Unwritten driving rules in India you should know

by IndianAuto Team | 22/09/2018
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You are a new driver and you want to survive on Indian roads. This following list gives you most common unwritten driving rules in India.

Driving on Indian streets can be challenging both mentally and physically. Therefore, comprehending written as well as unwritten street driving rules is a must. You may be acquainted with certain written street road safety rules in India, such as not using a cell phone while driving, wearing a seatbelt, stopping at the zebra crossing when individuals are crossing the street, not driving after drinking alcohol, remembering different speed limits for different types of roads, etc. However, there are many unwritten principles for safe driving in India. If you are a foreigner and want to drive in India, don’t skip this list. Here are some common unwritten driving rules.

vehicles driving in different directions at an intersection

Driving in India is a real challenge

1. Assuming everyone else is crazy

Driving in the overwhelming rush hour, particularly in developing nations, is a terrible experience. The best way to overcome it is to imagine everyone is about to go mad. For example, assuming that people around you are experiencing an extreme mental disease. The auto driver, who is stopping in front of you, will take a dangerous U-turn, so you should prepare to confront that. Once you become accustomed to such encounters, driving will be amusing and simple. Keep going ahead and try not to stop for any reason.

traffic chaos in India

You should always assume that everyone driving in India is going mad

2. Changing wrong to right with a flashlight

If you are on the wrong side of the street, flash the headlights, the action will become right. In principle, a driver needs to give the flashlight before making a turn. However, better late than never. You can still turn on the flashlight to alert other drivers. Don’t worry, they will not be frightened. You can avoid an accident by doing so.

3. Following traffic signals, but not always

If you are not in a rush, you should obey traffic signals. When seeing the red signal, it is correct to stop and gradually move forward into the meeting point. However, in case you end up going too far into the point, you may proceed through and be on your way. It doesn't mind whether there are some pedestrians crossing by, just avoid hitting them.

Vehicles on the road with a traffic light in the middle

In India, you do not necessarily have to follow the traffic signals

4. Forgetting about kindness

You had better forget about kindness when you are on the road because no one will be kind to you. In rush hour, others will always attempt to get in front of you. In order to avoid that, move your vehicle as close as possible to the auto in front of you to fill in every gap. However, it is right to stop for kids and old people who are crossing the street.

crowded road in India

Driving in India will definitely give foreigners a culture attack

5. Being aware that some vehicles are very special

There are some large vehicles which have flags of a local political party on their hood. Those vehicles have shocking loud horns, ridiculously fast speed and the privilege to cut others off in traffic. They also scare other cars away by using both flashlights on and off again. You have to let them pass you as quickly as possible, or you may face consequences.

6. Handling traffic police

Unwritten rules are applied every day, but you might not know which written rules are applied on which days. Traffic police are there to ensure you follow both written and unwritten rules. In case a traffic policeman gestures to you, you can choose to pull over or continue driving. If you pull over, the policeman may give you a complicated reason why he asks you here. If you seem to be in a rush, the policeman will suggest a simple solution to the problem, paying the fine. In case you are unsatisfied with his answer, ask him for a printed ticket for whatever mistake you have made.

traffic police in the middle of an Indian street

There is nothing much to worry if you are stopped by traffic police

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