Modified Jeep SUVs Of India: From Jeep Wrangler To Mahindra Thar

by Harish Kumar | 19/07/2019
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Modified Jeep models have easily become a common sight on the Indian roads. Let’s take a quick look at top 10 modified Jeep SUVs from across India that have impressed us the most.

Jeep cars have always been reminding us about durability, strength and off-roading prowess. In the world of car modifications, Jeep has also become a hotly-searched modified car thanks to its gorgeous looking and umber-cool driving characteristics. In truth, there is a large number of modified Jeep models from across India and many of them are the absolute stunners. Here we give you the list of 10 most fantastic modified Jeep SUVs in our country that will completely turn your head more than just once if you bump into them.

10 HOT Modified Jeep SUVs Of India

1. Jeep Wrangler Extreme

The Jeep Wrangler Extreme is not only the first modified Jeep SUV on our list but is also the most “extreme” one. This modified Wrangler Extreme coming from the US has a long list of impressive alterations. The custom jobs seem to fit the Wrangler Extreme very well, with the presence of the new off-road-focused bumper with aftermarket bullbar, auxiliary lamps and winch. At the rear, the customised Wrangler gets a new LED taillamps setup along with a place to hook up the jerrycan.

Jeep wrangler modified red colour front grille

The Rubicon scratch-proof custom paint job has been done on the hood of the model. Besides, it also gets rock guards, a 48-inch Hi-lift jack, roll cage, aftermarket tyres, cold air dam, XRC black side armour, front & rear bearing kit, Fox steering stabilizer and many more. Let's say, this car has transformed into a "monster" to deal with any kind of roads and drives at ease.

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2. Jeep Wrangler Angry Bird

Jeep Wrangler angry bird image

This is another Wrangler model in our list of top modified Jeep SUVs in the Indian car modification space. This time around, the Wrangler is equipped with Gibson Metal Mulisha Axle-back exhaust pipes, new headlamps and tail lamps, a 50-inch roof-mounted LED bar, auxiliary lamps placed on the A-Pillar together with an “Angry Bird” front grille. On the mechanical front, the engine of the custom Wrangler remains unchanged with the same 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine unit from the regular model.

3. Mahindra Jeep

Modified Jeep Thar blue colour front three quarters right side

The closest cousin that the Wrangler has in the Indian auto market, the Mahindra Thar has been tastefully modified into a true off-roader. Thanks to the adoption of Ironman off-road suspension, custom front grille, a hardtop, custom off-road-focused front and rear bumpers alongside the ARC leaf springs, this car is replete with complete confidence along the roads, not to mention the aggressive aftermarket 15-inch steel wheels shod with 33-inch Maxxis Mud tyres. The fenders of the car are also customized for a raw look while the whole body is painted in a shade of metallic blue, giving a more obvious sense of sportiness to the vehicle.

4. The Bumblebee

Yellow Jeep custom car front view

The bright yellow colour is not seen much on the low-rider Jeep. The contrasting yellow-black colour combo of this SUV is bound to win the attraction of any onlooker head-on. Just like the G-Wagen, this customised car gets a flared wheel arches housing the turn indicators as well. It also utilizes a split windshield as well as an off-road bumper and a larger tyre profile. The only stock part of the modified Jeep SUV here is the headlamps, which are directly passed on from the regular one.

5. Re-tuned Thar


customised jeep model front angle

Mahindra Thar must be one of the most popular custom vehicles in India as we spot its name multiple times in this story. Silhouette apart, the handsome-looking Mahindra Thar has been given a bunch of extra juice under the bonnet, making it a more powerful off-road spec SUV. Just like the modified Wrangler Extreme, the new Thar also sees the infusion of a high-lift jack kit, off-roading tyres, off-road bumpers, a snorkel, flared wheel arches and Code6-sourced ECU remap. The engine of the Thar has been upgraded with a performance tune, exhaust system from Code 6, BMC air intake, customized intercooler plumbing, etc. all to blow your socks off the whole way.

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6. Green Warrior

modified jeep car green colour

While the “Bumblebee” has managed to win the onlookers’ heart with its yellow body paint scheme, the “Green Warrior” here did just that right at the first glance, to say the least. This is another Mahindra Thar painted in a shade of green that is more than enough to catch the eye of surrounding people. Like any other modified cars in the list, the SUV witnesses the infusion of new LED lamps, customized wide fenders, a custom snorkel and a high lift kit. It also gets chunkier 33-inch off-road spec tyres for a more rugged stance and stellar performance on any kind of terrains and roads. The interior of the modified Thar is also more premium with the utilization of custom leather job, new faux wood dash along with rear captain seats.

7. Dabwali

southern modified jeep front angle

Yes, as you can see, this example of a modified Jeep is from the northern region of India. This car is very interesting to look at, especially for its silver-plated front grille with the all-black body paint job. The lowrider Jeep features a split windscreen, lowered suspension, tweaked fenders along with with an aftermarket wide profile tyres setup. Interestingly, this Jeep gets a removable roof that could be put on/ take off depending upon the user’s needs.

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8. Thar Hipster

custom jeep thar black front angle

The next model in our list of top 10 modified Jeep SUVs of India is this model, which has been modified by Azad 4x4. The whole body of the SUV has received an ultra-cool custom paint job. It’s not coloured like the earlier yellow and green colour options, and it looks premium. The car has been given a hard fibre top, redesigned front grille, new headlamps, wider fenders, new wing mirrors accentuated in silver, auxiliary lamps mounted on the A-Pillars, flared wheel arches and more.

9. Lowrider Jeep

jeep lowrider front angle

This minimal lowrider Jeep looks extremely interesting and distinctive. Again, it gets no doors or roof and even the windscreen has disappeared. The car has been modified with angel eye headlights, auxiliary lamps sitting on the front bumper or so. The most highlighted feature of this mod job is a set of big tyres and wide fenders, which really make the SUV a looker.

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10. Minimal

minimal modified jeep side angle

Frankly, car tuners should really favour the minimalism since we’ve seen many cars with minimal bodywork. This is another such an example. This lowrider modified Jeep gets no roof, doors and windshield as well. However, it gets big badass Maxiss tyres shod with lower springs and all-black alloys, making it an absolute head-turner indeed.

Above is the list of 10 most stunning modified Jeep SUVs of India. You can check out some more interesting car stories on!

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