10 States With Longest Roads In India For A Hair-Raising Weekend Getaway

by Harish Kumar | 10/01/2020
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Check out these following states with the longest roads in India. Pack your luggage in your car and travel along the longest roads with IndianAuto.

There’s no denying the Indian roads system should be, always, playing the bread and butter role in boosting the entire national economy. Can you believe? India, being the world’s second-largest country by population and seventh-largest country by total area, has the second largest road network of the globe, just following the US, which mounts to an enormous distance of 5,472,144 kilometres and is growing. Well, it is a big mistake from IndianAuto if the topic of longest roads in India and longest highways in India misses out on the Golden Quadrilateral - the fifth-longest highway in the world or the six longest six-lane highway network in India - Yamuna Expressway. Let’s take a quick ride around the states of the beautiful country to discover the longest roads in India for your fantastically hair-raising weekend getaway.

1. Maharashtra - Road network of 247,652 km

India’s third-largest state by area, Maharashtra is emboldened with some of the longest highways and busiest roads in India. Maharashtra encompasses the largest roadway network of 247,652 km that is methodically-planed and designed to provide the most convenient passenger road transport for the Indians.

maharashtra roads

The state houses major 17 National Highways that connects it to six other states in the country. Especially, Maharashtra is also the beholder of the mighty Mumbai-Pune Expressway which is the country’s first six-lane high-speed access-controlled tolled expressway, along with the NH 8, NH 9, NH3, NH13, NH16, NH50 among others. We’re not done yet! Maharashtra is also being known for owning the largest bridges in India like the Rajiv Gandhi Setu that bridges Worli and Bandra.

2. Uttar Pradesh - Road network of 50,000 km

You can find some of the longest roads in India in Uttar Pradesh, which embraces an immense road network of 50,000 km and as many as 31 National Highways of India, including the longest highway in India - NH 44 as well as the NH 11, NH 28, NH 19 and many more.

uttar pradesh highway

In fact, UP holds one of the largest road networks of the country, just behind Maharashtra. Being at the essence of the state, the road transport network in Uttar Pradesh plays a vital role in connecting the rural, industrial and cultural hubs in and outside the state. A short trip to Uttar Pradesh to learn about farming sounds interesting, doesn’t it?


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3. Rajasthan - Road network of 150,876 km

rahasthan longest highway

Yes, we’re talking about the road network of the largest state in India, Rajasthan which gets a total area of 342,329 km sq. Clearly, Rajasthan fits the list very well as it is a well-connected state, having as many as 20 National Highways wrapping around, equal to the length of 7,906 km and a transport network of up to 150,876 km, all the ways to enable smooth transportation within many regions of India. The longest roads in Rajasthan is the NH 15 lengthening from Punjab to Gujarat. The other major National Highway is the NH 11 that connects Agra in Uttar Pradesh with Bikaner in Rajasthan. It’s also worth noting, this is the big tourism Highway in India.

4. Andhra Pradesh - Road network of 123,334 km

roads in Andhra pradesh

Another state with longest roads in india is Andhra Pradesh, which is known for various tourist destinations and an extensive roadway network of 1,23,334 km stretching through the length and breadth of the state. Andhra Pradesh maintains a smooth connection with the neighboring states with various longest highways in India like the NH5, NH 18, NH 7 and more. If you are planning to visit Visakhapatnam, the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh to enjoy some sunlight and white sand, you can pack your luggage on and drive to the well-maintained NH 16 then enjoy the beauty of the amazing city through the window on the go.


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5. Karnataka - Road network of 2,090 km

karnataka NH4

Lying in the South of India, Karnataka is currently the largest Southern state of the country. It came into being in 1956 and gets a total area of 122,489 km square. Karnataka is endowed with some longest roads in India along with internal roads covering the massive length of 2,090 km. It is the accommodator of 14 NHs and 114 SHs, ensuring seamless connectivity with some other adjoining states in India.


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6. Tamil Nadu - Road network of 14,257 km

We all know, Tamil Nadu has been a role model in lessening the road accidents fatalities rate in India, which comes partly courtesy of the network of roads with facility and infrastructure throughout the states. Driving around in a car to explore the architectural grandeur or the beautiful natural landscapes of Tamil Nadu should be a great idea for your road trips.

road network in Tamil Nadu

The longest roads in Tamil Nadu is the National Highway 45. Starting from the city Chennai to Theni, the NH 45 is also the most bustling highway of Tamil Nadu. Other than that, there are 24 other National Highways and some State Highways in Tamil Nadu, stretching over the spick and span of 14,257 km.

7. Madhya Pradesh - Road network of 3,714 km

MP road trip

The longest road in Madhya Pradesh should be, according to some statistics, the National Highway 3 which runs from Rajasthan and terminate in Maharashtra. Madhya Pradesh is known as “the Heart of India”, not only because it is geographically located at heart of the country, but also due to its complex road maps that serve as an important bridge between the tranquil ancient villages and the utmost extravagant cities in and outside the state. Madhya Pradesh’s roadways are also complemented for the “groovy” infrastructure that makes your trips replete with fun.


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8. Odisha - Road network of 9,493 km

longest roads in India - odisha

The state economy of Odisha is largely motivated by massive roadways, highways and flyovers which span over the total area of 155,820 km square, thereby making them some of the longest roads in india. Despite the fact that the topography of Odisha is stuffed with numerous mountains, rivers and wildlife sanctuaries, Odisha’s network of roads are still well-planned and executed and embraces the whopping routes of the NH 16, NH 18, NH 20, NH 26, NH 353, etc. providing a phenomenal connection of the state with the other parts of the country

9. Bihar - Road network of 8,848 km

best roads in Bihar

The NH 2 that starts from Uttar Pradesh border and ends at Jharkhand is the longest highway in Bihar in particular and one of the longest highways in India. The extensive road network in Bihar can give you a number of crazy road trips that are full of amazing experiences. Bihar welcomes about 29 National Highways running through it along with several State Highways, wraps a total expansion of 8,848 km. The internal roads of Bihar are well-designed and play a role in connecting the cities like Patna, Deoghar, Vaishali, etc. with each other smoothly.

10. Gujarat - Road network of 618 km

state highway in Gujarat

Lastly, in this list of longest roads in india, we talk about Gujarat which is one of the most flourishing states in the West of India. The longest highway of Gurajat is the NH 8A which lengthens from Ahmedabad until Narayan Sarovar, making a total span of 618 km. There are a great number of places of interests and historical monuments in Gurajat and take a tour around the state will be an ideally remarkable experience of your travelling life.

Spiritually, hanging out on the roads should be one of the perfect weekend plans for the Indians families and young millennials. And if you want some more good vibes, we have given you the list of best Hindi travel songs for your mind-boggling roads trips so far. If you are setting out to buy a well-maintained used car that will be with you by most of the next trips, check the deals right now in the website’s toolbar. Stay tuned and keep updated with more interesting car stories with Indianauto.com!

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