Hyundai Creta 2018 Review India: Specs, Prices and Performance

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The new Hyundai Creta will be the car of your dream. It has a long list of features and a worth-praising performance. Our review of the Creta will tell you the specific information of Hyundai Creta.

First thing first, the car definitely strikes you with its sporty appearance & sleek outline, yes, Hyundai Creta has on all occasions impressed people with its exterior design at the first glance. And yes, it’s no exaggeration to state that this car is not for budget players. The question posed here is “Is it really worth your money?”. team test drives the car and presents you the Hyundai Creta 2018 Review - a comprehensive summary of performance and features that Hyundai Creta offers. 

1. Hyundai Creta 2018 Exterior and Interior

Hyundai Creta 2018 front look grey

It’s always been attracting a lot of eyeballs thanks to its stylish look. Arguably one of the best-selling compact SUVs on the market so far  

To start it off, the follow-me-home headlights, along with centre armrest with a nifty little tray, remote tailgate release, electric windows, as well as PAS come as standard across all variants of Hyundai Creta, also accompanied by Automatic Climate Control, which will definitely be a huge sigh of relief for all of us in this summer by managing the temperature of the cabin without manual intervention. The top-spec variants also incorporate a package of more convenient features such as LED position lights, push button switch, bi-function projector headlights. Other devices exclusively found in the S trim include backup camera integrated with steering adaptive parking guidelines display, front fog lamps, demister at the rear end, rear center armrest with cup holders and rear power outlet for smartphones. The number of seats remains the same as the older version’s, which is five (though the rear seat is more suitable for 2 adults rather than 3 like the manufacturer states) – including driver’s; in fact, there are other cars which present 3 seat rows for the same money. No news for the interior covering, upholstery comes with decent quality. 

The cabin as a whole offers comfortable space for headroom, also knee room and legroom; and in the case of a big family, another child as the sixth passenger squeezing in would not cause much physical disturbance. And apart from the base variant, the generous luggage space of 475 litres will be accompanied by luggage lamp across all models.

Hyundai Creta 2018 bootspace

The SUV offers a bountiful amount of boot space, which will comfortably fit in it a family’s worth of stuff for camping or everything like that, luggage, suitcases, etc.

Hyundai Creta 2018 touch screen

The 7-inch sat-nav infotainment touchscreen system will be seen in all variants. In the case of the low-end, the system goes with a memory of 1GB

Regarding recreation, the popular 7-inch sat-nav infotainment touchscreen system will be seen in all variants, with the low-end coming with a memory of 1GB. In-built navigation is incorporated in the system, though it is not as intuitive and user-friendly as Google Maps. The touchscreen is at the same time connected with the rear parking camera and display the area behind your car for safe parking. In short, the whole system is very responsive with accessible functions; instructions are user-friendly even in the case of someone not familiar with the technology. The steering wheel yields a firm grip, feels tight and responsive, resulting in smooth turns at any speed; this is made possible all thanks to the structural skin of the vehicle, though the steering is somehow a bit soft and feedback is quite limited.

Hyundai Creta instrument cluster

As a matter of fact, nearly every car is installed with a digital instrument panel which includes the odograph and trip meter

On top of that, the steep starting price (Rs 9.44 lakhs) will inevitably make the vehicle less appealing being compared with other cars of the same segment in terms of tools and features coming as standard at all variants; yes, the vehicle itself is indeed already humbled. And guess what, the Hyundai manufacturer has their own way of assuring the safety of their customers, to which driver and front passenger’s airbags, along with ABS and EBD are found in all variants; on the other hand, only the SX(O) variant gets the main and juicy pieces which include electronic stability program (ESP), side and curtain airbags (six airbags in total), and Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC), which is quite a big disappointment to many loyal fans of Hyundai Creta. And again, it’s very hard not to be nitpicking, but the SUV’s total feature package lose another point by lacking auto cruise, which should be a given for a vehicle of this segment.

