What to do when you get into a car accident in India

by Vivaan Khatri | 29/08/2018
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The scene of an accident is overwhelming. Most people, when involved in a car accident, will not know what to do next. With this guide, you will become better at handling these situations.

From 2001 to 2017, Universal Picture has released 8 sequels of the movie “Fast and Furious” and each of them is a hit. However, we all know that those stunning scenes are the work of effects, green screens, etc. If you want to see or even experience the real live-action one, just drive in India. This time, we will focus on how to react after you had a car accident.

India once ranked second on the chart of road fatalities in 2013. Being the second most crowded country in the world is a concern rather than an honor for the government, especially in transportation. So you don’t have to put too much thought into it. What really needs worrying about is the severity, types of the accident and what to do about it.

Money can solve almost everything. Usually, when a car accident happens, the offending driver may offer a reasonable amount of money as an apology or for reparation in case of minor accidents or no damage to persons. But if someone was injured or the vehicles were heavily destroyed, there might be further action to be taken. We will give you two situations and the advice that you should know.

handing money graphic

Money, best problem solver since forever

Situation 1: Major accidents without damage to persons

When you have an accident but no one hurts, you need to immediately turn your focus to the vehicle. If its bodywork is unrecognizable, you should get a police officer to handle the situation. Try to reach any police nearby, go to him/her and report the issue. You need to do this as fast as possible because the Indians tend to congregate. You have to take a picture of the license plate of the involving driver’s car beforehand. The one to get to the police first will have the advantage in describing the accident.

taking picture with camera graphic

Always remember to take a picture of the license plate of other person’s car

However, if you are a hardcore person, you are free to shout at each other, say bad words or blame the other one for the accident. But please, don’t forget to get his/her license plate afterward. 

In case there is no police officer nearby, here are 2 numbers that you need to contact whenever an accident happens. 100 for police, 112 for emergency.

Situation 2: Accidents with damage to persons

You can cry later but in this situation, you must be calm and in full possession. Based on the severity of the injury, you will decide what to do. If the injury is not serious, maybe a couple of scratches, you should offer to pay for their treatment.

Check on your and the other person’s accompaniers to guarantee they are fine. In case the damage is out of control, you should call an ambulance as soon as possible by dialing 102 or 112 and don’t try to move the injured people unless it is not safe to leave them there. If the line is busy, you must ask someone around to find a police officer.

car ambulance painting

Don’t move the injured ones, wait for the ambulance

Like situation 1, you always need to take a picture of the license plate, model and type of his/her car before people start gathering around and show them to the police.

If you are the injured one and not able to do anything, you can stay down, try to ease the pain and let your accompaniers or the others do what you have read above.

There is another thing you should know is the payment of reparation for your vehicle. I recommend you leave it to your insurance company. You need to have a police officer confirming your story with a document and then, submit it to your insurance company. Although they could only pay, at best, 75% of the fee and the other person is free to go, this idea can save you a lot of time.

car insurance

They are insurance companies, their job is to pay for your car’s reparation

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I said it once, and I will say it a hundred more times. Please keep in my these things:

  1. Don’t drive if you are under the effect of alcohol.

  2. Don’t drive if you don’t have a license.

  3. Always help anyone involved in the accident.

  4. Stay calm in any circumstance.

  5. Always try everything to have a police at the accident area.

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