When to Replace Car Clutch? Complete Guide

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 19/03/2021
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The Clutch may be small, but it is one of the most vital parts of a vehicle. We have a few tips which you should keep in mind to know When to Replace Car Clutch

One of the most integral parts of a vehicle is the clutch as it is the one that connects the engine to the gearbox. When the clutch gets damaged, a vehicle won’t be able to move as the engine’s power is not being transferred to the wheels. But being an integral and moving part, a clutch goes through quite a lot of wear and tear over its lifespan. Conditions like rush hour traffic or driving on hilly roads accelerate the wear of the clutch plate. This is why it is paramount to check for signs which signify that your clutch is going to need replacing soon. This will help you from getting stranded somewhere, as it is not a roadside repair. Here are some signs you can keep a lookout for to know when to replace car clutch


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Here Are A Few Signs Which Says Your Vehicle's Clutch Is Close To Its End

When to Replace Car Clutch? - Grinding noise

A grinding or growling noise when the clutch pedal is pressed or a squealing noise that comes when it is released is usually a sign of a worn-out clutch or a bad bearing. It is important to change the clutch as if you keep driving your vehicle in this condition it can lead to more damage to the clutch as well as other moving parts.


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When you release the clutch pedal too fast, the shaking or hopping feeling you get from the car is known as shuddering. If the feeling continues while the vehicle is moving at low speeds, it means there’s a fault in the clutch system. Likely chances are that water has entered the system while driving through a flooded stretch of road. Usually, the water goes away when you drive for some kilometres but if the issue persists, it's better to get it checked with a mechanic. Other factors for shuddering can be a misaligned engine and transmission, the friction plate in the clutch isn’t working properly or worn out engine mounts.

Here Are A Few Signs Which Says Your Vehicle's Clutch Is Close To Its End



Slippage is a telltale sign of when to replace a car clutch. It is fairly easy to detect slippage if your vehicle’s RPM keeps on increasing without a resultant increase in speed or it is accelerating very slowly, that is slippage. This happens due to the clutch plates not being able to provide adequate traction and power from the engine is not getting transferred to the transmission efficiency.

Hard gear shifts

Even though you have engaged the clutch thoroughly and you’re still having to use extra force to slot the gears, it means there is something wrong with the clutch. If you are in luck, the issues can be fixed by making some adjustments or some parts will need replacing.


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Here Are A Few Signs Which Says Your Vehicle's Clutch Is Close To Its End

What should you replace

Other than knowing when to replace car clutch, you should also know what all components are required to be changed. Most modern vehicles’ clutch plate easily lasts 1 lakh km in optimum conditions like no regular rush hour driving, very little hilly terrain if at all, you drive your vehicle with care, etc. If you are an aggressive driver who likes to rev out the engine in every gear, then your clutch plate would need replacing much sooner.

If your vehicle’s clutch is slipping then the cost of repairs can vary between Rs 6,000 – Rs 12,000 depending on the make and model. Usually, the whole clutch assembly is replaced in this process. However, if you own a luxury car that came as a CBU unit, prices can go as high as Rs 50,000. If you’re experiencing hard shifts then there may be a leak if your vehicle comes with a hydraulic clutch. The leak can be easily detected and you won’t have to change the whole clutch assembly. If your vehicle is shuddering that the clutch friction assembly may need replacing which should cost the same as the clutch assembly. The grinding noise can be fixed by changing the set of worn-out ball bearings, but the process requires the transmission to be separated from the engine.

Here were few tips for knowing When to Replace Car Clutch along with the repair techniques. Hope this guide came of help for you.

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