Maruti XL6 - Design, Specifications And Prices Review

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The Maruti XL6 was launched in India a few weeks ago. To understand more about this vehicle, let’s come to the detailed Maruti XL6 review as regards its design, specifications and prices.

The Indian automobile industry has recently experienced a serious slump with almost all mainstream automakers reporting a remarkable decrease in sales number. Fortunately enough, the manufacturers have not given in to a difficult time and made every endeavor to recover their performance by introducing new models to the market, especially potential segments like MPV.

The Indian largest automaker, Maruti Suzuki has introduced the Maruti XL6, a crossover-ish MPV based on the Maruti Ertiga, to the Indian auto market. The XL6 is retailed through the Nexa dealerships and is expected to become the best seller there soon. A quick glance at the new vehicle will mislead you that it is much similar to its donor model; however, a more careful look will help you realize many differences between the two vehicles from inside out. This Maruti XL6 review will provide you with all the information you need to know about this new MPV. If you are interested in this MPV and the comparisons between the Maruti XL6 and its competitors, please pay a visit to IndianAuto.

Maruti-Suzuki XL6 LAUNCHED | First Look | Price, Features and All Other Details

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Maruti XL6 Review - Design


Just like other models retailed through Nexa premium showrooms, the Maruti XL6 will get the Nexa blue paint scheme and will have its own identity with many different features from the Maruti Ertiga.


Looking at the front, the Maruti XL6 appears to be an enhanced version of the Ertiga with a more aggressive nose. However, a closer look will disclose some unique features which help set it apart from the donor vehicle. The most outstanding alterations include a more upright grille, polishing quad-LED headlights, a brand-new bumper and a quintessential faux skid plate.

2019 maruti xl6 blue front angle

The Maruti XL6 front has quite a few differences from the Ertiga.

Side profile

Like the front, the side profile comes with a handful of updates. These include a black plastic-cladding in the lower body section, wide silver roof rails, black ORVMs, faux scuff plates mounted on the side skirts and bigger black-painted alloy wheels.

2019 maruti xl6 blue side profile

The side profile of the XL6 also experiences plenty of updates


The rear looks almost the same as the Ertiga except for some different features which include a more rugged bumper with a faux skid plate, the tailgate getting black trim and new badges.

2019 maruti xl6 blue rear angle

The rear of the new XL6 bears a strong resemblance to the Ertiga.

All of these alterations are successful in making the XL6 become more robust and masculine than the Ertiga. Actually, viewed from certain angles, the XL6 will bear a strong resemblance to the second-gen Subaru Forester, particularly when the two vehicles getting the same Nexa Blue exterior paint scheme together.

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Like the exterior, the cabin of the XL6 has many things in common with the Ertiga but again, the former has unique characteristics which help distinguish itself from its donor vehicle.

Seating layout

The most prominent interior feature of the XL6 is its six-seat layout (it is also worth noting that the Eritga is a full 7-seat MPV) which translates into a 2+2+2 seating configuration. The two captain seats will replace the bench seats on the Maruti Ertiga in the second seat row. This seat row is greatly supportive and is sure to keep the passengers comfortable throughout the drive. The XL6 also gets more high-quality leather seat coverings with a view to providing the passengers with a more pleasant journey than the Ertiga.

Instead of the beige cabin with some faux wood elements on the dashboard on the higher-spec variants on the Ertiga, the new XL6 comes with all-black interior on the base variant and a dual-tone paint scheme on the top variant.

2019 maruti xl6 interior second seat row

The second seat row of the XL6 can provide the occupants with an extremely comfortable journey.

Interior features           

Due to the presence of a coloured TFT MID, the instrument console looks slightly different. This MID provides plenty of important information including the operation of the SHVS mil-hybrid system. The Maruti XL6 is offered in Zeta and Alpha trims, which are equal to the ZXI and ZXI+ variants of the Ertiga, respectively but the formers come with quite a few new features. Both of the two variants are equipped with Maruti’s SmartPlay Studio infotainment system which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, telephony and Bluetooth connectivity. The unit has even doubled in size as it also accommodates the display for the reverse camera which provides the driver with a slightly pixelated image.

Other outstanding interior features of the Maruti XL6 include automatic temperature control, start/stop push button, cooled cup holders, passive keyless entry and speed control.

2019 marut xl6 interior dashboard

The Maruti XL6 is equipped with a more premium interior feature package than the Ertiga.

Safety features

The standard safety package includes twin front airbags, ABS with EBD, speed alert, rear parking sensors, seatbelt reminders for the driver and the front passengers. The automatic variants also offer ESP and hill start assist.

