What To Do With Used Tyres? 7 Brilliant Ways To Reuse And Recycle Old Tires

by IndianAuto Team | 29/06/2018
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Approximately, one tire is discarded per person per year. Instead of throwing them out which can mess the yard up, how about turning them into something useful? Here are 7 brilliant ways to repurpose the old tyres.

After a long time using, the old car tyres will normally end up sitting around the garage or yard or even be thrown out. That could be explained by the fact that the old tires are considered as the waste. It is one of the most re-used waste materials, as the rubber is very resilient and can be reused in other products. However, when it comes to terms of crafts and DIY projects, there is always something that you can do with them, regardless of the number of tyres you stored. Rather than discarding them or having them end up in the landfill, recycling them not only helps the environment but also gives your house such great interior and exterior products like tables, chairs, planters, tyre swing, ottomans, etc. You can turn those old useless tires into everything from your creativity.

Check out these 7+ tyre creations below which are a great tyre DIY gallery, from the practical to the pretty strange. One of these ideas is sure to inspire you and can help you transform them into some useful objects for the house.

#1 Half Tire Hammocks

used tyre car hammock

Your kids cannot not be happier with the colourful D-I-Y hammock from daddy

#2 Tire Garden Stairs and Table

Have you ever imagined? Two chairs and a coffee table are made from tires.  

Reused car tyre

You could have never thought an old tire can be transformed into a very functional coffee table!

customized table from used tyres

The table and stairs also can be made in an easy way

Reuse old tyre table chair

With more efforts, it could have an elaborate look

From simple supplies as some ropes, old tires and a few pieces of wood, a wonderful table can be made and you could display it indoor or outdoor. You could also paint the rope beforehand if you want something more colourful. Of course, you can use the original colour rope to give it a great rustic look.

#3 Tire Planter

planter tyre garden reuse

Tire planters painted colorfully in the garden

There are a couple of simple ways to make the D-I-Y planters from painted tires which gives the tire a flowered look. There are some cutting and painting involved to create the planters with the great colors. You could make several of these depending on how many tires you have on hand.They are relatively easy to make and only require a tire and some paint. You could also do with different sizes of tires, hence, keeping all of those old tires is a clever idea to create a beautiful garden with some DIY tire planters.

#4 Tire Dog Bed

used tyre

Better corner for your pet

#5 Tire Swings

Tire Swings

A perfect item to entertain the kids 

#6 Flower spot

 Flower pot planter tyre garden reuse

From tyres, you can obtain a lot of pots for your flowers!

#7 Tyre sculpture

Crocodiles from tyres 

Crocodiles from tyres 

Beautiful tyre sculptures

Beautiful tyre sculptures

Could not believe these sculptures are from tyres

Other incredible ideas from used car tyres.

green tyre planter

A green flower planter

tyre planter

Funny look minion planters

tyre pllow

Cute seat pads

D-I-Y tyre products

Cute seat pads which are absolutely suitable for outdoor party 

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