What Is The Right Way to Utilise Car Sunroofs And Prevent Sunroof Exploding?

by IndianAuto Team | 25/11/2018
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Sunroof is a rather small feature in a car, but many car buyers would not want to purchase a vehicle if it does not have a sunroof, especially the vehicles that are more expensive than 8 lakhs.

A sunroof is a panel on top of a car that is made of glass and can be controlled to leave an opening in the roof of a car to allow light and fresh air to enter the cabin. Sunroofs are available in a billion shapes, sizes, and styles, and they can be operated by hand or by a motor. Many people use the terms sunroof and moonroof interchangeably, but if you want to be wise and 100% correct, sunroof refers to any panel in the roof that lets in light and/or air while moonroof refers to the panel glass that is inbuilt and is able to slide between the vehicle roof and headline. Basically, a moonroof is a type of sunroof. Of course, mistaking sunroof for moonroof or vice versa is not a serious problem that can lead to a life-or-death situation, so if you have been not so correct this whole time, it is totally fine.

view of the sky through the sunroof

A sunroof will be the best accessory for a car

Sunroof has been a feature that all models of luxury cars have been offering as variants for a long time. There are some reasons that really attract people to the sunroof features and car manufacturers like Honda, Hyundai, or Ford decide to incorporate a sunroof in many of their models. This article shows you the tips on how to use sunroof properly.

1. Introduce more fresh air and light into the cabin

Allowing air, wind, and light to enter the cabin is the primary purpose of sunroofs, so if you have at least one on your car, why not use it? A lot of sunroofs are made of transparent materials and are tinted in dark colours like black, so in daylight, the interior of a car can be illuminated well by sunlight without blinding the drivers and passengers. Sunroofs can also be used in the burning and scorching hot summer of India to prevent your car from turning into a moving toaster. We have all been there, parking our car outside in the summer and sitting into the car having a free sauna session. Instead of immediately blasting air conditioner the moment you step foot into your car, you should open the sunroof first to allow the heat from inside the cabin to be replaced with cooler air. Even if the crazy summer outside air is a tiny bit cooler than the steam inside your car, it is still cooler and there is no reason you would not want to crack the sunroof open in this case.

open sunroof

An open sunroof allows light and fresh air to enter your car

2. Improve the overall look of a car

Many people may not think about sunroof this way but it actually is a good and subtle way to express your aesthetics and personality through your four-wheelers. Having a white car is often associated with femininity, elegance, and purity, and adding a nice glossy black sunroof can be considered making such a statement as: “I may be nice and soft, but there is a sporty and/or strong side in me”. Most car owners would love a futuristic and sleek look to their cars, and no matter, if you have a compact sedan or a boxy SUV, having a sunroof is no doubt a great touch. Moreover, sunroof is a feature that is more usually seen in luxury cars, so having one makes your car classier.

Side note: A sunroof definitely is aesthetically pleasing but we do not recommend wrecking your car, which does not have a sunroof at the beginning, to install a sunroof. There are risks of destroying your car’s natural aerodynamic structure, ill-fitting, leakage, and electric issues, among many others. You should take those things into consideration before modifying your car for a retrofit sunroof.

white car black sunroof top down view

A sunroof can be a nice touch to show your personality in the beloved car

3. Do not peek out from the sunroof while driving

Odd as it may seem, but this is quite a trend among children. The feeling of moving at high speed and having the wind graze your skin, lift up your hair and tickle your eyelashes does look appealing, romantic, and adventurous. However, sticking out of the sunroof is extremely dangerous. The person standing through the sunroof can be thrown out of the car on an emergency braking or in case of an accident. There are also threats from high above such as tree branches, kite threads, or electric wires, that can seriously injure or kill the person. Whatever the situation is, please refrain from doing this.

Kid sticking out of sunroof

Sticking out of the sunroof may look romantic and fun, but it is very dangerous

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