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Maruti XL6 Review - Specifications


The Maruti XL6 dimensions have experienced an improvement over the Maruti Ertiga in terms of almost all aspects. To be more specific, the XL6 measures 50 mm, 40 mm and 10 mm greater than the Ertiga in length, width and height, respectively while the wheelbase remains unchanged, measuring 2,740 mm.


Maruti XL6

 Maruti Ertiga



 4,445 mm

 4,395 mm

 50 mm


 1,775 mm

 1,735 mm

 40 mm


 1,700 mm

 1,690 mm

 10 mm


 2,740 mm

 2,740 mm

 0 mm


Engine and transmission

The Maruti XL6 receives its power from a 1.5-litre K15B naturally aspirated gasoline burner which was debuted on the Maruti Ciaz and is also offered on the Ertiga. This motor is paired with Maruti’s SHVS mild-hybrid system and can generate a maximum power of 105 PS and a peak torque of 138 Nm. The transmission duties are undertaken by a 5-speed MT and a 4-speed AT unit. The fuel mileage of the manual and automatic versions are 19.01 kmpl and 17.99 kmpl. Respectively. The motor feels decently refined. It comes into its elements at around 2,000 RPM and provides a decent performance until about 5,000 RPM, after which, the power starts to suddenly taper off.

Maruti XL6 expected engine types

Max Power 

Peak Torque 



 1.5-litre K15 Smart Hybrid petrol

 105 PS

 138 Nm

 5-speed MT & 4-speed torque converter

 19.01 kmpl (MT)

 17.99 kmpl (AT)

Riding and handling quality

Like most other Maruti cars, the gear ratios of the MT are quite well-defined and offer an excellent riding and handling quality. The four-speed automatic gearbox, on the other hand, seems outdated, but still delivers slick shifts. An overdrive off button is available for keeping the car in the first three gears. Moreover, an ‘L’ mode is also offered to keep the gearbox in the lowest gear as possible. These modes are greatly useful when the driver is in a hurry or when the car is building momentum on an inclined surface.

Like the Maruti Ertiga, the XL6 offers relatively light steering, which is not too engaging but will help you a lot in addressing the heavy traffic on congested roads. It is a simple task to handle this MPV through a city road with carelessly parked vehicles and disorderly two-wheelers which repeatedly penetrate into your lanes. The steering is neither sporty nor lifeless and responds well to even the slightest inputs.

The passengers might feel some body roll, particularly when the car does quick lane changes. However, it is inevitable for an MPV with such height, so there is nothing to complain here. Moreover, the XL6 can so effortlessly go through broken roads that even the rear occupants will not feel any discomfort.

2019 maruti xl6 blue front angle in action

With an excellent riding and handling quality, the Maruti XL6 can offer a comfortable journey for even the rear passengers.

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Maruti XL6 Price

The Maruti XL6 is priced from INR 9.8 lakh for the base Zeta MT variant to INR 11.46 lakh for the top Alpha AT variant. This price range is higher than that of the Maruti Ertiga, which is no surprise for the premium feature kit that the new MPV offers. The XL6 competes against the facelifted Renault Duster (Rs 7.99 lakh - Rs 10.00 lakh), which has just been launched recently, the Maruti S-Cross (Rs 8.86 lakh - Rs 11.49 lakh) and even the Hyundai Creta (Rs 10.00 lakh - Rs 14.16 lakh).

Maruti XL6 Prices

 XL6 Zeta MT

 INR 9.8 lakh

 XL6 Alpha MT

 INR 10.46 lakh

 XL6 Zeta AT

 INR 10.9 lakh

 XL6 Alpha AT

 INR 11.46 lakh

Maruti XL6 Review Verdict

While the Maruti XL6 bears a strong resemblance to the Ertiga, the former has its own identity with a more premium feature package. Some of the not-to-forget things when mentioning the XL6 include the highly supportive captain seats in the second seat row, the excellent riding and handling quality which can provide all the passengers with a comfortable journey. This MPV proves to be a perfect option for families who are looking for an amber, well-equipped and fuel-efficient people mover.

Launched on August 21, the vehicle is expected to help the India’s largest auto manufacturer attain more market share in the highly potential MPV segment and give the Nexa dealerships an impetus in the aspect where they are not present. With all the good qualities along with the wide service network and low service costs that Maruti Suzuki is well-known for, the Maruti XL6 is likely to be the best-selling vehicle in the Nexa dealerships and help these outlets improve its sales.

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