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Used SUV cars in Chennai with prices

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Which are the best used SUV cars in Chennai (with prices)?  

In the past, SUVs were more popular among off-roader car enthusiasts and car users in rural areas. However, with the continuing growth in demand for the SUV segment, this body type is becoming more and more popular even in the bigger cities. The lack of space and congested traffic in cities are the biggest reasons that discourage the buyers in the city from owning larger cars like SUV. However, the rise of compact SUVs is the answer to this concern. Car buyers in cities can find plenty of compact and sub-compact SUV options at very attractive prices. Chennai, for example, also sees impressive growth in the popularity of these smaller SUVs.

While the prices of SUVs are becoming more and more affordable, they are still priced way above the regular hatchback segment and out of budget for customers. In that case, you can consider buying used SUVs instead. Here are some best used SUVs in Chennai that you should consider.

Used five-seater SUVs in Chennai

A standard five-seater SUV is the most popular option in the used car market. You can find various five-seater SUVs from different price ranges. For a smaller budget, sub-four-meter SUVs are wonderful options. If you can extend your budget, compact SUVs like Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier or Mahindra Scorpio.

Five-seater SUVs in Chennai

Min price

Ford EcoSport

Rs 4.8 lakh

Maruti Brezza

Rs 6.9 lakh

Hyundai Creta

Rs 7.65 lakh

Mahindra XUV500

Rs 8 lakh

Used seven-seater SUVs in Chennai

The seven-seater SUVs are less popular than other five-seater models. However, there is still certain demand for the seven-seater SUVs. Here are some used seven-seater SUV in the used market.

Seven-seater SUVs in Chennai

Min price

Toyota Fortuner

Rs 9 lakh

Ford Endeavour

Rs 8.75 lakh

Mahindra Scorpio

Rs 4.35 lakh

Used luxury SUVs in Chennai

The luxury SUV space is a very niche market. However, used luxury cars are in very high demand. Many people want to experience luxury cars, however, the price of these models are extremely high. In this case, the only possible option is to buy second-hand luxury cars. Moreover, the bonus point of buying luxury vehicles is that these models have a higher resale value. Even when you want to discard the car, the price will not plummet significantly. Here are some popular used SUVs in Chennai.

Luxury SUVs in Chennai

Min price


Rs 10 lakh


Rs 50 lakh

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Rs 23 lakh

Mercedes Benz GLA Class

Rs 31 lakh

Audi Q3

Rs 17.5 lakh

Used 4x4 SUV

4x4 drivetrain is very popular among SUVs. Many car enthusiasts, especially off-roader fans, would love to have powerful 4x4 SUVs in their garage. Even though a 4x4 car is not ideal for city commuting, it is a great companion if you want to explore the wilderness. Here are some popular 4x4 SUVs in Chennai.

4x4 SUVs in Chennai

Min price

Toyota Fortuner

Rs 9 lakh

Ford Endeavour

Rs 8.75 lakh

Mahindra Thar

Rs 6.8 lakh

Jeep Compass

Rs 15 lakh

Which are the cheapest SUV cars in Chennai? 

The value-for-money quality is always among the highest priorities for Indian buyers. With a limited budget, you can still find various options in the used car market. Here are the cheapest SUV cars in Chennai.

Cheapest SUVs in Chennai

Min price

Tata Safari

Rs 3.45 lakh

Ford EcoSport

Rs 4.8 lakh

Mahindra Scorpio

Rs 4.35 lakh

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How to Buy Used SUVs in Chennai? 

At the moment, the birth of many online auto portals has enforced the ease of buying and owning a car. On these platforms, buyers can find various used car listings from individual buyers and from dealerships. The online used car markets allow buyers to browse and find a wide range of used car deal without much travelling. IndianAuto is one of the reliable online platforms for used car buyers. Now, we are providing a wide variety of SUVs for sale in Chennai.

Besides visiting the online used car platform, you can also check out the nearest used car dealerships. In Chennai, you can visit the big dealerships like Sakthi car, TS Mahalingam and Sons, Motor Mar, and more. Moreover, another channel where you can find a good used car is through the used car outlet network operated by car brands. Some of the notable names include Mahindra First Choice, Hyundai First Choice and Maruti True Value,

Here are some tips for buying used cars in Chennai:

  • When buying a used car in Chennai or any places in India, buyers should be extra careful and seek advice from experts like mechanics. It is best if you can bring along a mechanic to inspect the conditions of a used car and negotiate the price.

  • If you are not familiar with the whole car mechanics, you can go for the safer options, for example, used cars that are inspected and certified by some car portal companies. These options ensure the quality of the car and can provide you with warranty options. price is higher but it will give you peace of mind, especially when you are not confident with your knowledge of cars.

  • Besides doing a proper inspection, used car buyers should also pay extra attention to the documents. Make sure that all the documents are checked properly.

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