Enough with Hyundai Creta’s fair share of defects, still the car does get its own saving grace to keep the custom by offering the navigation facility (but again, not so accessible as Google Maps), a set of rear AC vents, EV charging station of both front and back ends, armrests for both seat rows with cupholders, sufficient headroom and legroom, balanced suspension (which results in good ride quality) to name but a few. 

Hyundai Creta 2018 backseat

Armrests for both seat rows with cupholders

2. Hyundai Creta 2018 Performance

This time, our customers will be given 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines of impeccable refinement. The combination of a 6-speed Automatic gearbox and a diesel engine is also on offer. Going into details, the 1.6-litre petrol engine produces 121bhp/155Nm and 126bhp/265Nm for the diesel one. 6-speed manual and automatic transmission options are both available for both engines. A more compact Hyundai Creta version of 1.4-litre diesel engine producing 89bhp/224Nm of torque (limited to 6-speed manual gearbox only) is at clients’ disposal as well.

hyundai creta engine 2018

This time, our customers will be given 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines of impeccable refinement

Judging from a lot of features misses like leather covering and auto cruise, prestige pricing would be a word many potential buyers use to label the SUV. That said, the Hyundai Creta proves to be one of the favourite SUVs in India with its time being around and the number of units roaming the roads. Sometimes it is the strategic move of the manufacturers to set prices higher than normal since it is likely that lower prices will turn out to hurt sales. The Hyundai Creta you have here may not sufficiently pamper your needs of convenient features but after everything is considered, it is the car’s performance that has the biggest say.

3. Hyundai Creta 2018 Price

 1.4 Plus Diesel
 Rs. 10.0 Lakh
 1.4 S Diesel
 Rs.11.79 Lakh 
 1.6 SX Diesel
 Rs.13.3 Lakh
 1.6 SX Dual Tone Diesel
 Rs.13.8 Lakh
 1.6 S Automatic Diesel
 Rs.13.26 Lakh
 1.6 E
 Rs.9.44 Lakh 
 1.6 E Plas
 Rs.10.0 Lakh 
 1.6 SX
 Rs.11.95 Lakh 
 1.6 SX Duel Tone
 Rs.12.45 Lakh
 1.6 SX Option
 Rs.13.61 Lakh

4. Hyundai Creta 2018 Specifications

Hyundai Creta 2018 Specs
Engine Type
 1.6-litre 126.2bhp 16V U2 CRDI VGT Engine
 1.6-litre 121.3bhp 16V VTVT Petrol Engine
 1582 cc
 1591 cc
 259.87 Nm 
 151 Nm
 126.2 BHP 
 121.3 BHP
 5-speed Manual
 6-speed Manual
 20.5 kmpl
 15.8 kmpl
 Length x Width x Height
 4270 x 1780 x 1630
 2590 mm
 Ground Clearance
 190 mm 
 Kerb Weight
 1250 kg 
 Cargo Volume 
 Seating Capacity
Suspension and Brake
 Front: McPherson strut 
 Rear: coupled Torsion Beam Axle (CTBA) with Coil Spring 
 Front: Disc
 Rear: Drum  
 Steering and Tyres
 215/60 R17
Safety Features
  • Anti-Block Braking System
  • EBD
  • Central Locking
  • Fog Light: Front and Rear
  • Driver and Passenger Airbags
  • Parking Sensor
  • Power Door Lock
  • Hill Assist
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Side and Front Impact Beams
  • Passenger Rear View Mirror
Other features
  • Power Window (Front and Rear)
  • Air Quality Control
  • Trunk Light
  • Automatic Climate  Control
  • Rear Seat Centre Armrest 
  • Rear AC Vents
  • Height Adjustable Front Seat Belts
  • Cruise Control 
  • Foldable Rear Seat
  • Engine Start/Stop Button
  • USB Charger
  • Navigation System

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