Tata Hexa 2018 Review: Interior, Exterior, and Performance

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Let's take a look at the next hit from Tata - Tata Hexa, its interior, exterior and performance.

Tata Hexa is launched in January 2017. Ever since it has been one of the most successful attempts from the Indian automaker in the SUV market. Besides a rich-feature package, Tata Hexa also offers powerful engines and a premium interior. All of which has contributed to the appeal of Tata Hexa. Tata has demonstrated a smart move in promoting their new image with Tata Tiago, and now, the debut of the Hexa. IndianAuto.com will give you the in-depth Tata Hexa 2018 Review India.

1. Tata Hexa 2018 Exterior

It is noticeable that the exterior of Tata Hexa has inherited some facets of the Aria. In terms of the proportion, the MPV-like look, and the overall front structure, Tata Hexa is definitely matching the Aria. However, it is still a new and fresh design with a stronger appearance.

Tata Hexa front and side view grey

Exterior of Tata Hexa bears some similarities to the Aria

Unlike the elegant and mild front of the Aria, Tata Hexa has an aggressive and SUV-like face. Instead of the sleek horizontal bar, the black grille and air dam look more dominating with hexagonal details. Tata does not forget to put the signature “humanity line” linking the two headlamps into Hexa’s design.  The smoked projector headlamps look smart and more sporty than ever.

Tata Hexa from the front

The side of Tata Hexa 

To the side, the Hexa brings out the impressive 19-inch five-stroke alloys in the top variants. Compared with the 16-inch alloys of the lower variants, these alloys create a greater visual effect. A chrome streak running under the window and stretching to the rear side is the highlight of the Hexa from the side. The rear is neat and simple with a stand-out touch of chrome between the two lamps.

2. Tata Hexa 2018 Interior

The interior features the all-black theme, except for the beige ceiling. You can also find every now and then touches of chrome in the interior.

Hexa’s dashboard features a five-inch touchscreen which serves as the infotainment display as well as the reverse camera display. The design language is quite chaotic and chunky on the dashboard with excessive chrome strike. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped, but sadly it isn’t reach-adjustable.

The instrument cluster represents two pods for speedometer and tachometer, and an LCD screen for other information about time, fuel consumption, and drive mode.

One of most impressive features inside the car is the ten speakers from JBT which conveys an excellent sound quality.

Tata Hexa’s dashboard

Tata Hexa’s dashboard

The space inside the cabin is spacious and roomy. It is easy to get into the car with wide doors and opening space. The driver seat has 8 different settings to adjust, which is created to fit various builds.  The first two seat rows provide occupants with enough legroom, headroom and shoulder room. The third row seems to be suitable for kids rather than adults. But they all feel comfortable with Benecke-Kaliko leather upholstery and are equipped with necessary features, for example, all-row AC vent, sun-proof rear window, and a USB port as well.

Tata Hexa’s cabin

The view of Tata Hexa’s cabin

The lack of sunroof is a disappointment in regard to the exterior. Tata Hexa also fails to have a starter button which is common for a car of the premium section.

3. Tata Hexa 2018 Performance

Tata offers only diesel engine options. The 2.2-litre VARICOR diesel engine comes into 2 different tunes, one with 150PS/320Nm and the other with 156PS/400Nm. The latter is restricted to the higher variants – XM and XT and mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox; whereas the former is available for XE variant. The higher tune goes with either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. The top-spec XT 4x4 is exclusively paired with the 6-speed manual gearbox.

Despite the impressive power and torque figures it gives, Hexa still falls behind other cars from the same segment in term of torque-to-weight ratios. The high ratio is the result of an imposing kerb weight of 2,280.

Hexa has a light clutch. It is easy to manage when maneuvering in the city. On the highway, cruising at high speed of above 100 km/h is not a big deal. In general, the performance is competent.

tata hexa 2018

Tata Hexa comes with 2 engine options

3.1. Tata Hexa 2018 Diesel Manual Transmission

The NVH level of the diesel is acceptable without noise penetrating the cabin as long as you drive at the normal speed. The engine doesn’t come as peppy and rev-happy. Instead, it is more pleasant at a stable speed. Turbo lag exists when the engine engages less than 1500rpm.

Super Drive modes including Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road are available in manual gearbox version. Auto mode – the most ideal for most driving situations – works on stability and traction. The part-time AWD enables the car to fit different surface. On the other hand, Comfort mode, which means RWD, obviously engages in providing comfortable drives. It is also the most fuel-economic mode. Therefore, the power doesn’t come as lively as normal. Dynamic mode promises to give an exciting and forceful drive. It works best on highway driving. Finally, the Rough Road, as the name might suggest, is all for off-road drives.

3.2. Tata Hexa 2018 Automatic transmission

With an automatic transmission, car drivers could easily shift gear. The noise and vibration level is also relatively low in AT variant. Unfortunately, the AT version doesn’t come with paddle shifters nor a dual clutch. Sports mode will enable the car to cruise more eagerly and aggressively on the highway.

Riding and handling: The suspension is particularly satisfying. Even when driving in bad roads with excessive bumps, the good suspension still remains. More surprisingly, the high speed doesn’t change the firm handling either. At this point, Hexa completely beats other competitors like Innova Crysta or Renault Duster. The ride quality of Hexa is undeniably excellent.

However, the steering could not keep up with the wonderful handling. It is heavy when parking or driving at low speed, which requires a certain work-out in city driving. In the highway, the weigh of the steering feels adequate. However, it is still not fully responsive.

4. Tata Hexa 2018 Safety feature, variants and price range

The safety package of the Hexa includes 6 airbags, electronic stability program, traction control, hill ascent and descent control and anti-lock brakes.

There are 6 variants which are XE, XM, XMA, XT, XTA and XT 4x4. The price of Tata Hexa ranges from Rs 12.49 to 17.63 lakh.

 Model Price 
 Tata Hexa XE  Rs. 12.49 Lakh
 Tata Hexa XM  Rs. 14.0 Lakh
 Tata Hexa XMA  Rs. 15.19 Lakh
 Tata Hexa XT  Rs. 16.51 Lakh
 Tata Hexa XTA  Rs. 17.63 Lakh

The rivals of Tata Hexa include Mahindra XUV500, Hyundai Creta, and Toyota Innova.

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