What Are Tubeless Tyres Advantages And Disadvantages?

by IndianAuto Team | 14/06/2020
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Are you thinking of buying some tubeless tyres? Check out tubeless tyres advantages and disadvantages before making a purchase.

Tubeless tyres are becoming more popular than ever due to its superior safety function on the roads compared with tube tyres. Briefly, a tubeless tyre contains no tube; only the air is trapped tightly between the tyre and the bead on the wheel. The revamped design of eliminating tubes has brought them more pros, yet fewer cons than the traditional tyres. In the previous article, we have informed you of the differences between tubeless and tube tyres. If you are interested in discovering tubeless tyres advantages and disadvantages, do not hesitate to read on.

6 Advantages of tubeless tyres

You can drive longer when a tubeless tyre is punctured

Imagine you are on a deserted road and suddenly your car has a flat tyre. Thanks to tubeless tyres, rather than calling for an emergency roadside assistance, you can go up to 50 km further to find a garage or a safe place to fix your problem. In other words, tubeless tyres function like a run-flat tyre by slowing the air release from the punctures and let the drivers go for some kilometres before becoming completely flat.

a tubeless wheel rolling on the road

You can still gain enough control for a while when tubeless tyres are punctured.

You will have more control and stability when a puncture happens

Another advantage of tubeless tyres is the ability to let you drive comfortably when facing a puncture. As the air leaks, the tubeless tyres won’t be flat right away but remain inflated and lose air at a very slow pace. The driver may know the tyre is punctured immediately or after a while when the car starts to lose stability. Whichever situation happens, the driver still has enough time to cope with the issue before any unexpected incidents take place.


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You won’t need to worry much about tyre burst

One of the most dangerous causes of fatal accidents on highways that drivers often face is tyre bursts. A tyre burst happens when a sudden pressurized airflow escapes by rapidly tearing through a tiny hole in the tyre. Because of too much abrupt pressure on the hole, an explosion and severe damage to the tyre surface likely happen. However, such unexpected situations could be rarely seen on tubeless tyres because the air would slowly escape through punctures as stated before, which create much lower pressure than the rapid air leak.

tyre burst

Tyre burst rarely happens, but when it does, it may explode.

Less friction inside and more stability outside

When driving at a high speed, tubeless tyres don’t have to face the problem that the tubes inside have friction with the inner of the tyre and result in high temperature, which increases the chance of explosion. Besides, because the air is trapped tightly inside tubeless tyres, all the wheels will be even when driving without a loss of stability.


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You can easily fix small punctures on tubeless tyres with liquid sealants

Because of no tube needed, you don’t have to remove all the complicated parts to fix a tiny puncture on the tube. Instead, you can directly ooze out an appropriate liquid sealant. After a short time, the liquid will dry up and seal the hole.

tyre fixing toolkit

You can use tyre strips instead of liquid sealants.

You will probably spend less money on fuel with tubeless tyre

Another advantage of going tubeless is losing a bit of weight. The less weight your car carries, the less fuel its engine will consume to produce enough power. Therefore, a car with tubeless tyres is often more fuel-efficient than a car of the same type with traditional tyres.

3 Disadvantages of tubeless tyres

A vast majority of tubeless tyres is difficult to fit

Because tubeless tyres need to be installed airtight against the rim, it requires a skilful hand to do the job. Although tubeless tyres are tough, they don’t last forever, and there will be a time you need to replace them. If you know the exact way to change the tyre without damaging the rim, go ahead. However, if you don’t know, it’d be better to give the hard work to an expert. Installing tubeless tyres inaccurately will make your car unstable and increase the high risks of accidents.


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liquid sealant for tubeless tyres

Oozing liquid sealant is just a piece of cake.

Fixing flat or sidewall-punctured tubeless tyres is a difficult task

The toughness of tubeless tyres is no joke. That means you can go for hours without worrying that the tyres will wear out fast. However, good luck is not always with us. In worst cases, you may have to face unexpected situations like tubeless tyres going flat before you can reach a garage, or there is a sidewall puncture which will harm both the tyre and the rim. The only solution is to call for an expert if you don’t know or don’t have enough special equipment to cope with the problem. However, don’t worry, the chance that you will be in those unfortunate circumstances is small, but you still have to prepare anyway.

tyre fixing toolkit

Replacing or fixing a severe damaged tubeless tyre requires more than a toolkit.

Tubeless tyres are relatively more expensive than traditional tyres

Generally, a tubeless tyre may be a lot costlier than a regular traditional tyre. However, tyres models cost differently. Depending on the brands and segments, the prices will vary. Nevertheless, keep in mind that quality is always better than cheapness. Therefore, don’t go for a cheap tyre with low quality, but go for an affordable one with decent quality. You can ask tyre experts for the best suggestions and read some critical reviews to learn how good a tyre model is before purchasing it. Besides, tyres technology has been improved a lot, so it’s easy to find a tubeless tyre model fitting your need.


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Above is a detailed representation of tubeless tyres advantages and disadvantages. Based on reality, tubeless tyres have more advantages than disadvantages. By equipping tubeless tyres, you can enhance the safety of your car and the ability to deal with rough roads. Moreover, tubeless tyres when being punctured can give you more time to find a garage or a safe place to fix the punctures before they are completely flat. In general, tubeless tyres are very convenient as long as they aren’t greatly damaged. However, when they are flat or worn out, you need to change the tyres or fix it with the help of an expert. For small punctures, you can easily fix them by yourself with an appropriate liquid sealant and an inflator.

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