Hyundai Xcent Review 2018 India: Interior, Exterior and Performance

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Hyundai Xcent's newest facelift has brought in many changes for the package. Let's see whether or not these changes could lead to an overall better quality of Hyundai Xcent.

In 2017, Hyundai Xcent has been given a new facelift which brings in a fresh exterior look and a new interior as well. The twists and touches in the models are welcomed with positive remarks. On the following part, will give you the detailed review of Hyundai Xcent 2018 in India.

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1. Hyundai Xcent 2018 Exterior

Hyundai Xcent has gone miles with the new exterior design revolution. On the same platform, Hyundai Xcent 2018 exerts an all-new fresh look. Whereas the old model’s exterior might be a little bit dull and ordinary, the new facelift appears to be stronger and bolder and leaves an instant impression.

On the face of the Xcent, the manufacturers have put a strong dose of chrome, especially on the grille, to replace the piano black bar. The new chrome-barred grille soaks up a large estate than that of the older model. Admittedly, this new twist has moved the car out of the realm of plain-looking cars, promoting a premium vibe from the outside. The logo is moved to the centre of the grille.

Hyundai Xcent 2018 front and side look silver

The front and side look of Hyundai Xcent

Together with the new grille, the front also receives a new fog-light housing, which is much cooler and sleeker than the two-part grille in its former model. Replacing the simple foglamp housing, the new posh swept-back fog lamps as well as new daytime running LEDs. Along with that, there is a new thin bumper connecting the two fog lamps.  The side profile remains to be the same, except for a subtle change in the alloys.

Hyundai Xcent rear look silver

The rear look of the Hyundai Xcent 

The rear of the Xcent is also a host for exterior updates. The redesigned rear profile includes reshaped-taillight taking the place of the old boxy taillight housing. Like the front side, the rear is added with a new black bumper insert.

Overall, the facelift’s exterior update has drastically changed the outer impression of the Xcent.

2. Hyundai Xcent 2018 Interior

Not only the outside, the Xcent feels premium when you get into the car. The interior is stylish and fashionable and remains comfortable and practical at the same time. With a black and beige theme, the interior gives an impression of a high-end car.

On the dashboard, the layout is simply-organized for the better control. The new Xcent gets a new 7-inch touch-screen infotainment system which also supports connectivity to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The touch-screen is responsive and has a high displaying quality. To optimize the use of the touch-screen, many additional features are integrated to be performed on the touch-screen, for example, navigation, rear reversing camera with parking guideline

The instrument cluster unit is eye-catching and attractive with blue and white illuminating light. And to boost the experience, the power steering wheels are tilt-adjustable and holds mounted remote controls.

Hyundai Xcent 2018 interior

The new dashboard of the Hyundai Xcent

The best thing about the Xcent is its roomy space. It offers a decent space for the whole family of five to travel for a long drive. The rear seat has all the supported feature to give the best experience for passengers, for example, an armrest with cup-holder, rear vents, and adjustable headrest. Throughout the interior, you can find a lot of space for storage, for example, storage space for four doors, cup-holders on the centre console and on the armrest at the rear row, a chilled glove box to keep cool drinks, not to mention a large cargo space at the rear. Due to the extended width, the 407-litre boot could be loaded with large luggage at ease.

Hyundai Xcent beige and black cabin

The cabin of Hyundai Xcent 2018​

To enhance the comfort in the cabin, the Xcent is equipped with a full list of features, including automatic climate control, rear parking sensor, star/stop button AC rear vents, navigation on a touch-screen display, and smart key.

3. Hyundai Xcent 2018 Performance

The Xcent still receives power from either the 1.2-litre 3-cylinder CRDI diesel engine or a 1.2-litre 4-cylinder Kappa petrol engine. The diesel engine is able to return the power of 75 Ps and 190 Nm, whereas, the petrol engine could provide 83 PS and 116 Nm.

The power generated by the engine will be transferred to the wheels by a four-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual gearbox. The automatic transmission is only available in the 1.2 petrol version, while the manual gearbox could be mated with both engine option.

The diesel variant shares the same engine as in the new Grand i10. When starting the engine, it is easy to spot the strong vibration inside the cabin. But as the car accelerates, the vibration lessens and become milder.

Even though the having the same engine, the Xcent and the Grand i10 has different performance pattern. Having a larger weight, the Xcent feels a little bit more sluggish than the Grand i10. For example, in the Grand i10, there aren’t any turbo lag, whereas it is quite audible in the Xcent. It also takes longer for Xcent to accelerate. However, the performance of the Xcent is adequate for city driving with a light clutch.

The manual diesel comes first in terms of fuel efficiency with a desirable figure of 25.4 kmpl. The manual petrol comes second with 20.14 kmpl, and the petrol automatic is the less fuel-efficient with only 17.36 kmpl.

With the same suspension setup, the Xcent still offers good ride quality and handling. Low-speed drives are comfortable without many bumps, even with bad road condition. But it could still be a little bouncy when tackling cornering at fast speed.

Hyundai Xcent 2018 front black

Hyundai Xcent 2018 

Hyundai now offers dual front airbags as standard across the Xcent’s variant range. The top three variants also get rear parking sensors, while the top two get a reversing camera with the feed relayed to the touchscreen infotainment system. However, while ABS was a standard offering, it’s now limited to the range-topping SX and SX (O) grade. At the least, ABS should have been optional for the lower variants. 

4. Hyundai Xcent 2018 Price

Hyundai Xcent 2018 India Price:

 Engine Model   Price
Diesel   1.2 CRDi E  Rs. 6.45 Lakh
 1.2 CRDi E Plus  Rs. 7.00 Lakh
 1.2 CRDi S  Rs. 7.45 Lakh
 1.2 CRDi SX  Rs. 7.85 Lakh
 1.2 CRDi SX Option  Rs. 8.63 Lakh
Petrol  1.2 VTVT E  Rs. 5.52 Lakh
 1.2 VTVT E Plus  Rs. 6.04 Lakh
 1.2 VTVT S  Rs. 6.53 Lakh
 1.2 VTVT SX  Rs. 6.91 Lakh
 1.2 VTVT S AT  Rs. 7.34 Lakh


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