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Used & second hand cars under 1 Lakh in Coimbatore

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Used 2010 Nano CX for sale in Coimbatore

90,000 Inr Coimbatore
  • 2010
  • |
  • 99,000 km
  • |
  • Manual
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The car market in Coimbatore has considerably developed and the city has become one of the most reliable outsourced components’ destinations for the car industry. This growth can be explained by several factors including skilled technical talents and resources availability. Not only the new car market has witnessed a fast development but the used car one has also experienced the same thing as well with a much faster space. There are a wide range of pre-owned cars in Coimbatore for customers to choose from.

I. Top below-1-lakh cars in Coimbatore

You have saved some money to buy a new car; however, your dream cannot be realized since the car you like is beyond your reach. Nevertheless, with a budget of only INR 1 lakh, you can get access to a wide range of used cars in Coimbatore. In the table bellows, top below-2-lakh in Coimbatore have been compiled according to brands: Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Tata.

Maruti Suzuki

Top used under-INR-1-lakh Maruti cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Maruti 800 in Coimbatore

 From INR 55,000

 Maruti Esteem in Coimbatore

 From INR 80,000

 Maruti Zen in Coimbatore

 From INR 89,000

 Maruti Alto 800 in Coimbatore

 From INR 95,000


For more second-hand Maruti cars in Coimbatore, visit IndianAuto.


Top used under-INR-1-lakh Tata cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Tata Nano in Coimbatore

 From INR 45,000

 Tata Indica in Coimbatore

 From INR 50,000

 Tata Zest in Coimbatore

 From 99,000


Access IndianAuto to search for more pre-owned Tata cars in Coimbatore.


Top used under-INR-1-lakh Hyundai cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Hyundai Accent in Coimbatore

 From INR 70,000

 Hyundai Santro in Coimbatore

 From INR 89,000


To look for more used Hyundai cars in Coimbatore, please pay a visit to IndianAuto.

II. Where to find good below-1-lakh used cars in India?

IndianAuto is one of the leading digital online platforms which serves as the channel between auto sellers and buyers in India with a multitude of second-hand cars for sale, car reviews, news, stories, tips and comparisons. You can use the user-friendly filtering tool to find your ideal car within only a few simple steps. For example, if you want to look for used cars under 1 lakh, set the budget filter as under 1 lakh. Similarly, if you want to buy pre-owned cars under 1 lakh in Coimbatore, simply set the city as Coimbatore. Noteworthily, the seller’s details will be presented after you fill some of your basic personal information. Using these details, you can contact the seller; otherwise, the sellers will connect to you using the information that you leave.

III. Other search terms people also use in Coimbatore

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By Body Type: used SUVs in Coimbatore, pre-owned sedans in Coimbatore, pre-owned luxury cars in Coimbatore.

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