A Used Car

Manufacturing month

Always query about the manufactured date of the vehicle you’re interested in, as sometimes a car can be sitting in the lot for months and the dealer may try to sell you that unit, you should question why that car hasn’t been sold yet. To check a vehicle’s manufactured date, you can go online to a car buying site of your choice and enter the VIN number, you should get results immediately. If the car has been sitting for too long, you can haggle a sweet deal for yourself as the dealer is desperate to sell it as well.

Break down car price

The total price of the car consists of many things like the ex-showroom price, registration, insurance, warranty, and accessories. You should check if the dealer is giving you insurance already, compare the prices of the premium online, and if higher, ask what are the reasons for the higher price. Also, check the accessory list properly as it may consist of things that you don’t want, therefore saving you extra money.

Discount offers

Check what discount offers are going on cars in the market. And use multiple dealers to get a base quote to compare for a car, so you can negotiate with your first dealer to get a lower price and more lucrative discount offer.

Car exchange

Always keep the value and exchange offer of your current car separate from the new car, as dealers may try to undervalue your old car so much that you won’t get any worthwhile discounts on the new car. If the dealer only sells a particular brand, tell him about the offers that other dealers and brands are offering. Though you may not get the highest value, you should be able to negotiate a fair deal with the dealer. 


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Test Drive

Never ever take anybody else’s recommendation when buying a car, as you may different preferences than said person and you’ll be one who’ll be investing money long term. Take the car for a test drive over multiple road conditions to gauge how it feels to you and take passengers as well so you could get an overall opinion. 

With these top tips, buying a used car should be much less stressful for you now, happy hunting!

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