Maruti Wagon R Spare Parts Price List

by IndianAuto Team | 07/05/2020
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Maruti Wagon R is among the hottest hatchbacks in India. Hence the demand for Maruti Wagon R spare parts is also high. Here is the price list of authentic parts of Maruti Wagon

Maruti cars enjoy massive following in the Indian market partly thanks to its wide-spread and efficient after-sales service network across the country. For these reasons, Maruti car buyers can easily find genuine spare parts of their cars even in remote areas. You can simply visit the nearest Maruti’s showrooms or service stations to buy and have your car part replaced. Let's have a look at Maruti Wagon R spare parts and price list.

Maruti Wagon R Genuine Spare Parts can be found in every Maruti showrooms and service centre

Why you should use Maruti authentic spare parts?

Using authentic spares is an important practice that every car owner should take seriously. The obvious reason is that the authentic car parts offer guaranteed quality and perfect compatibility. On top of that, using real spare car parts is required by the car manufacturer in order to keep the warranty intact. If the electric control module is affected owing to the installation of unauthentic car parts, the replacement of expensive ECM will not be covered by warranty. It would cost you Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 to replace ECM. So it is of importance to have your vehicle cared by authorized service stations and get authentic car parts.

Maruti WagonR is one of the most popular cars in India. The Wagon R is picked by various buyers thanks to its top practicality and high reliability. Last year, Maruti launched the new-gen version of the Wagon R which has been warmly welcomed by India buyers. Also, you can find more affordable older version of the Maruti Wagon R in the used car market. IndianAuto is offering a variety of used examples of Maruti WagonR across India.

This hot-selling hatchback is now offered in three variants, LXi, VXi and ZXi. The base variant is priced at Rs 4.45 lakh while the top-spec Z is priced at Rs 5.94 lakh. It is available with two choices of petrol engines- a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder and a 1.2-litre 4-cylinder. Both of them are compliant with the new BSVI emission norms. While the former produces 83PS of peak power and 113Nm of maximum torque the latter can send 68PS and 90Nm to the wheels. Both the engines are offered with two transmission options - 5-speed manual and 5-speed AMT. 


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Maruti Wagon R Spare Part Price List

Maruti Wagon R spare part's price starts from Rs. 229 (GST included) and goes up to Rs. 11,379. Listed out below is the Maruti Wagon R Spare Parts Price List

Maruti Wagon R Spare Parts

Prices GST Total Cost

Front Bumper

Rs. 1,315

Rs. 368

Rs. 1,683

Rear Bumper

Rs. 2,000

Rs. 560

Rs. 2,560


Rs. 2,878

Rs. 805

Rs. 3,683

Front Windshield Glass

Rs. 3,000

Rs. 840

Rs. 3,840

Rear Windshield Glass

Rs. 2,000

Rs. 560

Rs. 2,560

Fender (Left or Right)

Rs. 1,130

Rs. 316

Rs. 1,446

Head Light (Left or Right )

Rs. 2,222

Rs. 622

Rs. 2,844

Tail Light (Left or Right)

Rs. 1,100

Rs. 308

Rs. 1,408

Front Door (Left or Right)

Rs. 4,538

Rs. 1,270

Rs. 5,808

Rear Door (Left or Right)

Rs. 6,521

Rs. 1,825

Rs. 8,346


Rs. 4,410

Rs. 1,234

Rs. 5,644


Rs. 4,300

Rs. 1,204

Rs. 5,504


Rs. 4,490

Rs. 1,257

Rs. 5,747

Front Door Handle (Outer)

Rs. 244

Rs. 68

Rs. 312

Rear View Mirror

Rs. 486

Rs. 136

Rs. 622

Back Panel

Rs. 1,395

Rs. 390

Rs. 1,785

Fog Lamp Assembly

Rs. 390

Rs. 109

Rs. 499

Front Panel

Rs. 1,395

Rs. 390

Rs. 1,785


Rs. 361

Rs. 101

Rs. 462

Accessory belt

Rs. 542

Rs. 151

Rs. 693

LED Headlamps

Rs. 8,444

Rs. 2,364

Rs. 10,808

Back door

Rs. 36,444

Rs. 10,204

Rs. 46,648

Oil Filter

Rs. 462

Rs. 129

Rs. 591

Air Filter

Rs. 179

Rs. 50

Rs. 229

Timing Chain

Rs. 855

Rs. 239

Rs. 1,094

Fuel Filter

Rs. 268

Rs. 75

Rs. 343

Spark Plug

Rs. 425

Rs. 119

Rs. 544

Cylinder Kit

Rs. 8,890

Rs. 2,489

Rs. 11,379

Clutch Plate

Rs. 970

Rs. 271

Rs. 1,241

Combination Switch

Rs. 1,244

Rs. 348

Rs. 1,592

Disc Brake Front

Rs. 827

Rs. 231

Rs. 1,058

Disc Brake Rear

Rs. 827

Rs. 231

Rs. 1,058

Shock Absorber Set

Rs. 2,841

Rs. 795

Rs. 3,636

Front Brake Pads

Rs. 449

Rs. 125

Rs. 574

Rear Brake Pads

Rs. 449

Rs. 125

Rs. 574

Side View Mirror

Rs. 523

Rs. 146

Rs. 669


Rs. 285

Rs. 79

Rs. 364


Rs. 352

Rs. 98

Rs. 450

If you want to check and get authentic spare car parts for your Maruti Wagon R, visit the nearest Maruti Suzuki-authorized service centre. Stay tuned on Indianauto to update car spare parts

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