Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class: Essential Tips For Buyers

by Harish Kumar | 23/01/2019
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Are you thinking of buying a second-hand Mercedes-Benz A-Class? Equipping yourself with knowledge will be the best prevention from buying a money pit.

The fully potential Indian second-hand auto market is hotter and hotter over time. Owning a used Mercedes-Benz A-Class is good fun; though choosing the right and “long-lasting” Mercedes takes time and effort. And now, Indianauto will give you some useful tips and advice so that you could get a good A-class model to your garage.

Five years since the first Mercedes-Benz A-class landed in the Indian market, the hatchback has ridden a wide range of public attention by the utmost premium styling and performance. Back in 2013, the Mercedes A-class was made available at the starting price of Rs 22.73 Lakh and acquired only a handful of buyers as almost all people depreciate the "German man" with the expensive Rs 20 Lakh-cost. Imported to the Indian auto space via CBU format, the A-class gets a prime reason for its higher margin.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Front View, Red Colour

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the best choice if you are on a tight budget

When talking about a vehicle of high performance and stylish aesthetics, people often, inadvertently, think about the Mercedes-Benz A-class. After many upgrades and reworks, Mercedes has managed to turn the A-Class into a tempting vehicle to possess. Sourcing the power from 1.6-litre petrol and 2.2-litre diesel burner which both come mated to a 7-speed DCT, the updated 2015 model’s engine can generate the a sufficient power output of 136 hp from the 108 hp units as in the former versions. During that time, the A-Class also received some significant tweaks from both inside and outside such as new 16-inch alloy wheels, black-themed instrument cluster and leather-wrapped steering wheel. The high-end models even got a power adjustable front seats, panoramic sunroof, reversing camera, six airbags along with Bluetooth telephony and audio.

Although both petrol and diesel variants have been already on sale, it is normally tougher to find a second-hand petrol model than the diesel one. The earlier A-Class version might sit on Rs 13 Lakh that could be negotiated further as per the lack of demand. A 25,000 km-covered model can cost you about Rs 14 Lakh- pretty cool for a modern hatchback that still retains some Mercedes’s value.

Mercedes A-Class hatchback, silver

A 25,000-covered A-Class can be priced at Rs 14 Lakh

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Before buying a second-hand Mercedes-Benz A-Class, you should reflect on the extra costs related to your car. The service fees for owning a new A-class vehicle are never on the cheap, and that’s the same on the old one. Deciding who will maintain and service your machine is the first crucial step. Whether it’s done by a Mercedes-Benz dealer, auto service workshop or yourself. The thing is, if you have ever owned any Mercedes-Benz vehicle in your garage, apparently, the mechanics in your surrounding workshops will not want to work as they do not get acquainted with these cars. However, it’s not a big issue because working on the A-Class is even more comfortable than on the Toyota or Honda models, if you are a kind of person loving gadgets and fixing car problem, you can work on your own. Also, the Mercedes-Benz service centres are also established in India as well.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2015, Silver, Rear View

Inspecting the car comprehensively is the first and foremost trick

For the pick-and-choose work, it’s really important to place your attention on the condition of the car as some problems might exist on the parts and spares and the maintenance costs are so high.  Many used car’s owners have grumbled at the quick tyre-wear or tyre-bursts. Hence if you desire for a Mercedes A-Class, carefully check the car’s condition, especially on the tyres. Besides, the failing tyre or rpm sensors might be other issues on second-hand A-Class, so all you need is to eye on the instrument cluster to make sure the ABS light is still working. Otherwise, preparing to dip into your pocket for Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 for each tyre sensor replaced. Lastly, perhaps you have known that the German carmaker had to recall all A-Class models because of the steering column defect. Thus it is essential to make sure your prospective hatchback has been repaired or you’ll deeply fall into a bitter regret after your purchase.

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Another important tip is, on the other hand, try to scout from true owners rather than from a third-party dealer for a better price and condition as well. It’ll be good if you check it out in the Mercedes-Benz pre-owned showrooms (if it stands in your city). Models from these showrooms might be costlier, but they will come with a beautiful appearance and no possible legal problems.

Once again, here I summarise all the necessary tips:

  • Choose the variant

  • Decide the maintenance works

  • Carefully inspect the car, beware on:

  • Tyre wear and tyre sensor

  • Steering column

  • Consider the ownership, vehicle history report

Getting a used Mercedes-Bens A-Class with the price of Rs 15 Lakh seems to be alluring. Your decision entails not only on your money but also you’re feeling good. Weight in the opted car and remember that “There is nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes.” (Mercedes Medic).

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Brief Info:

Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class
 Model  2013-now
 Engine Type  1.5-litre, 4-cylinder, petrol/diesel
 Power Output (Hp)  124
 Peak Torque (Nm)  200
 Acceleration (s)  9.76
 Top Speed (kmph)  202
 Price At Launch  INR 21.94 Lakh
 Estimated price  INR 14-16 Lakh

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