What To Do When You Could Not Twist Your Key

by IndianAuto Team | 09/02/2019
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In case your car key won't turn in the ignition, try some follow tricks.

When you go into your car and attempt to twist the key in order to start your car, have you at any point had the key stick in place? Clearly, this can't occur with vehicles that have a start-stop button or an electronic key. Be that as it may, as long as people still utilize outdated vehicle keys, key stuck can still be an issue. You would prefer not to twist the key excessively hard and hurt the car or even break your key. What would you be able to do to help the key twist in the car ignition and run the car? Here are some effective methods to fix the key stuck problem.

car key twist in the ignition

What to do if the car key cannot start the engine?

1. Check the steering wheel

Your vehicle has a car steering lock which fits properly when you remove the vehicle key from the ignition. The lock keeps criminals from having the capacity to drive your vehicle even if it is hotwired. (Nothing will really stop a decided cheat, yet automakers commonly add this component to hinder criminals.) The car steering lock could have been in the perfect place right after you killed the vehicle to keep the car key from disengaging the controlling wheel lock, which cause the ignition cannot be turned on.

car wheel

You should check the car wheel first

For this situation, the fix can be simple: All you need is turning the wheel of the vehicle a little bit in either side while you wind the key into the start to begin the vehicle. At the end of the day, shake the car wheel a little and turn the key tenderly. Did the start move with the key into it? Provided that this is true, the issue is fathomed. Once more, this arrangement just applies to cars with a conventional start scratch, which means that the metal key really embeds into a start change and swings to run the vehicle. In the event that you have an car electronic key, don’t worry about this issue. Additionally, if your vehicle has a start-stop button, yet the steering wheel appears to be trapped, you should go to the fix shop since it's in all probability an electronic issue as opposed to a straightforward fix.

2. Check your gears

Another common reason behind why the car won’t start even if the key is into is because your vehicle might be in a gear. A few cars with a programmed transmission don't empower the way to turn except if it is parked. Ensure you're in parking mode before attempting to twist the key.

3. Check the battery

In the event that that doesn't work, check the battery. On the off chance that your car battery has been dead, even the right car key cannot start the engine. All things considered, it's a great opportunity to get another battery. Battery problem can also happen in high-end vehicles, which often utilize  more complicated electronic ignition systems.

4. Check the key itself

bowed key

A bent key will certainly not work properly

Sometimes, bent keys can enter the ignition cylinder, however, once inside, it won't arrange accurately to enable the vehicle to begin. In the event that your key looks outwardly bent, you can utilize a non-metal sledge to deliberately level the key down. You will likely utilize something that won't harm the key, so in a perfect world this would be made of elastic or wood. You can likewise put the key on a bit of wood to pad the blow. At that point, cautiously, tap the key until the point that it is straight and endeavor to begin the vehicle once more. Remember, if your car key is excessively bent or worn (or on the off chance that you aren’t utilizing the correct key), that key won't start the engine. What's more, obviously, watch that you are utilizing the correct key.

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