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Used & second hand cars under 1 Lakh in Pune

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The auto market in Pune has remarkably developed in the past few years in all segments, from cars, pick-up trucks, to tractors and especially luxury cars. This tremendous growth can be explained by various reasons. The first one is that Pune has a young population who has high disposable income to invest in cars. Moreover, numerous financial institutions and automakers have introduced many generous buying car loan schemes. Residents in the city also have a higher living standard now compared with years ago. Many service centres and spare parts shops are available in Pune. All of these have made the auto market there develop at a fast space. As a result, many auto manufacturers have established manufacturing and research units in the city. Not only the new car market but also the used car one contributes to this growth. A wide range of second-hand cars in Pune are available for you to choose from.

Body type

Most popular cars under 1 lakh in Pune

Prices on Indianauto

Sedan  Maruti Esteem From INR 30,000
Maruti Ciaz From INR 30,000
Hyundai Accent From INR 30,000
Hatchback Maruti Alto From INR 30,000
Maruti Zen From INR 30,000
Maruti 800 From INR 50,000
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Used 2005 Santro Xing XL for sale in Pune

1 Lakh Pune
  • 2005
  • |
  • 63,502 km
  • |
  • Manual
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Used 2011 Nano Cx BSIV for sale in Pune

85,000 Inr Pune
  • 2011
  • |
  • 61,543 km
  • |
  • Manual
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I. What are the most popular used cars in Pune under 1 lakh?

There are numerous pre-owned cars below INR 1 lakh in Pune for you to choose from. With them, the almost impossible dream of buying a car under 1 lakh can come true.

Maruti Suzuki

Top used under-INR-1-lakh Maruti cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Maruti 800 in Pune

 From INR 20,000

 Maruti Zen in Pune

 From INR 50,000

 Maruti Alto in Pune

 From INR 60,000

 Maruti Wagon R in Pune

 From INR 67,000

 Maruti Esteem in Pune

 From INR 95,000

* Prices of these vehicles are for reference only.

For more second-hand Maruti cars in Pune, access IndianAuto.


Top used under-INR-1-lakh Hyundai cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Hyundai Accent in Pune

 From INR 63,000

 Hyundai Getz in Pune

 From INR 72,000

 Hyundai Santro Xing in Pune

 From INR 81,000

* Prices of these vehicles are for reference only.

Visit IndianAuto to have a look at more used Hyundai cars in Pune.


Top used under-INR-1-lakh Tata cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Tata Nano in Pune

 From INR 40,000

 Tata Indica in Pune

 From INR 73,000

 Tata Indigo in Pune

 From INR 70,000

* Prices of these vehicles are for reference only.

For more used Tata cars in Pune, pay a visit to IndianAuto.

II. Where to find good second-hand cars below INR 1 lakh in Pune?

IndianAuto is an ultimate integrated digital auto platform for selling and buying cars in India. It offers numerous preowned cars for sale, car reviews, auto news, tips and comparisons in India. Thanks to our user-friendly filter tool, your ideal car which suits your preferences, demand and budget, is easily within your reach after a few simple steps. For instance, if you want to find second-hand cars under 1 lakh, just set the budget as under 1 lakh, then a wide range of options will be presented to you. The seller’s details are also available with a few simple steps. You can contact the seller by yourself or the seller will contact you.

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