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3.85 Lakh Hyderabad
  • 2016
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  • 35,000 km
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  • Manual
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I. How to purchase second-hand cars in Hyderabad?

1. How is the Hyderabad auto market operating?

The economy in Hyderabad has been growing well these days as a result of the city’s transformation into an IT destination. The auto market in the city has also developed at a thrilling space. Owning a car in Hyderabad, which used to be a luxury thing in the past, nowadays, has become a normal practice. Hyderabad is witnessing the increasing mobility among the middle classes, like all other major cities in India; therefore, the demand for cars has also increased at a fast space. New cars are launched almost every month in the city. There are numerous car manufacturing factories and car dealers in Hyderabad. Not only has the new car segment witnessed a fast development but the used car one has also experienced the same thing as well, even at a much quicker pace than the former.

2. How to purchase used cars in Hyderabad?

Although the used car purchase tips may slightly vary depending on the cities, this general one can apply for all the regions in India. Generally, an average customer usually follows these steps when buying a second-hand car.

  • Choosing the model

First and foremost, you should decide which car model most suits your demand, lifestyle, interest and budget. Since Hyderabad is a major city, there are many options for you to choose from in the Indian auto market. You can consider many cars that belong to the same segment before making the final decision.

  • Exploring buying locations

Today, you can buy pre-owned cars from numerous locations which can be car dealers, used car showrooms or private owners. Try to get some background information on the vehicle such as the reason for selling it, whether the car was involved in any accidents before, etc. Keep in mind that cars from private owners may have no service warranty. Hyderabad is a big city where many car purchasing locations are available which provide you with numerous options to choose from.

  • Consider all payment options

You should consider among the finance for second-hand cars offered by different banks, the total price of the vehicle and your budget as well so that you can choose the most suitable vehicle for yourself.

  • Test drive the car

Customers should take the used car for a test drive for a distance of 4 to 5 km to see if there are any problems with the engine, the steering, the sound or vibration.

  • Inspect the car

You should thoroughly inspect the car inside out, from the engine, the tyres, the wheels to the lighting system and the air conditioner, etc.

  • Check all the documents

Some of the necessary documents include the blue book, insurance, pollution under control (PUC), road tax, no objection certificate (NOC).

  • Transfer the car’s ownership

The last step is to transfer the car ownership in your name.

hyderabad used car dealer

Used car showroom in Hyderabad

II. Which are the most affordable popular second-hand cars in Hyderabad?

The cheapest pre-owned cars in Hyderabad include the Maruti 800, Maruti Alto, Maruti Wagon R, Hyundai Santro Xing and Honda City. The list of the vehicles with their detailed prices are presented in the table below.


Most Affordable Second-hand Cars

Prices on IndianAuto


 Maruti 800 in Hyderabad

 From INR 35,000


 Maruti Alto in Hyderabad

 From INR 89,000


 Maruti Wagon R in Hyderabad

 From INR 1 lakh


 Hyundai Santro Xing in Hyderabad

 From INR 1.05 lakh


 Honda City in Hyderabad

 From INR 2.11 lakh

* Prices of these vehicles are for reference only.

III. Which are the most popular used SUVs in Hyderabad?

The auto customers in India in general and in Hyderabad in particular have a passion for SUVs or any types of cars that look like SUVs. Therefore, this segment has witnessed a remarkable development these days and has made up for a large percentage in the Indian market share. In Hyderabad, some of the most popular second-hand SUVs are Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra Bolero, Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Creta and Toyota Fortuner.


Most Popular SUVs in Hyderabad

Prices on IndianAuto


 Mahindra Scorpio 7-seater SUV in Hyderabad

 From INR 1.85 lakh


 Mahindra Bolero 7-seater SUV in Hyderabad

 From INR 2.3 lakh


 Ford EcoSport 5-seater SUV in Hyderabad

 From INR 4.65 lakh


 Hyundai Creta 5-seater SUV  in Hyderabad

 From INR 6.75 lakh


 Toyota Fortuner 7-seater SUV in Hyderabad

 From INR 8.95 lakh

* Prices of these vehicles are for reference only.

IV. How pre-owned cars can be used in Hyderabad?

1. RTO regulations for used car usage

The rules for used cars’ ownership transfer at different RTOs might slightly vary; nevertheless, the general regulations consist of the following.

After purchasing a second-hand car, you have to apply for its ownership transfer at the nearest RTO. The documents that you need to prepare include the Registration Certificate, Form 28, 29, 30, residential evidence, pollution-under-control certificate and the report of N.C.R.B.A. You will have to pay a fee of about INR 300.

2. RTO rules for scrapping an old car

It has been recently announced by the Indian government that any more-than-15-year-old cars need to be scrapped. The procedure to scrap a car is as follows:

  • Informing the RTO of your scrapped car;

  • Hand over the RC and the chassis plate to the RTO;

  • De-registering your car: Once all the documents have been certified by the RTO, your car will be a scrapped car and removed from the RTO’s records. Then, the car can be demolished.

If you want to sell a scrapped car, you need to give the buyer an RC copy and the bank NOC. Take the chassis plate back and implement all the above steps.

V. Used cars people also search for in Hyderabad

By Brand: Honda cars, Hyundai cars, Toyota cars, BMW cars, Maruti cars

By Price Range: Under 1 lakh, Below 2 lakh, Within 3 lakh

By Body Type: Sedan cars, SUV cars, Luxury cars.

Frequently asked question 

  1. Where to buy used cars in Hyderabad?
    You can either buy a car directly from used car dealers or find a suitable option from auto portal site. IndianAuto is a trustable site for choosing a used car with a wide range of vehicles and styles.
  2. What are the most popular brands available for used cars in Hyderabad?
    Maruti Suzuki is still the dominant car brand in both the used and new car market in India. The Indian automaker has a wide range of popular small cars which are in high demand in India. Following Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai is also one of the favourite choices for Indian car buyers. Hyundai’s most popular models in Hyderabad’s used car market are Grand i10, Verna and Creta.
  3. What will be the starting price of a used car in Hyderabad?
    At IndianAuto, the price of used cars in Hyderabad starts around Rs 55,000. However, the most popular price range of the second-hand market in Hyderabad is from around Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.
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